Clanmeeting 2014  0 1 The Brits noobs cry as they leave their Island  0 Si and Douly starting thier meeting on the thursday night   i wanna take you to a          nightclub  01 Wout waits for the animal flight 
02 Brussels2C the monkey has landed  03 Not the big ape2C he just arrived to help Magic transport the live animal  04 Inoob is back  05 On the other side of arrivals Tikkas waits his turn to suprise the monkey 
06 What a big Clock    by the way call security2Cthe animal has escaped  07 Lost in civilisation21  08 Monkey safe   monkey find friend  09 Peters and Gooferd together again 
10 Peters feels sick after Tikkas  surprise  11 The Norse noobs greet each other or swear at each other   we never know  12 Peters finds out    he s riding with Tikkas  13 Tikkas takes Peters to be checked in quarentine 
14 Gooferd decides on a spot of plane spotting while picking up the chimp  15 Primate transport  16 Peters checks a  location  for a later visit  17 Close to Ypres2Cthhe Tour de France roundabout 
18 Guarno puts Radigan to work as soon as he arrives  19 Ahhhgh  20 Dont be scared2Cheres my sign  21 1 Our greeting outside as we arrived 
21 Magic shows how busy he s been at work  22 Our view of the Zillebeke viver  23 Hey we were looking at the lake Magic  24 1 The brits just arrived 
24 2 Noobs catching up on the chatter  24 Thats better   AA doesnt do ordinary  25 The Tikman  26 Goddy s back 
27 1 Douly  27 The Mountain monkey  28 Sun in the sun  29 Oscar 
30 Gooferd  31 Carnage  32 Douly decides its time for a photo  33 Si2CBugs and Carnage pose in the sun 
34 1 Everyone watches Tikkas eating      we havent seen it in a year  34 2 His Tikness enjoying lunch  34 Time for the AA refreshments  35 1 A light snack and a cold Palm while waiting to access the house 
35 Carnage gets a little Tiktime  36 Follow the Monkey dance with Douly  37 Its the new craze  38 Finish with the monkey move 
39 1 Scary and his one man ambush        not scary2Cbut is Scary  39 Peters decides Douly was taking the piss now  40 Vijver honden  41 Magic runs out of the bank after Scary says he can get money without his card 
42 Scary leading the brits out of the bank before the alarm sounds  43 Guarnere thinks about calling the cops  44 Sign s in Zillebeke  45 Local sight 
46 1 The view of hq from the other side of the lake  46 2 Osbando checks to make sure Scary and Si are locked in  46 3 Getting inside the Tiknoob holds court  46 The amount of sights near our Hq was crazy 
47 1 Our fun area  47 2 The AA chest  47 3 Ability to watch the Belgium game     check  47 Hq ready for a lazy friday in the sun 
48 1 Goddy2CDouly and Brinkie fish why Si takes a dump  al fresco  48 2 Brinkie asks Si to take it indoors  48 Uber sportsman pose by Magic  49 1 Gooferd cant even enjoy the jaccuzzi on his own as he s just been told they let animals use the water 
49 Gooferd gets in the jaccuzzi and tries to chill  50 1 Getting settled in    Peters is at the fridge already  50 2 Falling   in love again  50 Peters looks like he know how the bubbles are made So does Gooferd But the fumes havent reached Guarno yet 
51 Special guest 2C Elfis is in the building  52 Elfis finds another Dane-size Jeep  53 1 Dane has been outside too long as a bird has crapped on his  shorts  53 Insert your own  Short Joke  here 
54 Monkeyman spots the return of AA cameraman  55 Sunday lunch  56 Outside  57 1 Glenn gets in a quick sleep on Brinkie s bike     thanks 
57 2 Respawned and refreshed ready for the evening  57 The landside view of our building  58 Our early evening view on friday  59 1 Walking through Ieper past the Felixmobile 
59 Magic takes the noobs for an early evening walk     While Si reflects all the sunlight  60 1 AA return to the Menin gate to do what we missed last time  60 2 Friday evening ready for a treat  60 Get the tissues2Cthe tears may start flowing 
61 The crowds waiting for the last post to sound  62 This ceremony has been acted out every day since 1928  63 1 The view Tikkas got above the crowds  63 2 Douly s view 
63 Serious repect to the Belgians  64 The India monument on the Menin gate lawns  65 One of the stones that cover all the walls  66 The carving atop the gate 
67 Close up of the inscription on the previous photo  68 Just one section of the walls showing the names of the WW1 dead who have no known grave  69  71 One of the side carvings 
72 1  72 More names  73 The information that can be found in the catalogue of names  74 A whole page of guys with the same name 
75  76  77 The warden who organizes the last post  78 Gooferd sneaks in for a photo 
79 1 Menin  79 2 Sometimes just one is enough  79 One of the racks of wreaths on the stairs  80 Oranje thinks of a new game to play 
81 1 Carnage leads the trainee chimp down the stairs  81 Oranje explains the rules of   mountain monkey slapping  82 Tikkas tries to round up Goddy2CBrinkie and Felix  83 Tikkas is ignored      again 
84 Scary explains to Radigan that he s had enough food2Cnow its beer time  85 Guarnere looks shell shocked after the ceremony  86 Douly and Glenn chat about the Menin gate on thier way home  87 1 Close up goat fans 
87 Scope2CGabbe2CHaseeb wish you were here  88 The hot air balloon over the Viverhuis when we got home   we think Osbando organized it  89 Carnage does his annual lets disturb the guys who are drinking session  90 Proof we found Peters had been here before at Verbrande Molen 
91 Tikkas finds out what the clan actually think of him  92 Dont miss the bowl when drunk in this toilet  93 Saturday before breakfast the wierdos are awake enough for some table tennis  94 Odin tries to start another round of the  Hands in pockets game 
95 Rikkie and Brinkie get in on the game  96 Staurday morning respawn session  97 Nom nom nom  98 Carnage munches inside while talking to Tikkas 
99 Dane tells grumpy bollocks to go and eat with the noobs  100 Breakfast time at the zoo  101 Newsflash    Dutch guy helps clear up  102 Is this how superstars look in the morning 
103 Douly engrosses the guys with his story about the bread roll incedent  104 Guarnere the morning after the night before  105 Radigan discovers hairs on his hands and wonders if Dane has infected him with the Hobbit virus  106 1 Back to th e car park after a quick run to Lidl 
106 First destination on saturday2Cthe Ijzer tower in Diksmuide  107 Noobs at the gate  108 The peace gate with the noob squad  109 
110 WW1 shell casings from around the area  111 1 Odin asks who the camp guy in lavender behind him is  111 End of a trench that we want to get in  112 Guarnere does his annual Ahoy pose 
113 Glenn sits Douly down for a man to man talk  114 And explains he was the one who drank all Douly s Hoegaarden the night before  115 IJzertoren  116 The new tower behind the remains of the origional 
117 The bell from the first tower  118  119  120 
121 Radigan walks over the recreated walkways from when the Ijzer was allowed to flood the land around Diksmuide  122 Oranje  123 Nanana nananana nana        Batman  124 Mr Lavender 
125 Mr Pink  126 Mr  White  127 Mr Red 28lobster29  128 Mr Green 
129 Mr Small  130 The guys inspect they railway line trench section  131 Train on the tracks  132 Scary makes Sun laugh2Cwe told him to pull his zip up 
133 Gooferd get together a posse to hunt Peters  134 Under the Ijzertoren  135 From the top2Clooking back to the Peace gate and river Ijzer  136 R 
137 E  138 T  139 A  140 R 
141 D  142 View from the top of the Tower towards the Death trenches  143 WW1 take on Belgiums biggest tourist attraction  144 Goddy finds proof that Carnage was around in the First world war trying to claim credit for winning all the badges 
145 The French view  146 Whats behind the flag Carnage  147 Come join us over here  148 Belgian medals 
149 Flanders Belgian flag  150 Behind the flag  151 Flemish war graves  152 The Menin gate after complition 
153 1 Oh god its Carnage  153 2 Radigan2CPeters2CFelix and Brinkie relax at the bottom of the tower and waiting for the rest  153 3 We named this Tikkas the Cock  153 4 Artistic view looking back at the tower 
153 Someone finds the toilet in the tower dugout exhibition  154 Peace  155 Brinkie gets ice cream  156 Glenn enjoying Belgian ice-cream  thanks Brinkie 
157 Nom nom nom  158 Carnage doing something nasty to his ice cream  159 AA Cameraman deicides to go car spotting  160 Carnage arrives with Radigan2C Brinkie and Gooferd 
161 The poppies in bloom at the enterance of the Dodegang or Death Trenches  162 Tikkas  entry for Creative Representation Artistic Photo award  163 AA cameramans poppy  164 Brinkies AA poppy 
165 Goddys poppy  166 Looking down the front row trench nearest the river Izer  167 The view from a gun port looking over the river  168 Same bunker looking right 
169 Same bunker looking left  170 looking back at the second line of defences  171 Radigan2CBatman and Guarnere look around the display for the trench railway  172 Who knew Dane does gymnastics    on these parallel bars 
173 Cock     your weapons  174 Aim for his weapons  175 Steady lads  176 Shoot the I-tard 
177 Douly2Clike a Meerkat as he smells something  178 Douly shouts  over the top2Ci can see the chemist from here  179 Back in the trenches  180 Machine gun covering fire anyone 
181 A 2014 poppy as Brinkie disapeers down the front line  182 One of the bunkers as it was in WW1  183 Same bunker rebuilt  184 Same bunker now with a Douly on it2Cwith his  Pals  around him 
185 If only Si and Rickie could map read they could find a place to get rid of their gevulde koeken wrappers  186 Another nice rebuild  187 An image of life in the trenches  188 Our first attempt doesnt  go well with the extras in shot 
189 Now lads shades on the western front dont work  190 Glenn is actually asleep at this point  191 1 Looking up the trench from the rear group  191 2 Read the picture and then work out where this picture was taken 
191 Our very own recreation  192 The lead group look back at the touch and feel group  193 A newly restored covered walkway  194 A German bunker at the end of the trench system 
195 Sun in the railway trench  196 How many people in this trench needed a nurse  197 The railway trench just behind the front line  198 Gooferd and Carnage find Magic alone in the bunker 
199 Gooferd doesnt get the hang of the look like a muppet photo  200 Dane2CGoof2CMagic and Carnage try a scary WW1 pose  201 Plaque on the wall of the medical bunker  202 Platoon marker 
203 On our way back down the trench  204 The modern2Cunweathered reproduction sandbags  205 Inside the new bags is top quality cement  206 Unlike origional cement that had impurities as the concrete is of poor quality 
207 Ahoy  208 The monument and start of the trench that carried on along to the left  209 looking along the Izer  210 Panoramic vi     o Ahoy 
211 Tik2CSi and Osbando start the exfil  212 Peters finds a new location to visit2Clater when Rickie has gone home  213 Next stop lunch  In De vrede2Cguess where it is  214 
215 Douly see beer  216  217 Douly thinks about beer  218 Douly goes for beer 
219 Douly gets beer  220 Wout is bored and hungry  221 Ordering lunch now the beer is here  222 Still cant work out where we are 
223 He s just a devil Rickie with evil on his mind  224  225 Dane lets a noob try his blond    beer  226 
227 Dane trys Goddys King of beers  228 Westvleteren real  holy water  229 Waiting for our food  230 Monkey want food NOW 
231 Si looking lovingly into Radigans eyes  232 Magics eyes tell us lunch is here  233 Douly has a light lunch  234 Scary happy with the choice of beer 
235 Oranje chilling after lunch  236 Peters doesnt want to miss a drop  237 Batman gets changed into the Batsuit  238 Nearly sorted   this damn shirt 
239 Oh bugger i forgot the bloody Batsuit again  240 After lunch and a beer   time for a small sleep  241 Glenn position normal  242 Down in the bunker at Kemel2Cthe guys listen in to our guide 
243 Oranje2CFelix2CRickie and Gooferd  244 Scarygerbil and Dweezil  245 Carnoobage and Guarnoobage  246 Our guide 
247 The guys listen in as Carnage stands next to his  special  son  248 Carnage is asleep as Peters spots a camera  249 The guys listen to the history of the  Nuclear Bunker  250 The  exterior entrance and floor plan 
251 Our guide tells us how it got here  252 Scary tells our guide there used to be a bunker like this in Liverpool    honest  253  Then we nicked it  254 Odin spots AA camerman and trys to hypnotize him 
255 Felix thinx hes back in London2Cabout to get the tube2C going underground  256 Carnage starts to explain things to wout2CGlenn just thinks  aw no2Chere we go again  257 Monkey not happy 2CMonkey not supposed to go  down down  258 Lord of all noobs follows down with his bodyguards 
259 Just incase you missed it      Osbando got baaadge  260 The generator room2Cin case the  two tribes  went to war  261 The fuel and water pipes  261 The generator fuel tanks 
262 Oh medical supplies  but you made sun like she sees things after a night on wine  263 Ah better we can see Sun2Cbut the supplies   bloody cameraman  264 Check to see if our names are on  the list  265 Four floors underground AA tunneling company in the   bunker 
266 The ww2 conference in Yalta2Ca starter of the cold war  267 Russian tanks invade Czechslovakia2Canother starter  268 Random Belgian has a solo briefing  must have been quick  269 Office above the briefing room 
270 Army desk in the office  271 The line is not secure2Cpeople may find out were with Tikkas    careful  272 The line selector  273 Walloon version of the ssssh message 
274 Officer Brabants Belgian army uniform  275 Navy officers view down to the briefing room  276 The navy desk as it was in the 70 s    someone really should have move the coke bottle first  277 Ahoy Tikky 
278 As if Belgian heads are not hard enough  279 A cold war B-52  Stratofortress  280 Laurel and Hardy decide to escape by jumping further down into the bunker  281 Glenn2COdin and Peters look down to the Briefing room 
282 Dane looks a little tired  283 Carnage listens in as Tikkas looks at Wout and remember his childhood before his quest for world domination  284 Douly looks in amazement as Batman randomly shouts  Tikkas piss my arse  285 Dane 2CSi and Peters carry on as if nothing happened 
286 The map with the 10025 destruction radius around Brussels if a Nuke hit to the east  287 The troops as would have been sent to the antwerp area  288 Everyone stares at si to see if his eye falls out  289 Goddy doesnt even flinch as Scary gets a quick grope in 
290 Watching the snail race on the lower floor  291 The guide asks Tikkas to lie down while we explain  a good kicking  292 The guys listen as Dane give a speech  293 The guys look around as the Monkey in the room has a little scratch 
294 The guys tells everyone to ignore Peters as he is at it again  295 Oranje threatens to call the nearest wilddlife park if Peters doesnt behave  296 Omg Douly again protect the kids  297 1 Uh uh uh uh uh 
297 2 Some hours later Gooferd gets bored2Chope he isnt this slow at work  297 Comrade Monkey struggles with the ak  298 Gooferd gets the FN Fal to hold off the Zombies  299 Gooferd likes the FN buts says he prefers a 50 cal 
300 The Names Noob2CComrade Noob  301 When noobs attack  302 When told to take aim at the target Gooferd does the natural thing  303 The whole Norwegian army 
304 Scary explains to Goddy which bits fit in which pockets so you can take it home  305 1 Comrade Sun ready for war2Cwell after adjusting the cap first  305 1 Sun thinks i have a gun and theres Tikkas  305 More Vodka comrade 
306 Goddy calls Scope to tell him he s a noob  307 Goody soon gets bored of the reply  308 APC and LAV  309 A mig 15 
310 1 Ownage printer  310 Magics first PC  311 Back to Douly porn  312 Calm down dou s 
313 Scary imagines he s actually in ther pub  314 Oranje and Dane in the Officers smoking room  315 Goddy suffering from Belgianeyetis  316 Oranje tells Goddy not to worry the effects pass2Cafter a coffeee your brain will start again 
317 More sufferers from Belgianeyetis2Cexcept Gooferd who s used to it  318 Wout got Baaaadge  319 The British Vulcan bombers  320 A Merican soldier 
321 T-62 anyone  322 Saw for the spray noobs  323 A Russian  324 High velocity tank round 
325 The bit that hits the tank  326 The looking over the wall to see the neighbours pond  327 Tank HE round  328 1 Belgian antitank gunner 
328 A Belgian soldier  329 The guide spends 2 minutes explaining the Cypher room2Cat which point Glenn falls asleep  330 Felix watches on to make sure to dutchies stay together  331 Noobs amazed by a door 
332 The Door  333 1 And theres no barracks here  333 At times of war you cannot leave the bunker  334 70s switchboard 
335 That advanced Siemans technology  336 Cold war places that the Belgians were stationed  337 We were there  338 A belgian ration pack from  the 70s 
339 Either Magic is an Uber Belgian ace piolet or someone just called him a helmet  340 Our guide explains the next level downs function  341 The guys watch on as Dane and Si do the AHOY assassins dance  342 A telex machine for all those James Bond style messages 
343 The Telephone network  344 Siganl meters  345 1970s pin ups still on the lockers  346 
347  348  349 1 In the briefing room2C What the Russians would do at the last war game  349 2 Dane next to a normal size map 
349 Ship recognition2Cwith the Irish navys ship on the top right  350 1 Tikkas tells Peters that Carnage is doing a Peters impression  350 Must be a UN briefing as the Danes and Swedes are together on the front row  351 Looking back at the Offices we were in before2Cwith the coke bottle in the middle window 
352 Our  Briefing  starts  353 This is a map  354 The Belgian Navy ships  355 Ship name then location 
356 1 Explaining the Belgian and allied responce  356 2 Location of the secret allied Hq Bunker in Mons  356 3 Just incase you cant see it  356 The map showing population density 
357 The guys turn round to look at the  Head of the Army  358 Our guide gets into the swing of things by ignoring tikkys question  359 The guide gets the AA feeling  360 Guarno enjoying the Briefing 
361 The 2014 AA Photo  362 Luckily the first piccy came out alright otherwise cary would look really silly now  363 Back to the Viverhuis to get the BBQ on2Cand not an aussie in sight   maybe tommorrow  364  After dinner the rain from the thunderstorms that hit 
365 Watching this and listening to the sonic cannons  366 The Big noob put on the war paint ready for Belgiun V Tunisia  367 Tikky recruits the English to cheer on Belgium  368 Scary times in Belgiun 
369 1 Watching the Belgian match on the saturday night  369 2 The married couple take to the jacuzzi while the match is on  369 One of those   are your supporters embarrassing you photos  370 Gooferd chilling after the match 
371 Belgian supported Wout with the Ieper sunset  372 1 Nearly sunset  372 Famous view of Ieper2Conly the sunset not on fire this time  373 When the sun sets time for the beer monsters to take to the Jacuzzi 
374 Peters squeezes out a good fart  375 The Veiw os Ieper on Sunday morning  376 Over the road from the Vijver entrance2CTransport Farn 28Railway dugouts29 Cemetary  377 1 Transport farm with the guys looking around 
377  Transport Farm was once a ww1 medic station  378 WW1 trench lines  379 A New Zealand soldier  379 One of the guys from hill 60 
380 1  380 Another aussie mole  381 An Indian pathan soldier  382 An Indian Sikh soldier 
384 An Indian Gurka soldier  385 A West Indies soldier  386 1 A South African soldier  386 A Canadiansolder 
387 A german soldier in the british cemetary  388 Another German grave  389  390 A machine gunner 
391  392 A yorkshiremans grave  392 One of Scotmacs lot  393 A medics grave 
393 A Scouser  394 A tankers grave  395 An Irish Soldiers grave  396 An arty gunners grave 
396 A Scottish soldiers grave  397 A geordie soldiers grave  398 The whole gun crew  399 Three men from the Black Watch 
400 1 Tikky leads the guys towards the exit   on his own  400 A driver for the Artillery  401 1  401 2 
401 A little hint of the next stop    above Hill 60  402 The Memorial on Hill 60 to the Various regiments Of the 14th Division on and around the hill  403 Units of the 14th  404 More units 
405 places that the 14th fought in WW1  406 More battle locations  407 The memorial to the Queen Victorias Rifles on hill 60  408 The plaque on the Queen Vics monument 
409 1 Felix reads the plaque coz we cant  409  410 wreath at the base  410 
411 The Plaque on the Austrailian tunnelers of Hill 60  412 The Bullet scars are from the second world war2Cwhen the german ocupiers here used the monument as target practice  413 German bullet hole  414 aussie flag at the base of the memorial 
415  416  417  418 Private memorials next to a piece of a bunker 
419 An old sea mine used to blow up the hill  420 Carnage making sure Gooferd is ok exploring the bunkers  421 Glenn contemplates taking over from Carnage as the noob who climbs in all the bunkers  422 Glenns photo inside the bunker 
423 Brinkie2COdin2COranje2CCarnage2CGooferd and Radigan in one of the  Mine Craters  on hill 60  424 Gooferd and dweezil exploring bunkers  425 Dane thinks he s found a Hobbit hole  426 More bits of bunker strewn about the hill 
427 On top of Hill 60  428 Magic walking down into another of the 5 giant craters on the hill  429 Carnage and Carnage jnr  at the only bunker left intact on the hill  430 British bunker on Hill 60 
431 Scary reads the messages left at the bunker  432 Carnage leaves the hill  433 Glenn inside the last bunker  434 Gooferd leaving the last bunker 
435 Magic checks to see how far to the next location2Csomeone tell Magic were here  436 Felix at Sanctuary Wood cemetary  437 Felix free Sanctuary wood  438 1 Si and Douly get a surprise from Peter s wife 
438 Cross outside sanctuary Wood  439 Peters wife brings one of his kids to meet us  440 Next stop 100 meters up the road was Hill 62 Museum  441 Nice mural 
442 Shell outside the museum  443 Batman outside the museum  444 1 Tikky watches Magic while playing pocket billiards  444 Ahoy Magic 
445 Waiting for the Rtard to sort the tickets  446 1 The guys check out the coach of Brits that just arrived  446 still waiting  447 Instead of waiting the guys go for a photo 
448 Investigating the French  big gun  449 Noobs noobing  450 Glenn and Scary are last ones at the gun  451 Glenn and Wout touch the WW2 British field gun 
452 Wout watches Glenn in the gunners seat  453 Odin and Si fetch Wout and Glenn as the Noobs have got ticket  454 Carnage tells Dane we have tickets for the museum  455 Batman and Douly take photos of Dane and Carnage 
456 Just take the photo guys  457 Carnage gets bored  458 Carnage looks happy after Douly says he got the photo  459 Looking at the pictures on the  What the butler saw  machines 
460 The scantily clad ladies have been replaced with AA porn  461 An image from the machines  462 Ww1 tankage  463 
464 Photo of one of the first tanks at Poelcappelle  465 Sanctyary wood during ww1  466 St julian during ww1  467 The trenches at Zillebeke 
468 The Belgian King Albert in the Dodegang trenches  469  470 1 For the cheeseheads  470 Rikkie was overwhelmed by some of the shell art 
471 Peters was told to look respectful for a photo   monkey no understand  472 Ww1 aviation model  473 First world war firepower  474 
475  476 Clock shell art  477 King Albert medals  478 The museum cat next to the photos 
480 Tikkas annoys the cat2C  481 Ironically the cat has a little german moustache and comb over  482 More ww1 memorobilia  483 WW1 shell art 
484 Cut away of a trench system  485 WW1 equipment found on site  486 1 WW1 uniforms  486 More finds 
487 Brinkie with that AA feeling  488 The  Pinball wizard  on the Big Bertha pinball table  489 Big Bertha pinball  490 
491 Outside the museum the craters till showing  492 A tree looking how all the trees in the area looked  493 A sanctuary wood dug out  494 Inside the dugout 
495 Another dugout  496 Sun taking pictures of the hill 62 trenches  497  498 
499  500  501 Gooferd climbing through the trenches  502 Looking at history 
503 A coverd tunnel  504 A shell shocked Gooferd and Peterd  505 Regrown trees amongst the trenches  506 Scary2CFelix and Si wander round the trenches 
507 A hard point in the trench  508 The dugout entrance goes to the right  509 WW2 structure amongst the ww1 trenches  510 Gooferd in the mud 
511 Wout going over the top  512 Noobs at the end of the trench  513 Douly2CSi and Scary sit with the  finds  from the hill  514 Doulys sits and waits for the others 
515 The WW1 motor and sea mine with the other finds  516 Another trench leading away  517 Back near another trench enterance  518 Theres noobment in the trees 
519 Carnage2CTik and Goddy looking around sanctuary wood  520 Tik checks how long he has if he can get Goddy in a bunker  521 Glenn finds a souvenir in the mud  522 Glenn follows Radigan while shouting for Carnage 
523 Glenn seems to have found something  524 Radigan decides thats interesting enough to follow  525 Carnage is left with the item to get an appraisal  526 Carnage checks the leather strap 
527 Looks like a water bottle strap  but not ww1  527 Ok enough of Carnage on hill 62   sounds like a headline  528 Brothers in each others arms    Hill 62 Sanctuary wood  529 Magic and Gooferd next to the shed with the sorted WW2 items 
530 Inside the WW2 shed  531 The extention to the museum in the house next door  532 Lots of unsorted items  533 Dane does his advert for coke    the fizzy one 
534 After a refreshing drink Dane carrys on supervising the Dutch guys  535 Model of a soldier from the  Senegal Rifles  fighting with the french in the area  536 Perfect bike for a war   an Armor motorbike  537 A Motobecane   nope i havent heard of them either 
538  539 The Lille gateway in the wall round Ypres  539 Think we found proof Peters fought for the Germans in ww1  540 Gooferd s true colours 
541 Just a reminder to Gooferd from the Brits  542 And what Magic wants from Gooferd when he is surrounded by Union Jacks  543 Airplane recognition  543 More recruitment posters 
544 Another  545  546 Felix 2CSi and Brinkie ignore Scary as the Ginger cat is about to attack his Gerbil  547 Newspaper advert 
548 Same  549 Guarnere leads the guys out of the Hill 62 museum  550 The guard cat happy now Scary has been chased away  551 Old car that hasnt moved in years in the museums owners drive 
552 Glenn and Scary check to see whether it  nickabale  553 A Rover 75  554 A Douly and Glenn windmill in the owners garden    sssshhh  555 Dont tell Ri    aw nuts he found out 
556 He s not gonna leave for hours now  557 Yes Osbando   its a lovely windmill  558 Ok just start walking and he will follow eventually  559 Ok bye bye  Osbando     btw only deleted 7 more of Rickie and the Windmill  ooo sounds like a TV program 
560 Hooge Crater cemetery2Cas we drive past  561  Ah that must mean we are near Ieper2Chey Belgians were supposed to be going the other way   again  562 Glenn instantly fell asleep as soon as he sat down       again  563 Glenn checks his pulse 2Cwhile Tikky surprises Radigan 
564 Guess who cant find where we are going  but when the opportunity strike  565 We happen to stop outside the  Saint-Charles de Potyze French military Cemetery  566 More than 4 000 French soldiers are buried here  567 A further 600 unknown soldiers were interred in a mass grave 
568 Noobs in motion  569 The AA  Convoy  570 Next stop  571 Polygon wood cemetery With the  brothers  sat waiting 
572  Peters is bored and starts checking for lice  573 AA doing the thing  574 The CWG commision cross againt the blue sky  575 To who it may concern   weather was awesome 
576 From the other end of the cemetery  577 Polygon Wood2CIeper  578 Entering Polygon wood for the Aussie memorial  579  Magic and Oranje approach the memorial 
580 The memorial stone  581 Odin waits for Sun at the to of the mound2Cit used to be the Butts at the back of an British firing range  582 And its an Aussie memorial  583 
584 On the way to the stairs  585 Flemish version  586 For the Walloons  587 Sun on her way up to the memorial2Cwith Radigan and Batman looking at the plaque to the left 
588 What the Danes were reading  589 The plaque on the memorial stone  590Back towards the cross at the other Polygon wood cemetery  590 On the Butte itself is the Battle memorial of the Australian troops of the 5th Division2C who captured it on 26 September 1917 
591  591 Random woman gets in way of the memorial walkway   normally Peters job  592 Anzac cemetery in Polygon wood  592 Next stop2CRadigan leads us to a spot he found when walking to the meeting 
593  593 The petrolheads get sidetrancked by the Rs2000 as we arrive  594 Back to why were here2CGoddy is already looking for clues  594 Guarnere walks  in the peace and quiet 
595 The Black Watch corner memorial  596 The large stone memorial to the New Zealand troops at the other side of the cemetary  596 The new statue  597 Another of the four plaques 
597 Guarno still wandering in the cemetery  598 On the other side of the Butte 2Cthe treeline regrown  598 The next plaque  599 And the fourth 
599 Radigan and Batman walk off back down the stairs  600 Black watch corner2Csouth east side of Polygon wood  601 Tikkas  head starts to glow as he trys to read  602 Goddy explains what the writing says so that Tikkas and the 2 dutchies know what it means 
603 Ahoy Si2CDouly and Si try to see if its true about Scotmen in kilts  604 The cross at the base of the monument  605 One of the bench plaques  606 Left by prvious visitors 
607 What Tik was trying to read  608  609  610 
611  613  614 Oooh an old Fiat goes by  615 Nice Beetle 
616 And a mark 1 Golf    must be a car rally on somewhere close  617 The AA guys doing the usual noobing  618 Find a new location  619 Find out why its here 
620 Chatting about the guys who fought here  621 Add some serious noobing  622 Let the Clan leaders discuss the next location  623 While the rest of the guys enjoy the place2Ccompany and weather 
624 This is the AA clan meeting way  625 Any ideas where our next stop was  626 Some of the guys recall the last time we were here  627 Back to the Tyne Cot Cemetary2CPassendaele 
628 The map showing the front lines  629 One of the explanations in the visitors centre  630 The Dutch army passing by stop in for a look  631 The Big Cheese 
632 The first sighting of the cemetery for the guy who werent at the Iftepoort manor  633 Scary tries to take in the vastness of the cemetery  634 One of the two bunkers lower down the hill at Tyne Cot  635 Looking back up towards the visitor centre 
636 Carnage is already in the cemetery  637 What Carnage was taking the picture of  638 Carnage and Gooferd pose so Douly has a reference to the size of the place  639 Carnage and Gooferd2CTyne Cot 2014 
640 Magic shows Glenn the enterance to the cemetary  641 Guarno waits while Magic checks the Belgian map app to see where the TyneCot cemetery is  642 Grave of a soldier of the West Yorks  643 The cap badge 
644 Looking along one of the rows of grave from the centre  645  646 One of the first of the few  647 Looking at the lower bunker but from inside the walls 
648 1 The actual bunker in the middle of the monument  648 The central memorial with the Tyne Cot bunker inside  649 From above the monument back towards the gate  650 To the left 
651 To the right  652 The top left of the cemetery 2Cwhen the guys got the first look at the place  653 Douly looks up at the noob climbing on the monument  654 1 Looking to the top from the cross 
654 The rear of the cemetery from atop the monument  655 Looking back acroos the graves and the battle field beyond  656 Goddy and Dane enjoying the sights in the sun  657 The well kept flower beds at the cemetery 
658 Glenn looks at the wall of the names of guys who s boddies were not found  659 Osbando standing guard at the rear  660 The Cross from where Osbando was  661 
662 The walls with more names of the missing  663 Glenn and Carnage at the wall for the missing West Yorkshire regiment  664 THe wall from the other side  665 Goddy walks over to Douly who was being very Greek and staying in the shade 
666 Glenn and Tik in the final section of Tyne Cot  667  668 Before we leave Carnage takes the guys that missed the visitor centre for a quick look  669 Airborne jeep at the exit 
670 Guarno ready to head off  671 Douly gets in with Guarno  672 Magic and Felix ready to leave  673 The temperature at Carnages car when we left 
674 Just as we leave we see a place the Dutchies might want to see      so we drive off  675 Next stop Passendaele town  676 Deciding what to do at the enterence to Passendaele Museum  677 The section of WW1 tank tracks in the museum grounds 
678 Close up of the tank track  679  680  681 Felixcat2Cuber cool in the sun 
682 Magic trys to get some passing trade  683 Over the road from the museum  684 The Jeep from Tyne cot pulled up at the church  685 So some noobs go for a look 
686 Close up on the jeep  687  688  689 Felix says goodbye for this year to the guys 
690 An orderly queue to say see ya  691 The robot Mountain Monkey in the doorway in Passendaele  692 After returning to the Vijverhuis some of the guys take a recon mission into Ieper  693 The towers of the cathederal and Cloth hall2Ca famous view of Ieper 
694 More people having fun in the sun of Ieper  695 The Norsemen surrond Brinkie outside the clothhall  696 The rear of the Clothhall  697 1 The shop with name for the clan superstar 
697 looking across the square from the Cloth hall  698 The place where all the recon squards met up2CCarn2CGlenn and Oranje arrive soon after  699 Menin gate on the way home on sunday afternoon  700 Meanwhile back at the ranch   Tikky starts the famous TikBol for dinner 
701 Osbando helps Tikkas with the sauce  702 Tikky spots the  AA paperazzi  703 The Big noob is to busy making sure his troops are fed  704 Afternoon refreshments in the sunshine 
705 From the house you can see the noobs who went fishing  706 Gooferd2CGlenn and Magic take a family fishing trip  707 The house from where the guys are fishing  708 Carnage needs a lift back to the house and show the drivers some leg 
709 That works as Peters stops the MonkeyMotor  710 Peters works out it was Carnages leg he saw  711 Peters looks happy in a Belgian traffic jam  712 Looking back towards the house from the far end of the lake 
713 Mountain monkey invades Brinkies selfie  714 Another noob takes the go-cart for a trip around the lake  715 Odin on the side of the lake enjoys the race  716 The clouds move away to allow some last sunlight 
717 Magic gets the laptop ready to grab all the photos  718 And the poker tourneystarts  719 Wout and Glenn play alittle table tennis before they start  720 Gooferd and Glenn 
721 Final sunset for us over Ieper  722 The sun is down Elfis is here   its getting busy  723 Still getting started  724 The prize 
725 Radigan shows the cup to the guys  726 The real business starts  727 Brinkie makes his point  728 The guys that made the final table 
729 The guys that didnt  730 Scary stop shaking so we can give you your prize  731 Poker champ for AA 2014 Scvarygerbil  732 Peters trie to steal from a scouser      stupid Monkey 
733 Glenn  helps  scary with the winnings  734 Scary says he wont overdo the celebrations  735 Scary not gloating at all  736 Late night discussions on how the meeting went2Cor talking about beer 
737 The eary morning view from Carnage s room on monday morning  738 Getting ready to leave on monday  739 Oranje gets the bikes ready to leave  740 Glenn and Carnage before leaving with Ieper in the background 
741 On the Blue Scratch Ferry   Glenn position normal  742 Pastmaster at this Goddy show he hasnt lost his sleeping ability  743 After tiring himself while taking the piss out of Sleepy and Snoozy Douly has a little nap on the boat too  744 On thier way home along a misty channel this years meeting gets a thumbs up   or thier just glad to leave france 
745 End of another meeting the Brits make it back to the land of Fish and chips