Clanmeeting 2013  01 Sunrise over Dover as the British scout party check the coast : AA 2013  02 The View of  Dover Castle that Scary and Douly had  03 1 Tuning in to Magic Hq Fm for all the latest news on troop movements 
03 Douly releases the first gas attack towards the continent  04 The vikings have landed21  5 1 Yearly picture of Loon-plage Seamen Centre  5 2 Glenn shows his usual state while in any of the vehicles  This in Scarys motor near Gent 
5 3 Guarno after meeting up at the Wetteren now leads the Brits across Belgium  5 4 Si and Douly get the back door duty2Clike in the film Convoy pig smells go to the rear due to Doulys gas  5 5 Scary is told to look happy as only an hour to go till he see s Tikkas  05 Norsk here please 
06 Corner of the Hq building  07 Rest of Hq with Sun and Odins tower  08 Hq2CTower and the main building  09 Arch leading to the Tack Yard 
10 View across the tack yard towards Chateaux Ferooz  11 The AA retirement barracks for the people who prefer some peace  12 The Quiet zone and the chateau  13 Close up of the chateau and the right hand gatehouse 
14 Arch to the Chateau and the door left to the fitness room2Cand quiet zone kitchen area on the right  15 Original architecture in the Tackyard  16 One of the stables on the Tackyard  17 Looking back towards the main block 
18 The shrine at the entrance  19 Sainte Wiwine pray for us   patron saint of farm animals  20 The Dressage arena  21 Inoobs panaorama of the accomodation 
22 Inoobs view of the rear of the main building and quiet zone  23 Inoobs view of the tractor shed and stables  24 1 Radigan texts Magic to tell him the beard diguise didnt fool Tikkas2Conly Noir  24 The view through the gate at the end of the HQ block   someone is sat at the table 
25 A Swallow in the tackyard  26 Natural flycatcher  27 Canada geese on the lawns of the chateau  28 Natural grass mowers 
29 Sun does the hard work 2Cwhile Tikkas and Odin carry the much heavier SMALL bags  31 The Swedes are sent to the tower  32 The AA car park when all the noobs are in attendance  33 The Essentials 
34 Extras to refill the fridge  35 Carnage and Douly worriedly look as Glenn checks the leg waxing worked  36 Gooferd trys to intimidate the cameraman  37 AA Cameraman Jnr 
38 Gooferd wonders what has the most fresh air inside2Cthe ball or Peters  head : AA 2013  39 Inoob gets the Airhead app2Cwhile Peters explains what he will do to Gooferd : AA 2013  40 Guarno tops up on AA fuel : AA 2013  41 Douly prepares to worry tikkas 
42 Hey Tik look what i drank    are you worried yet  43 Guarnere dishes up the Stoofvlees  44 Fridays Belgian delicasies Stoofvlees and Frites  45 Great location2Cgreat company2Cgreat food 
46 What Spinich does for Popeye2CStoofvlees does the same to Gooferd  47 Mr and Mrs AAclan work out the housekeeping money  48 The betting starts as to what wildlife is hidden in Rads Beard  49 Time for the AA breifing on Gembloux 
50 Carnage tries to avoid giving the briefing by faking a bad back  51 The briefing goes ahead as planned   with extra Tikkas interuptions  52 Carnage is happy that the duties are over for now  53 Si surprises Gooferd after a trip to the Newcastle United shop 
54 The Devil hands over the Geordie Tshirt  55 Gooferd gets a memento of his trip to the Europa game in Brugge  56 Proof that Geordies are better than Sinterklaas  57 Si shows Gooferd the final present from the magic bag2C 
58 Gooferd thanks his new favorite uncle  59 Magic asks Si if being a Belgian Geordie is curable  60 Guarnere gets the full force of the after effects from the Stoovlees  61 Gooferd presents Carnage with Geordie beer speaking Geordie 
62 Carnage and Guarno are talking beer again  63 Si presents Guarno with beer    Guarno is happy  64 The Big Ape gets in the way     position normal  65 Noir gets out the Leprichaun juice 
66 Noir and Dane stand to give their opinions on Tikkys Red-neck 28not Jabbo29  67 Dane works out that his stack is taller than him  68 Guarno is told about the magic people inside making the nice noises  69 Douly asks if this is Danes Beach towel 
70 Tik you wernt dreaming 2Cthis really happened  71 Carnage and Guarno try to ignore the approaching danger Douly has been drinking the Hoegaarden  72 Glenn deals one of the last hands of poker on Friday night  73 Dane explains to Ice and Noir the problem with having no chips 
76 Danes bed  77 Dont come near me2Cive had stoofvlees  78 Tikkas2CPussy    insert your own jokes here  79 Tikkas in AA Godmode 
80 Guarnere respawning after the night before  81 Noir checking where exactly to stab Scary in the back  82 Scary all smiles with the company around  83 Scary is not happy as he gets ignored 
84 The tall guys look at Scary2CNoir and dane  85 Noir checks for the  dodgy old boiler in the window on th N4  app  86 Peters checks the Belgian law on how many  slaps  he can get on Gooferd before the police get busy  87 Noir fends off the psyco bacon thief 
88 The Psyco bacon thief  89 So laid back their almost horizontal  90 The Papperazzi Dwarf returns  91 Ice looks nervous as he is about to let randon noobs into his car 
92 I d give that five minutes before you go in there  93 Felix laughing as Tikkas joins in the noobing on the radios  94 Floreffe abby from the cars on the way to Florennes  95 Random Walloon village 
96 The counryside in the Deep South      of Belgium  97 Walloon farm  98 The last valley before Florennes  99 Church close to Florennes 
100 Glenn in Ice s car near Florennes    position normal  101 The major secret is out2Cwe are visiting the Belgian Air Force  102 Noir lets his bodyguard keep control of the Papperazzi  103 The Mountain monkey is hoping he gets a full body search 
104 Carnage2CScary and Dane listen up at the guard post  105 Showing off the 6th Cav at Florennes2Cthe shirt sent over from Jabbo s town  106 Magic and the Guard go through the list of noobs  107 Dane realizes he is the only one who forgot his passport 
108 The guard goes for another pronunciation  109 And gets Doulys name almost perfectly  110 Next up Scary checks out ok  111 No noobing here this Belgian is tooled up 
112 Backup 2121  113 Scary hopes Tikkas gets taken to the Brig  114 Turra2C Torry2C Tor    ah Bushcamper  115 Peters explains his passport photo was taken in front of a burning building 
116 Next   Vin Diesel  117 Next an attempt at Radigans name on the passport   not exactly perfect  3B29  118 Next is easy  Bilbo Baggins  119 Next up Guarno   but Magic doesnt remember his own name and goes up too 
120 Magic hopes after all the emails that he s still on the list  121 The Dutch guys worst nightmares2CBelgians with loaded guns  122 The faces have been hidden to protect the identity of the poor sod who had to take us on the base  123 Entering the base for real 
124 We can only wonder what this poor fellow was thinking  125  126 If only we knew what he was thinking about the last car in the convoy  127 O rly 
128 Scary smokes intravenously while driving  129 The Cameraman with the thing for bricks is back  this time its interesting  130 1 Both bits  130 The Museum on the Airbase at Florennes 
131 The Museum is dedicated to the Spitfire Mk14s that were based here after the 2nd WW  132 Radigan walks past the Rolls royce Griffin engined Spitfire : AA 2013  133 Gooferd poses while the other noobs wait for a briefing on the airfield  134 The Clipped wings of the Mk14 : AA 2013 
135 Looking from the gantry2Cwith Si pretending to read while looking at the pictures : AA 2013  136 Osbando looks to see if theres a Cheesedump on the map  137 The circle in the center of the fuselage is where the camera sits for recon  138 When war gets sexy 
139 Si and Ice both keep the required distance from Douly as he had Hoegaarden the night before  140 : AA 2013  141 The tight squeeze that would have a few noobs sweating : AA 2013  142 Close in on the cockpit 
143 Close up of the flaps lever  144 The pilots seat  145  50cal with tracers and a 20mm cannon round  146 Personal side arm of the First Base commander2C Colonel Raymond Lallemant DFC with Bar2CBegian hero of the RAF 
147 An AEG Mignon Model 4 encoding typewriter  148 The cockpit dials of the Spitfire  149  150 Close up and wobbly 
151 Ejection seat from the F84  152 Colonel Raymond Lallemants Uniform  153 Model of the B17 that crashed when the base was a German ww2 base   the bomber is still in the swamp it crashed in  154 Spitfire and the B17 model 
155  156 Pair of Thompsons  157 Serial no  158 Noobs wandering around and doing there thing 
159  160 How to build your very own spitfire  161 The plaque outside the museum dedicated to the 344th Bomber group  162 The 344th were based at Florennes by the end of the war   DCIM\100MEDIA 
163 Memorial to other units at the base  164 1 The next place on the Base is Museum Lallament2Cthe first Belgian base commander  164 2 Just inside the doorway2C an F-16 cockpit2Cabout to get the AA treatment  164 The coolest of signs 
165 Gooferds two bodyguards are a bit slow as Peters creeps up for a sneaky SLAP  166 Gooferd can get on with piloting as Peters is over-awed by all the buttons  167 Gooferd tries to buckle up quickly as Capy looks for the Ejection seat release  168 This is Gooferds entry into the coolest Top Gun pilot 
169 Gooferd still looks happy even though Guarno stole the front of the plane Check Guarnos innocent look  170 Capy tries to make the F16 airbourne again : AA 2013  171 Noir doing a Tikkas  172 A fifty cal meant for mounting in an Aircraft now mounted on a ground stand 
173  50 Cal and a runway Tug  174 X5 survailance drone  175 The Rolls Royce Merlin xx redesignated the Griffin  176 The F84s engine 
177 An engine from a Mirage M3  178 Mirage engine : AA 2013  179 F 84 engine in full : AA 2013  180 Close up of the Griffin : AA 2013 
181 Oranje getting close up with the wrecked BMW engine from a FW190  182 The Republic aviation F-84 E  183 Now to the Name the Flag competition  184 Anyone guess   its the lands that the Danish lost 
185 Sweden and Iceland now stop shouting at me Dane : AA 2013  186 The Noobs having a quick wander around the hanger  187 An F-84 F  188 More flags   ask the Cheeses they may know 
189 F-84 E with a camera pod in the foreground  190 The Belgians Mirage M3  191 Notice the camera pod in the Nose  taking pictures Belgian Style  192 The Mirage has its cannons removed on the floor under the aircraft : AA 2013 
193 Mirage with a cluster bomb : AA 2013  194 Iceman and Felix check out the Launcher system of the 486th Tactical Missile Wing  195 Gooferd2COdin2CDane and Capy next to the Nuke 28Not Douly29 : AA 2013  196 The weapon that the Russians come and check on every few years 
197 A Tomahawk Cruise missile : AA 2013  198 Missile and launcher truck : AA 2013  199 Iceman poses for his Red Carpet Opportunity  200 The General Dynamics F-16 
201 F-16 and ground based Anti missile magine gun : AA 2013  202 The Vulcan Air Defense System  A six barreled Gatling Gun  203 F 16 and toys  204 Gooferd touching some modern history : AA 2013 
205 Oh i guess were back to the flag game again    eh Douly : AA 2013  206 The De Haviland Tiger Moth   The british and Belgians Trainer for the Spitfire  207 Oh no ignore the flag    Squirbly Worbly  208 Gooferd get a noob in his sights 
209 The last sight of many a noob on Wasteland  210 Gooferd now aims at Peters   Its slappy time  211 Inside the right hand side of the F 16 cockpit  212 All the switches and buttons in the F 16 
213 Inside the right hand side  214 Dane fails with a dignified leap into the cockpit  215 Danes attempt for the coolest Topgun Pilot thingy award  216 Looking down on Dane   who said again 
217 Dane questioning the guide on the use of ALL the buttons 28see the video29  218 Peters tries the dignified leap   Fail  Looks like he sat on Dane  219 Peters sort of gets comfy in the cockpit  220 Peters happly wedged in the cockpit 
221Peters busy with the HUD2Cmisses the flag an the back left  222 Oranje checks to see how stuck Peters is  223 Barney Rubble the pilot years  224 Another noob takes the hot seat 
225 Glenns attempt at the Coolest Topgun blah blah award  226 What happens if i press this big red button  227 Careful Glenn has been sat down for more than 3 minutes he may be about to sleep  228 Oranje talks to Glenn to keep him awake 
229 Proof that being AA is Genetic  230 Quick take the picture Carnage is about to slide off  231 Carnage also fails at the dignified entry photo  232 Carnage looks worried as Scary seems to have stolen the steering wheel 
233 Another for the flag watchers   Carnage has spotted this one  234 Fully back in the seat seems an odd position   but with a helmet  235 Carnage worries when the Cheese Inspectors arrive to see where you keep cheesey inflight snacks  236 Ice2COsbando and Si explain to Carnage he wont be in the final of Cool Hotshots part Deux thingy award 
237 Sun finds the canopy release pull switch  238 Everyone else help to find the eject trigger to get Carnage out  239 Carnage attempts his Cool Topgun hotsot award  240 Carnage going for a dignified exit 
241 Fail on the cool exit  242 Carnage finaly gets out to allow the next noob to get in  Yup looks like Sun next  243 Wrong the Flying Cheesehead gets in first  Fail on graceful entry award  244 Oranje imagining he s one of the Oranje Jumpers 
245 After having it pointed out Magic finds the Belgian flag  246 Oranje man your in a cockpit put the phone down  247 Ah the Dutch guy was checking his legs were still there  248 Oranje wants to double check there his legs 
249 And just to make  sure  250 Happy all is ok2COranje returns to pressing all the buttons  251 Too many Frikandels can do this to a Man  252 Maybe Peters has this affect on everyone 
253 Guarnere s entry into the cockpit  think he s holding on because of pre-flight nerves  254 Guarnos attept for the Topgun  sorry just hearing Guarno wants another photo  255 Ah Guarno s Hotshots ace pilot award pose  256 Toooooo close now i can see Peters in the shades 
257 Guarnere imagines he s just got  Lock on  to Tikkas  258 Guarno grins as he leaves stoofvlees gas for the next noob  259 Guarno not doing well in the Graceful exit award  260 Guarnere suffers an attack of Vertigo 
261 Sun s turn to get in   looks like Odin has been getting tips on handbag theft from Gerbil  262 Odin is still looking for the chocolate  263 Too much wine the night before perhaps  264 Sun in full Topgun mode   shame the sound effects dont work in photo s 
265 Before you say anything   the old guy is further away and so looks shorter   its just  an illiusion  266 Odin gets the chance to sit in the cockpit  267 Ahoy  268 Last one of the Flag competition2Cthe Swedish guy looks all happy under this flag 
269 Pose for the camera2Cno not you Capy  270 Odin gives the Tough stare for his Topgun pilot thingy award  271 Odin looks happy playing with his joystick  272 Iceman looks happy as he doesnt realize Scary has stolen the rest of his aircraft 
273 Iceman smiles as he finds all the ownage buttons  273 Iceman the jolly Pirate Ahoy   nice earring  274 Iceman the tough fighter dude : AA 2013  275 Iceman the oooo shiney buttons guy 
276 Magic decides enough Iceman pictures and goes for the Ejector seat release  277 Ice foils the plan2CMagic needs someone who can clear a whole hanger  278 Room clearance done Douly style2Cwith a little help from the Hoegaarden  279 Iceman finally gets in the Top shots pilot thing award pose 
280 Peters finally checks the hanger is clear   erm no he poses in front of a clear hanger  281 Magic will not be denied2Che takes a long run up  282 Fail on the coolness of entry award  283 Ice looks on in wonder how Belgium ever had ANY pilots 
284 Magic is still getting into the cockpit or is he now getting out : AA 2013  285 Lucky this is not war as Magic is still getting in  286 Magic holding on incase the plane starts up : AA 2013  287 After all that getting in Magic looks knackered : AA 2013 
288 Magic finds the seat comfy enough for a little sleep  289 Someone play the Reveille  290 AA Cameraman Jnr taking the next photo : AA 2013  291 Magic looking wide awake after his sleep  who s a happy chappy 
292 AA Cameraman Jnr caught taking the next photo : AA 2013  293 Ice next to the drone2Cno sorry2CPeters in front of Ice s photo  294 Douly give his last warning to vacate the building  295 Magic doing his tough guy hot shots pose award doofer thingy 
296 Ice tells Magic and Peters that everyone else has gone  297 Everyone else   gone  298 Hmmmn Magic s joystick  299 More Power Captain 
300 Peters records the fact we didnt break a thing  301 Looking back at the museum as we leave  302 Snakes on a plane2Clol2Cplease2C Noobs on an Airbase is much more dangerous  303 Second sqn tailfin at the door 
304 Right ok were back here again  305 Magic pays the  museum dude  306 Nice badges for sale  307 Nice patches for sale 
308 Noob for sale  er hmmn No better not  309 Carnage and Canage jnr or Dweezil or The Phantom or even replies to Glenn  310 Carnage spots the Cameraman and wonders if he can get the camera confiscated by the guards  311 Guarno lost somewhere on the Airbase 
312 The Thunderjet on the roundabout outside the Airbase  313 Nearly got the whole plane in Gooferd2Chave another go  314 Awww Gooferd  315 Just like when driving two Belgians go for the same gap 
316 Guanere alert at all times    ok well not quite all times  317 When you just have that  I cant be arsed feeling  318 Monkey want Banana oh damn coke will have to do  319 Next stop the forward comand post that a certain moustached arm waver stayed 
320 Can one of you set the place alight so i can light my ciggy  321 Tikkas and Oranje start the game of fiddle with whats in your pockets : AA 2013  322 Si2CRickie2CCarnage and Gerbil join in but Glenn is a newbie to the sport : AA 2013  323 Sun2CIce and Odin join the hands in pockets game2CFelix just doesnt like this game : AA 2013 
324 Osbando gets Caparzo involved : AA 2013  325 On the right Dane has a little go at hands in pockets : AA 2013  326 Sun not impressed by Danes effort : AA 2013  327 Sun2Cfelix and ice chatting outside the bunker : AA 2013 
328 Peters2CGlenn and Noir join in the hands in pocket game : AA 2013  329 Im not playing im off to touch history  now go away camera noob : AA 2013  330 Pictures of the time the arm waving fella arrived in Bruly-de-Pesche : AA 2013  331 No need to pretend he can read2CCarnage just looks at the pictures : AA 2013 
332 Front lines and emplacements in May 1940 : AA 2013  333 The aftermath of the invasion : AA 2013  334 The early places visited after the Germans had captured them : AA 2013  335 The arrival in Bruly de Pesche of Hi   r : AA 2013 
336 The fitting out of the GHQ in Bruly : AA 2013  337 The finished buildings and the evacuation area : AA 2013  338 Pictures in and around Bruly at the time the GHQ was used : AA 2013  339 H  l r at the Ghq during the planning of the battles in france : AA 2013 
340 Various members of the Nazty party visiting Bruly : AA 2013  341 The moustache playing at being a mighty General : AA 2013  342 Just taken Paris and he still looks miserable : AA 2013  343 Radigan and Carnage looking very interested : AA 2013 
344 Him again with an even sillier moustache on the right : AA 2013  345 Model of another bunker  346 Every family had to deliver a quota of Non Ferous metal2Cso these bells were confiscated  347 Yeah weve seen this stuff before   but its GUNS 
348 Same old stuff  except for the Marlin 42 that was an American gun given to resistance troops  349 More guns    mmmm  350 Full view of the Marlin  351 Our first real view of the Bunker 
352 We all go the opposite way into the woods   but Oranje cant see the wood as theres too many trees in the way  353 Sun just about ready for her speech on who is on kitchen duty tonight  354 Felix reads the case notes for the AA clan evaluation  while Guarno reads Tintin : AA 2013  355 Odin and Glenn think better of eye contact with Douly as he gets a little AHOY sailors 
356 Oranje rescues Gooferd from the grasp of The Big Ape : AA 2013  357 Si is shocked that Doulys talkie box makes a bright light : AA 2013  358 Approaching the spring that was designed to resemble a star constellation  359 The guys at the front see water and keep on walking 
360 Carnage explains the the noobs that are not scared of water that the spring head is in the shape of The Big Dipper2C also known as the Plough or the Saptarishi  361 Douly thinks he can sneak a photo hiding Peters style  362 Carnage tries to see the world from Dane prespective : AA 2013  363 Guarnere hears a mention of last nights food 
364 A big tree  365 Radigan goes to Danes hobbit house for coffee  366 The entrance to the resistance hideaway near H1tl3rs bunker : AA 2013  367 The  Hide  has been lovingly restored 
368 Odin takes photos as he decides that this place would make a great sauna : AA 2013  369 Si tries to hide  behind the post : AA 2013  370 Carnage checks the comfort of the beds   and finds it a bit lumpy : AA 2013  371 Odin leaving the hidaway 
372 The Hobbit finally leaves his den to find his Precious  373 Noobs in the woods heading to the bunker  374 Guarno does his Lady Gaga impression as he runs from the Paperazzi : AA 2013  375 Guarno gets his wood 
376 1  Noir and Capy inside the  safe room  in the bunker  376 Felix and Ice follow Noir into the bunker  377 The traffic jam as some noobs leave as some noobs enter   noobs theres 2 doors  378 Same : AA 2013 
379 Rickie looks back at his New cheese storage site : AA 2013  380 Osbando taking a seconnd look to see how much cheese this place could hold in safe storage  381 Carnage and Jnr pose for a family snap before entering the bunker : AA 2013  382 Inside the safe room with the door shut  not very brave Carnage and Glenn  what Douly is Cameraman2Cbrave or stupid : AA 2013 
383 The hatchway allowing contact outside the bunker during a  lockdown : AA 2013  384 Not quite the same    wheres nooby : AA 2013  385 Finally the door is opened fresh air allowed to enter the room : AA 2013  386 The twin exits incase of debris blocking one after an air-raid : AA 2013 
387 Last view as we were leaving  388  389 Carnage is given medication as he was feeling rough  390 Carnage in full respawning mode 
391 Looking back towards the Bunker complex  392 Noob cameraman   weve just been there numpty  393 Noir texts Dane to see if Dane needs a Housemate in the Hobbit-house  394 Capy shows the signs of a late night  or he was trying to catch flies 
395 Felix explains to Oranje the difference between an Ape and a Monkey  396 Monceau monument to the first liberators of Belgium  397 Artillary piece at the monument  398 Patton tank at the monument 
399 Artillary with noobmobiles not really parked2Cmore just dumped  400 Goofered investigates the Arty piece  401 Still investigating  402 Some guys investigate the Patton 
403 Oranje pretending he can read  404 Some of the gravestones from the guys who died liberating the area  405  406 
407  408 Iceman taking close ups of weak spots for his WOT dossier  409 The plaque in front of the Patton2Cfrom the local council  410 The AA guys start to feel the history 
411 The rifling of the machine gun barrel  412 Just doing what we do  413 The Swedes get harrassed by the Paperazzi Dwarf  414 Wout getting to grips with the tank2Cwhile Capy checks out the rear 
415 Glenn2CIce and Carnage check the veiw from the tank  416 The veiw from the tank  417 Gooferd about to own the camera guy : AA 2013  418 Guarnere finds an outside toilet 
419 Dane checking out the Arty  420 The panorama from the monument  421 Gooferd still touching everything  422 Someone mention a viking invasion   i dont fancy Si s chances of escape 
423 Guarnere stands guard as Glenn takes a look at the Arty  424 Odin takes the next picture  425 Odins picture of the Plaque on the Patton  426 Odin posing for a picture on the Patton 
427 Odin holding 90mm of American steel  428 Carnage fetches the Paperazzi for a Tank inspection  429 Magic looking for Gooferd    as he just disappeared  430 Magic now looking for Dane and Goofered as the both have vanished 
431 Inside the Pattons engine compartment   the electrical connectors  432 A Tank fuse  433 Back from the Wires and the Oranje hole  434 A mounting point for the engine and the drive shaft 
435 Opposite mouning point  436 Tank serial number  437 Glenn inside the Engine compartment2Cpicture taken through the Oranje hole  438 Blurry Glenn realizes Oranjes hand is inside the tank 
439 Dane dosent look too sure about getting in the engine compartment  440 Danes first picture inside  Gooferd and Glenn investigating the Engine bay  441 Look  Daddy im an engine  442 Gooferd decides he s had enough and its time to leave 
443 Carnage waits to see if Dane needs lifting out of the tank    he is actually stood up at this point : AA 2013  444 The Cameraman with a thing for Capys nuts  445 Rumour has it there s an AA phot opportunity coming  446 OOOh Ahoy Oranje 
447 Where the hell did we find the guy in purple      Ahoy  448 The -3D7BAA7D3D- Clan Meeting 2013 Photo  449 The house opposite the Chateaux Ferooz  450 Chateaux Ferooz from the Main gate 
451 : AA 2013  452 : AA 2013  453 Our accommodation behind the Chateaux  454 Si alseep in the Tikmobile on the way home 
455 One of the horses when we returned on saturday afternoon  456 Our adopted cat for the weekend  457 This poor horse gets its first veiw of a tiknoob  458 Get away from me you freaky noob 
459 The Big Arse   er i mean Big Ape puts on the Kebabs for our BBQ  460 The Kebabs  461 The Big ar   O i did that one  462 Radigan looks exhausted just watching the Tiknoob 
463 Magic and Guarno take to the Pool table while dinner cooks  464 Magic taking the game seriously  465 Iceman shows how interested he is in Magics shot  466 Guarno prepares to take the next shot 
467 Magic and Guarno still trying to finish the game  468 Oranje tells Goorerd he can have a go with his new gun next  469 Oranje doesnt look too confident that the Swede s are Neutral  470 In a minute Gooferd2COdin wants a go 
471 Iceman s turn Gooferd  472 Felix looking like a CIA officer  473 The man from Rotterdam CSI  474 Mr And Mrs AA clan continue with the BBQ 
475 Tikkas checks the burgers are cooking nicely  476 Magic has the last go with the gun before its packed away  477 Only a small section of the food for saturday night  478 Oranje on the deck after a wrestle with Colosus the greek   Carnage is holding the section of Oranjes belt that  Douly ripped 
479 After dinner we retire to the gaming room  480 Glenn takes his turn at the pool table  481 glenn carries on with his shot as the guys behind try to organize the poker table  482 Blurry Rikkie n Tikky 
483 Goofered not impressed as theres no room on the poker table for him  484 Tikkas getting down with GnR  485 Guarno doesnt look to pleased with the outcome of the flop  486 Capy and Noir enjoy a cigar as the sun sets 
487 That table of empties on sunday morning  488 Peters gets his breakfast on Sunday morning  489 Peters tells the cameraman to sit down and get some breakfast     before i slap u  490 Si s car up the road as we enter the centre of Brussels 
491 Catching up to Si  492 Approaching the Cinquantenaire Arch  493 Just a small tour of Brussels  494 We need to be on the other side of the arch 
495 Suddenly a Monument to Monty popped up  497 Glenn position normal   this time in the back of Magic s car  498 The Cinquantenaire Arch from the other side  499 One of the best backdrops to any carpark 
500 Everyone with a camera wanted a picture of the Arch  501 Glenn wandering off2Cin the heart of Brussels  502 On the left Mr and Mrs AA Clan go off to see the gardens together  503 Some old Rag hanging   sorry what  Ah The Belgian Flag hanging under the arch 
504 Noir2CSi and Douly in the sunshine  505 Dane holds the camera above his head so he gets a  Normal  persons viewpoint  506 Centre right is ScaryTraitorgerbil showing Gooferd how to take more photos  507 A collection of noobs waiting to see what were here for 
508 Same  509 Gooferds picture of the Arch   nice work for an AA noob  510 Outside of the Aviation Museum  511 Dane taking the next picture2Cas Cappy comes over to sort out the Cameraman 
511 The aviation museum in Dane o vision  512 From across the square  513 Royal museum of the Army and Military history  514 Mr and Mrs AAclan organize the kids for a trip in the museum 
515 As if Tikkas is in control   when theres cannon to look at  516 Everyone leaves the cameraman outside  517 AA Cameraman keeps taking pictures outside  Wish we knew what these people were thinking  518 
519 Picture taken while rushing upstairs to see the view from the top  520 Still rushing to get upstairs  521 Looking Southeast towards the Jubelpark Museum dome  522 
523 looking east from the top of the museum  524 Looking down on jubel park2CBrussels  525 Looking east across Brussels  526 The Building with the Beaches flag in the European commision building 
527 1 The statue on top of the Arch from the western side of the top of the museum  527 Hey Sweep why wernt u here  528 Looking east along the road we approached from  529 The roundabout in the distance has Montys statue 
530 The View down to the museums aviation hall  531 Looking through the windows at the planes  532 The View of the arch from the eastern side of the roof  533 The view of brussels 
534 Looking North east across Brussels  535 Looking north  536 Looking Northeast  537 Scary checking out the neighbours to see who needs robbing 
538 Looking towards the Atomium in the Northeast with the Heysel stadium floodlights  539 Same  540 Blurry armour  541 Caverlry armour 
542 The  camp  bed of King Leopold the second  543 The royal tricycle  544 Brinkie and Si look at a gatling gun  545 Hmmn firepower   an Scarys ghost 
546 A selection of small arms  547 If you need a gun to shoot a wall dead2Ctry these  Wall guns  548 50 barrelled battle gun  549 Dwarf armour 
550 Strange helmet and water bottle  551 Full suit of armour with extra brestplates and helmets  552 Decorative cannon2Cand early relatives of the rifles we know today  553 A better view of the  blurry suit 
554 Various weapons used and collected in colonial africa days  555 A collection of late Swords2Cnotice the pistol as part of the top sword : AA 2013  556 A collection of helmets : AA 2013  557 AA noobs read the label on the back    For short arses only : AA 2013 
558 A shiny old suit of armour : AA 2013  559 More shiney stuff : AA 2013  560 Royal weaponry : AA 2013  561 There was lots2Cbut less blurry as i remember : AA 2013 
562 : AA 2013  563 A collection of muskets and powder rifles : AA 2013  564 Decorated muskets : AA 2013  565 Back around to the cavelry section : AA 2013 
566 The COT checking out the weaponary2Cas guarno spots a camera man : AA 2013  567 Carnage and Magic stop and pose2Cas Guarno choses which weapons for the camera guy : AA 2013  568 Crossbows and Daggers   good name for an Album title : AA 2013  569 Anti infantry cannon : AA 2013 
570 Glenn and Gooferd outside the WW1 exhibit   which was closed : AA 2013  571 Gooferd asleep at the sentry box   sleeping on guard duty huh : AA 2013  572 Gooferd with a static ground mounted : AA 2013  573 THe hall of the Royal Belgian Cavelry 
574 Too many rags   erm i mean flags here2Cnow the belgies are just showing off  575 We know Napolian was short but is that him or Noir dressed up behind the cannon  576 The painting and cannon at the main desk of the museum  577 Done the olden days2Cpoint me to some ww2 stuff 
578 What back through the Belgian flag store    With Napolian looking worried  579 All the paintings are of high ranking Belgian moustaches  580 A miniture ship Missing miniture sailors2Cwe need 2 voulenteers   anyone  581 Back to the poom poom gum 
582 Scenes of famous battles in belgium   there that proud this was outside the toilets : AA 2013  583 Much less agressive than a German halftrack : AA 2013  584 Si needs a clue   wtf is that : AA 2013  585 A half turreted2Cfully tracked2Chalf tank half scout car    we shall call it a Scank : AA 2013 
586 Glenn toches history  with Carnage looking on : AA 2013  587 A british and a German scout car at the start of the WW2 section  588 The Daimler Scout Car2C known in service as the Dingo  589 Named Dingo after the Australian wild dog : AA 2013 
590 The German Kubal wagon  591 The Volkswagen K belwagen literally translated as bucket car : AA 2013  592 A mock up of a German coastal battery : AA 2013  593 looking down the ww2 hall : AA 2013 
594 Rusted pistols and helmets found in a belgian field  595 A V1 rocket  596 A  Brown shirt  from the origins of the Nazty party  597 Lots of Geman uniforms coming up 
598 German nurses outfit     mmmm  599 New game   you name the uniforms so i dont have too  600 Spade and barley on the flag   thats a farm workers uniform  601 Fieldmarshall Von Kluge s uniform 
602 Standard army issue green  603 Kar98s racked and ready  604 One for the bolt action noobers  605 1 Uncle tikkas can you lose the ball again2Ci fancy this tank for my collection : AA 2013 
605 American BAR on the left2Cwith the British BREN on the  tripod and a Crusader Tank on the right  606 German mortor guy with a strange attachment on his rifle  607 The PPD Pistolet-Pulemyot Degtyaryova2C Russian sumachine pistol2Cthis one a PPD-342C38  608 Russian2CDegtyaryov Machine gun 
609 Mosin Nagant M9130 PU Sniper  610 One for all the Cod UO fans  611 Russian made version of a sten gun  612 Only important one is the PPsh-43 the second from the left  spray n pray ftw 
613 An RAF spitfire   there a few pic of this   be warned  614 Dont think this is the last you will see of this plane  615 Extreme shell art   or A Time Bomb : AA 2013  616 Navy2CAir force   deep sea diver  not 
617 Cossack caverlry uniform : AA 2013  618 Russian Czech-Slovak uniform : AA 2013  619 russian Baltic uniform : AA 2013  620 Carnage is put to sleep by the Escape routes of the free french 
621 Belgian WW2 uniform  seriously thats not a joke  Put your uniform on2Cwe need to surrender : AA 2013  622 A blurryform : AA 2013  623 Not sure but gonna go for a Finnish uniform : AA 2013  624 Belgian caverlry cycles  for when you need to go to the shops on the way into battle : AA 2013 
625 Thats more like it a Belgian Felixmobile : AA 2013  626 German snow kit2Cfor attacking weak-arsed countrys full of monkeys : AA 2013  627 German mountain monkey gear : AA 2013  628 German mini arty piece : AA 2013 
629 Various WW2 British helmets : AA 2013  630 A british helmet2Cwith Winston : AA 2013  631 Winston Churchill with Covenrty Cathederal in the picture behind : AA 2013  632 Pilotwear American and British : AA 2013 
633 Another view of the Spitfire  634 And another  635 No not done yet  636 Dont start with the V1 aswell 
637 Closer  638 OOO another angle of the V1 : AA 2013  639 Guarno in the sights of the Spit : AA 2013  640 Yup i like it2Cunderside view is good : AA 2013 
641 Aw come on now  642 Last one2Cwe havent seen it from this angle : AA 2013  644 Osbando just isn t interested in a Belgian Bren carrier  645 In AA we do one thing well2Cwe ruin photos2CGuarno gets in the way as Odin poses : AA 2013 
646 Odin2CSun2CGerbils head2CGarno front2CGlenn2CCarnage and Osbando pose for a photo : AA 2013  647 Italian radio equipment2Cto find out which side there on at the moment : AA 2013  648 Mini mortar tube and rounds : AA 2013  649 German para equipment 
650 Flamethrower and field gun : AA 2013  651 A captured russian machine gun : AA 2013  652 Carnage tries to find Rubber Duck and Pigpen in the CONVOY : AA 2013  653 Carnage on the ships bridge set up : AA 2013 
654 Radigan we found another officer   we could be in the sh21t now  655 Captain Glenn orders a depth charge attack  656 We attack Scary2CNoir and Dane s  very mini  sub : AA 2013  657 Its hit so badly it goes out of focus : AA 2013 
658 The hatch to the direction finder  659 Guarno waits in line as he thinks its a toilet Odin tells Guarno to leave it a while before he goes in : AA 2013  660 Guarno looks to nervous to take a dump while Scary Camerman is about : AA 2013  661 Rear turret from an Raf Lancaster Bomber : AA 2013 
662 Otherside  663 Nooo Magic its a Camera2Cnot lunch : AA 2013  664 Set up of a German AA battery  665 Now An AA AA Battery Guarno2CMagic2CCarnage and Glenn : AA 2013 
666 Devils AA battery : AA 2013  667 Roped off Field arty piece2Cno touching Wout and Glenn : AA 2013  668 Douly missed the North African uniform near the begining : AA 2013  669 Omaha beach emplacement set up : AA 2013 
670 Like the Atlantic wall positions a Raversijde  on a previous meeting : AA 2013  671 A typical bunker in the Atlantic Wall : AA 2013  672 Great set up in the museum : AA 2013  673 Lets go through that door2Cwe always love the Funk Room : AA 2013 
674 One of those freaky looking Para-motorcycles : AA 2013  675 Pull Douly away before he starts with the radio stuff again : AA 2013  676 Mock up of a Higgins boat  677 Honestly Rads it was officers first2Cnow check the beach  please 
678 Next Odin is sent down the ramp  679 They never got this in Normandy2COdin is met off the ramp by a Nurse  680 Douly tells Magic2COsbando2CGuarno2CGlenn and Carnage2C the picture will be cool and you wont look like knobjockeys   Or Rickie uses Magic as a hand puppet : AA 2013  681 Get it right people its Shreck : AA 2013 
682 Instruction on how to defend your beaches2Cnot bitches Sweeper : AA 2013  683 A Goliath and a steel tank trap : AA 2013  684 A belgian gate2Ca concrete and steel tank trap2Cwith the basic but deadly not jalapino but  mine on a steek : AA 2013  685 Back through the Museum2Cpast the Belgie flag room with this dude : AA 2013 
686 Belgian Sea King at the enterance to the Aviation museum  687 F4 Phantom  688 Belgian Para display  689 Various motors and an Airbourne arty piece : AA 2013 
690 The Para Tricycle : AA 2013  691 No not a C-472CIts civilian so its a Dc-3  692 Looking along the Aviation hall  693 Douly2CGlenn2CCarnage and Capy wander off in deep discusion 
694 The French-British Caravalle  695 Gooferd goes in the other direction  696 A Junkers ju-52  697 Another popular subject to photograph 
698 Bottom right is Noir looking up 28position normal29 at the Junkers  699 Nearly done with this plane  700 Noir2CSi and Capy seem really interested after meeting Tikman under the Junkers  701 The centre piece an F-16 from the Belgian Air Force 
702 The first British jet in combat2CA Gloster Meteor This is the Mk8 in service with the Belgians  703 As seen at Florennes2CAn F-86 Sabre  704 A collection of propellers in the restoration department  705 The armourment of the Douglas A-27 Invader 
706 The Douglas A-26 Invader  a United States light bomber  707 The de Havilland DH 98 Mosquito2Cthis is a Mk30  708 The Nf Mk 30 was the final wartime variant and was a high-altitude version  709 This Belgian version has a radar in the nose 
710 An Raf Hurricane  711 This is a Mk2c hurricane  712 The same hurricane LF345 of 516 sqn-62 OTU2CMCS28Metropolitan ComunicationSqn29RAF in 1946 before transfer to No 367 Sqn Belgian air force  713 Back of the hurricane with Tommy ground crew 
714 A Spitfire Mk10 in Raf colours  715  716 Only 4 blades on the mk10 prop  717 The mk 10 has 1 air intake under the engine2Clater models have 3 
718 A Belgian Mk14 spitfire  719 The Mk14 sporting 3 air intakes and a 5 bladed prop for use with the Griffon 61 engines  720 A propeller from a crash landing  721 Stampe   Vertongen SV 4B2CIf you think youve seen it before it was hanging At Brussels airport till 2008 
722 Latest find from the archeology department  723 The DH89  Dragon Rapide  this brought to Belgium as a parachute trainer  724 Tik in the right place to show off his wings   er i meant ears  725 Fieseler Fi-156C-3 Storch  Stork 
726 A Nord N 1002 Pingouin  Tikkas an Noir on the far side of the plane  727 Looking back along the Museum  728 The sea king at the entrance : AA 2013  729 Glenn and Carnage look inside the first presurised balloon capsule : AA 2013 
730 How many planes can you name  731 How many countries supplied the Belgians airplanes  732 Looking into the future of the Belgian Air Force  733 Could be a prop from an FW-190   the Belgians dont even know 
734 Fuseage from n ME 109  735 Engine from a 109  736 Model of a 109  737 Another view of the collection 
738  754 Back to the Mosquito2Chope your not bored yet  755 Now the Junkers from above  756 The Centre piece F-16 
757 The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire was a British jet fighter  758 The Mk14 Spit with the Meteor behind : AA 2013  759 Dane looking up 28position normal29 at the Mosquito  760 Behind the F-16 tail2Ca Mig 21 Fishbed2Cand next to the Hind a Mig 23 Flogger : AA 2013 
761 Looking down on the Spit mk 10 and the Hurricane mk2 : AA 2013  762 Same : AA 2013  763 Guarno with the little chopper    3B29  764 Douly and Magic go and have a look at Guarno s chopper 
765 Glenn arrives to Check out the Allouette Ah-2  766 More planes    still not bored  767 Another View of theMosquito : AA 2013  768 Belgian Air Force2C Republic F-84G Thunderjet2C FZ153 of 1st sqn no2 wing : AA 2013 
769 Caudron G III  The Caudron G III was designed by Gaston and Rene Caudron was built from May 1914 : AA 2013  770 Royal Aircraft Factory RE 8 is one of only two in existance the other is in the IWM Museum at Duxford  771 A Bristol F 2B  772  Belgium received some 16 F 2Bs : AA 2013 
773 Glenn and Carnage with the   Halberstadt C V the only one still in existence : AA 2013  774 Carnage2Cwith the kids   who look bored of him now : AA 2013  775 Glenn and Gooferd in front of a Sopworth PUP : AA 2013  776 An RAF Bristol Blenheim : AA 2013 
778 The Blenheim was a light bomber  779 At the bottom the back of a Tornado and the plane on the stand is a Hawker Hunter : AA 2013  780 Henri Mignet HM-293 Pou du Ciel  Flying Flea  2Cflat pack build at home aircraft  781 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash2Cthe first specifically deigned recon jet : AA 2013 
782 Oh no Douly has found the radio equipment : AA 2013  783 A Flogger2Ca Hind2Cand how many people noticed the Flak 88 sat in the middle  784 The Hind2Cfamously in the Rambo 3 film  785 Tikkas dont say a word  The Comando canoe Canage has been looking for since Raversijde : AA 2013 
786 Glenn ruins the photo of Wout2CMagic and Carnage  lets try again : AA 2013  787 You ruined it again2Cget out of the way : AA 2013  788 Now Magic is bored of posing and has given up : AA 2013  789 Magic and Gooferd try again2Cunder a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter : AA 2013 
790 Carnage and Tikkas try to organise what everyone is eating     just waiting for Glenn to decide  791 Busted again   someone take the Camera of Gooferd  792 Tik back in god mode dishes out lunch  793 Just whats needed at this time2Ca cup of coffee with speciloos 
794 old style poster for the museum  795  796 An actual flight trainer   THIS IS NOT A TOY  797 An M47 Patton 
798 Theres a few of this tank so be prepared  799  800 Douly and Glenn pose for a photo   dont ask2Ci have no idea what Douly is doing  801 Whats the word im looking for here   AHOY21 
802 Not even close to being the last picture of an M47  803 Magic and Guarno turn up after getting lost exiting the cafe  804 1 More patton  804 Magic is not impressed2Che cant find a usb port on the tank 
805 Osbando on the right watches the posers do what they do  806 Gooferd2CMagic2CCarnage and Glenn With Osbando making sure when they say Cheese they mean it  807 Posers at work : AA 2013  808 Last one of this tank   not the last time for the posers 
808  809 An M28 Chaffee  810 Only a few photos of the  little  tank  811 Goofered looking like he wants to slap the cameraman 
812  813 Dont know how but Doulys camera makes Carnage2CGlenn and Scary look normal2Cbut Tall skinny Osbando looks short and fat    strange : AA 2013  814 An M41 Walker bulldog  815 Guarno and Rikkie wtach Douly organizing a photo 
816 Ah all blurry2Cdo we have a back up cameraman : AA 2013  817 Fathers day in Brussels2Cnot to shabby  818 Last one of the Bulldog  819 THis one is a Pershing2CPeeters really really liked this place 
820 A little glimpse of the inside of the Pershing  821 Gooferd with both tanks in the picture  822 Glenn and Douly doing a Patton inpsection  823 Oh look it says its a Patton 
844 O its an M26A1 Pershing  845 Come on enough of this patton  846 Finally last Pershing for a bit  847 Looking in the back of an APC 
848 : AA 2013  849 Another angle : AA 2013  850 Leopard battle tank  851 Leopard from the side 
852 And front on  853 United Nations apc  854 Gooferd gets a last photo with the Patton  855 Guano looks for an vehicle that would suit the AA guys : AA 2013 
856 The Belgian Armys latest armour : AA 2013  857 The Ferret armoured car2C also commonly called the Ferret Scout car  858 Inside the ferret  859 Last look at the Caravelle 
860 Good view of the F-4 Phantom  861 The stats2CThe 28R29 before F-4 means its the recon varient  863 1 Glenn and Douly ignore the AA gun as things get all Nautical  863 A quick glimpse of the other side of the Hind2Chere the aircraft finish 
864 How nice of Noir to donate his uniform to the Museum when he retired : AA 2013  865 An AA free 20mm A-A Oerlikon Cannon : AA 2013  866 Gerbil makes sure we get the stats  867 And realizes he has the perfect present to take home 
868 Carnage tells the guys he has a plan to get Gerbil off the AA gun : AA 2013  869 Gerbil poses for the Camera2Cunaware of the impending pain  870 Checking the sights on the cannon  871 Glenn poses for the other camera2Cas Carnage goes to check out the Belgian uniforms : AA 2013 
872 Magic contemplates the Carnage clearance method on Glenn  873 Carnage explanes how tall Dane really is : AA 2013  874 Glenn and Carnage decide to leave the Cannon after being in a room too long with Douly  875 What were the rules here   dont touch anything   ok we forgot 
876 Gooferd has enough of touching this history : AA 2013  877 Scary teaches Guaro how to look innocent when museum security get here : AA 2013  878 Ropes and knots2Csailor stuff dont ask : AA 2013  879 A rather large steering wheel   this time dont touch 
880 Magic making sure Gooferd does as the museum official told him : AA 2013  881 Magic has given up as Glenn joins Gooferd : AA 2013  882 History lessons done AA style  883 Proof that everything was left intact : AA 2013 
884 Advert for the Navy Day a few years back  885 Osbando looks amazed by the size of his weapon  886 Osbando attempts to look serious  887 Osbando still in awe of his gun : AA 2013 
889 Glenn decides not to not touch the cannon  890 Just for the record its a Marinecannon model 47  891 Even with the blurriness you can see the AA meeting grin : AA 2013  892 Glenn still noobing with the cannon 
893 Gooferd and Glenn adjusting the cannon sights : AA 2013  894 Glenn belived the guys when the said that was like the boat Noir had in the Irish Navy  895 Serious patience needed to make this  896 
897 A Cannon for short people  898 Gooferds christmas list  899 Stuka  900 Just read the labels 
901  902    A Scumderland  903  904 
905  906 Medals from the time of Napoleon  907  This medal had just been sold to a French museum for 502C000 euros : AA 2013  909 More models 
910  911 Three Kings2Cnot a film Belgian royals  912 : AA 2013  913 : AA 2013 
914 Do you think Mum will mind if i take this home : AA 2013  915 Glenn and Carnage find a cabinet of bolt action rifles : AA 2013  916 Serious weapon   serious faces : AA 2013  917 Noobs and guns the AA way : AA 2013 
918 Happy noobs after a trip to the museum shop : AA 2013  919 Guarno find Danes Napolionic cousin  920 Tikkas takes a wrong turn and seems to be in London  921 Tikkas half of the guys on a tour of Brussels 
922 approaching the European counsil building  923 Welcome Croation Sweeper beaches  924 The Mountain Paparazzi seems to have a thing for building sites  925 Monkey take picture of little green mans poster 
926 Brussels the 8th wonder of the world   3B29  927 Belgiums most pointless building  The Parliment Building Normally empty  928 Wow2Clook at the awesome rental bikes  929 A Brussels traffic jam 
930 The Royal Palace  931 The front gate of the palace  932 The Royal Acadamy  933 King Leopold the second2Cstanding outside the Royal park 
934 The rarest sight in Belgium2Ca police car   obviously no one was driving it2Cproberbly getting a coffee  935 Tikkas and Si park up2Cas Noir and The Cameramonkey get sent to take the next picture  936 The Brussels war memorial  937 To Remenber the dead of both world wars 
938 Looking down into the lower part of Brussels  939 Looking over the City  940 The lift taking you down to the lower part of Brussels  941 Looking down into the Lower Brussels 
942 Tikkas takes his noobsdown The Butcher street  943 Looking back up the street  944 Dane looks back at the Monkey with the camera2Cas Tikkas carries on the tour guide noobing  945 Tik shows the guys all the restaurants and bars in the street 
946 Church on the edge of the famous Brussels square  947 1 The town hall in the Grote plein in brussels  947 Peeters and Brinkie putting people off their waffles  948 Another view 
949 Oh dont start the multi pictures again    3B29  950 The back of Si and Capy as they do the tourist thingy in the Big Square  951 Some of the Gold Leaf decorated buildings with the most impostant one in the middle  952 Close up incase you missed it 
953 1 Top of the House of Brewers  953 The guys in the square decided not to go in  954 Get ready for a few views of the square  955 
956  957 Tikkas and Peeters get in the way and spoil another photo  958 Second attempt with no tards  959 Still a few more to go 
960 Big building   short cameraman on the right  961  962 The tops of noobs heads in the square  963 Looking back the way the noobs appraoched from 
965  966  967 1 The most famous statue in Belgium  967 Get your binoculars out   for the famous Belgian monument 
968 The Yanks have the Statue of Liberty2Cthe Brits get Nelsons coloum2Cthe Danes have a Mermaid    and this fella pisses on the tourists in Brussels  969 The Pissing boy  970 The cameraman shakes as he s about to get a beer  971 In The bar of Mannekin Pis   Noir is very thirsty 
972 Sun and Odin try Tiks favourite beer  973 The Family Bosteels famous Kwak  974 8 4 degrees by Vol of Belgium danger  975 Dane raises a toast to everyone   while Tikkas looks like the sad old guy on his own in the bar 
976 Cheers2Csalut   Klinken  977 The tour of Brussles continues  978 Driving along king street  979 The church of King street 
980 Driving past another memorial  981 Heading to the outskirts of Brussels  982 Another brussels church  983 And another underpass 
984 Approaching the Atomium  985 Built as a centre piece for the Brussels World fair  986 The Atomium with the exhibition centres behind  987 Exhibition hall number 5 
988 The British Lion atop the hill at Waterloo  989 Close up of the Lions arse  990  991 
992 Peeters liked this sign  993 Translated    Place where Napolian had his rear end smacked by a Big Lion  994 And the Lion  995 Is it worth the money for a walk up the hill2Cor cheaper and better to get a drink 
996 Pitstop for drinks in Waterloo  997 Noobs just chilling in the sunshine  998 Odin take a sip of the waterloo beer  999 Check out Odins litte pinky 
1000 Waterloo in Waterloo how refreshing  1001 The dates that Napolion used this house as a Hq  1002 Sign of the Museum now in  the old Hq building  1003 Sign and the boundry wall of the house 
1004 Peeters really liked this sign too  1005 The Caillou2CNapolions hq during the battle of Waterloo  1006  1007 The short fella   not that one 
1008 Last View of the Lion that watches over the battle fields of Waterloo  1009 The guys that didnt go with Tikkas get home as the horses were being stabled  1010 The Cat waits for Tik to come back  1011 Busy time back down on the farm 
1012  1013  1014 This horse takes a look at the noobs  wonder what its thinking  1015 
1016 The guys who didnt go to Brussels have a game of poker in the sunshine  1017 Scary doesnt look impressed with the Cameraman jnr2Cas Magic check to see where his love tikkas is  1018 -3D7BAA7D3D- Gooferd  1019 Gooferd takes over the dealing 
1020 The flop starts to look interesting  1021 Picture cards ftw  1022 Gooferd cant belive the cards he flopped  1023 The picture cards just keep coming 
1024 With the river card that all pictures  1025 Thats the cards 2Clets see who has what  1026 Osbando laughing as Magic abuses Glenn for folding a King  1027 Guarno won the hand   no gloating involved   well not much  ok Guanos gloating 
1028 Douly keeps everyone entertained  1029 Douly telling the story of how Tikkas appaead last night  1030 Monday morning2Ca good breakfast befor the trip home  1031 Carnage getting bacon for the respawning 
1032 Guarno takes back his empties  1033 Magic takes back the rest  1034 Last coffee before hitting the road  1035 Guarno shows Carnage a rag to clean his car with 
1036 Tikkas and Si finishing up the binmen duties    did we miss anyone this year 2C  1037 Our view after breakfast as the guys from Florennes flew over the building  1038 Glenn position normal  on the motorway home  1039 Glenn in Scarys car this time 
1040 Glenn position Normal this time on the ferry  1041 Goddy this is how you sleep on the ferry without printing a picture of Europe on your face  Or Glenn Position normal in Travel mode