Clanmeeting 2012  01 1 The treasure map on Goddy s neck when he woke up  01 The Amazing sleeping man falls asleep within seconds of finding a place to lay down  02 Simon and Scary waiting to be allowed to get the lift back to the car on the ferry : clan douly 
03 Loon-plage seaman centre2Cpicture taken especially for someone who needs no mention  04 Belgian sea-king over the highway  05 Close upon the Sea-king  06 The Belgian  Coastguard heard the rumour the AA Uk Division were in the area 
07 Douly2CScope2CSi and Goddy at the fuel stop for the Washing Machine  08 The discussion was revolving around the state of the Belgian toilets  09 On exiting the fuel stop the Washing machine was setting up an overtake on Carnage  10 Belgians use there most inteligent workers for traffic control 
11 Uk Division arrive in Kessel2Cnotice someone deleted the F word from the rear of Si s car  12 Goofy  13 Magic and Gooferd s dog  14 1 Goofy with the other toy 
14 2 Last one of the doggy  14 Clearer Goofy  15 Magic and Peters chat over a coffee in Magics garden  16 The Main House 
17 The Barrack block  18 The Dane s sleeping quarters  19 Where we sat and had beer on the patio2Cused the bbq and played footy2Ctill someone lost the ball  20 The stairs in the main house 
21 Main house seating - or where you sleep if you end up with a snorer  22 Main house with access to the patio  23 The dining room  24 A very bright garage 
25 The parking area  26 The Barrack block hidden by the trees  27 The entrance to the little kitchen in the barracks  28 The premenition of the state Scary would be in later Plus stairs in the Barrack block 
29 Carnage s and Scary-Guarno room in the barrack block  30 Magic opens the car boot to see if Si s Up will fit  31 Finally after 8 years Tikkas and Scope meet each other  32 Even blurry you can see how happy Magic was that we got this Suprise done 
33 Osbando is given a pressie from Peters  34 Its what he s been waiting for  the brown cheese  35 Tikkas and Scope watch the other noobs settle in  36 Outside The Dane s camper as the guys treated us to beer and hotdogs 
37 Peters2CSimon2CCapy2CDouly2COdin2CDane2CMac2CGoddy and Osbando  38 Friday afternoon chilling with the Danes  39 The guys are just waiting for the next batch of hotdogs  40 Dane dishes up the hotdogs2Clooks like Goddy got first call 
41 Radigan makes sure the guys all get fed  42 Dane about to relax with a cigar With Goddy munching  43 Rads outside the camper van after feeding the noobs on arrival  44 Magic shows Capy the new laptop 
45 Magic realizes he s being watched2Cbut Simon thinks better of the Nerdiness  46 A happy Tiknoob about to be handbagged by Peters  47 Scope looking happy at one of our  sh t meetings  with Goddy and Caparzo  48 Tikkas opens the bubbly to welcome the folks to this years meeting Come on noob pull it 
49 Finally the Noob opens one2Cso a toast ensues  50 1 The essentials  50 The quietist this room was during the meeting  51 Capy2CMac2CDouly and Goddy get ready for a bit of footy 
52 Tik and Magic show the guys online what they are missing  53 Mr and Mrs AA Clan  54 Carnage in goal showing off the lovely shirt  55 ScotMac and Guarnere double team Capy as his team mate Goddy watches 
56 Douly lays the ball of to Capy2Cwith Scot moving into space near the goal  57 The noobs dance the Charleston  58 Peters     position normal  59 Magic uses Si s car to speed up theBBQ lighting 
60 1 Chilling on the patio early friday evening  60 2 Dane takes control of cooking on the BBQ  60 Do try this at home2Cit works  61 Scary tells Gooferd he has something from Paw 
62 Scarygerbil presents the payment to Wout for not killing Paw  63 Gooferd thinking about killing Paw as soon as he thanks him  64 A happy chappy  65 Wout has had enough holding the shirt 
66 Time to show Paw how it fits  67 Carnage delivers his talk about the area  68 The guys listen up2Cas Scary tells Carnage how many photos he took  69 Noobs with beer make happy listeners 
70 Carnage pinpoints the nearest beershop  71 Carnage finishes up with his chat  72 The guys listen in2Cas Tikkas has the spotlight  73 Noobs listening to Tikkas 
74 Odin2CCarnage2CScary2CSi and the edge of Kingbrown  75 Capy2CKing and his Lordship get ready for the Sweden V England match  76 Noobs getting ready for kick off  77 The excitement builds2Cor was it just more beers were drunk 
78 Tikkas after an afternoon on the German beer  79 Its Alive  80 Odin texts Sun to ask if she wants a drink  81 Carnage tells Simon to watch the swaying Gerbil 
82 No wonder Sweden lost2Clook at who was cheering for them  83 After falling up the stairs2CScary falls asleep and snores like a Harley  84 Breakfast on Saturday morning  85 Fueling up for a full day 
86 Oj2CCoffee and food2Cgenerally in that order  87 Respawn is complete  88 Sun points out the Inoob has his Iphone out  89 Tikkas walks out in disgust as Douly and Si try the Brown Cheese 
90 Mac doesn t want anyone to see him washing his Doedelzak  91 Gooferd locks the gate with Douly on the other side  92 First stop on Saturday2CHechtel  93 We entered Hechtel with 20 noobs and left with 23 
94 The Sherman Firefly monument in Hechtel  95 Peters aproaches the Sherman and declares  this would be better in a bush  96 Scotmac on the left avoids the Noobage for a moment  97 The Guys looks around the Tank and read the plaques 
98 Radigan checks how easy it is to track a Firefly ready for the next patch  99 Gooferd and Carnage touch the history  100 Another smashed eagle  100 Wout on the firefly 
101 Gooferd2CKingBrown and Simon examine the tank2Cwith Osbando watching  101 The Tower  102 Inside the Sherman  102 The next buidling complex overlooking the Ruhr 
103 Dane on top of the stairs2Cwith Whistling Joe Fritz behind him  103 The Turret ring and breach of the gun  104 Noobs in the war who didnt expect whats next  104 Straight down into the Sherman 
105 Gooferd investigating  105 Osbando2CCarnage2CSi2CTikas and Goddy Elvis check the views  106 More Firefly  106 More noobs that were owned 
107 The Flagpole in WW2  107 Tikkas translates the texts for the Norsemen2CRickie can read it himself  108 As it is now  108 A poem for the fighters 
109 The list of the men killed here  109 The same but head on  110 If two Belgians get together there s always a disaster2Cso Radigan walks aways just in case  110 KingBrown looks away as Simon finds his place for the hide and seek game 
111 Magic calls Gooferd to tell him its time to get off the tank  111 The lower view down the valley  112 The AA noobs go out into the courtyard  112 Time for a quick photo before getting down 
113 A picture of the courtyard  113 The memorial on the side of the police station in Hechtel  114 Douly and Gooferd Finish up at the tank  114 That xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx in the courtyard during the war 
115 Arrival at Vogelsang for Herr xxxxxxxx  115 The guys waiting for the reinforcements  116 Last look at the side of the Firefly  116 The view of Forum west from above the arches 
117 1 The view from Oranje s car as we depart  117 2 Looking through Hechtel with noobs littering the road  117 AA Clan Vogelsang 2011  117  Finished with the Sherman we wait for the extra noobs - Oranje2CBrinkie and Jackhammer 
118 1 Caparzo and Peters wait to find what Magic and Carnage have organized  118 1 Half of the folks question Carnage as to why they are on a military base  118 2 Looking back towards the main road2C Jackhammer decides to go and abuse Tikkas  118 Looking down the military road going into the battle training area at Leopold Army base 
118 Vogelsang from the air  119 A model of what it was going to be like if they finished  119 In the woods on the Leopoldsburg Army base  120 Allied ownage  notice the stairs on the middle right are where the pictures of Dane and Magic n Guarno are 
120 The German execution grounds  121 Entrance with the information board on the left  121 Google earth image of Vogelsang  122 AA Fuel stop in Einruhr2CGermany 
122 The Information sheet on the nature of the site  123 Douly2CGoddy2CCapy2CTikky and Carnage share a joke while waiting for the food  123 Si2COsbando2CDouly and Guarno all happy standing near the execution posts  124 Noobs in the distance 
124 Sun2CMagic2COdin2CGuarno2CFelix2COsbando2CSi and Radigan enjoy the weather and the company  125 Dane asks someone to check the connection coz Sun is lagging out  125 The noobs are told to get in position  126 The guys are told to put their hands behind their backs 
126 To whom it may concern    weather was rather good  127 Goddy2CCapy2CTiknoob and Carnage  127 Realization of the type of place they are sets in  128 Magic and Capy have a chat after lunch2Cwhile the others relax 
128 With people at the posts the place starts to get eerie  129 After lunch we take a little time before setting off  129 The guys look happy that nobody was armed  130 AA noobs in the sunshine     Goddy spots another camera 
130 Moving to the next part of the site2Cthats a lot of noobs but not all  131 Radigan2CMagic and Sun enjoy the sunshine next to the river  131 The burial grounds of those executed  132 Douly and Tikkas are far enough away to keep the stench downwind 
132 People were killed here for being Resistance2Cgenuine or staged criminals2Ca member of the RAF and 20 unknown victims  133 People were brought out to the woods at first light and executed  133 The River Ruhr in Einruhr  134 The dead were buried here next to the place they were shot 
134 The German memorial to Troops and civilians in Kesternich  135 Odin2CTikkas2COsbando2CRadigan and Dane at the monument  135 The guys take a few moments to look through the graves  136 Douly reading the names of the locals and soldiers that died 
136  137 The guys enter the Russian Cemetary in Rurberg  137  138 The carved Russian cross 
138 The memorial stone to the resistance fighters who were shot here  139 The stone amonst the graves  139  2322 people lie in this cemetary2C55 in individual graves and the rest two mass graves  140 The opposite side of the cemetary 
140  141The stone that got us all - 18 year old mother and the 1 year old baby  141  142 A monument to the Resitansce fighters from the Municipality if Limburg 
142 Dane walks along in thoughtful mood  143 Reflections of noobs on the monument  143 The carved Russian cross in the car park Try another picture without the finger 2121  144 Noobtard 21 
144  145 Saturday afternoon2Cits o so quiet 21  145 The Cross of the belgian resistance2Cwith the Tiger symbol from the Belgians that made it to Britain and joined the allies  146 The cross was put here in 1987 
146 The kitchen before the noobs invade for dinner  147 Leaving the site look at the faces2Cthe mood was a little sombre  147 Saturday 16 30 all is quiet in the bar  148 AAClan in thoughtful mode 
148 The Airborne flag held up by Scotch  149 Sun WiBowling  149 Two minute break to gather the guys together  150 Caparzo showing the style 
150 Driving through the Leopoldsburg military camp  151 Carnoobage  151 The stables for the Cavelry  152 Magic trys to get curve on his balls 
152 These Belgians do not like visitors  153 Its nearly poker time2CMagic on the right tries to defrost the Hoegaarden pipe  153 The shells at the entrance  154 Carnage asks Osbando to help Magic concentrate on the poker 
154 The Staghound scout car at the entrence  155 Osbando s plan is to take the Popcorn off magic  155 Scopey with Binkie behind looking at the scout car  156 Breakfast on sunday 
156 The Clan listen in as the Big Noob translates what the guide is saying  157 Noobs looking interested  158 AA noobs with no Tikkas 2Che s still waking up2Cbut his cereal is waiting for him  158 The MKOK is the Museum K-Blokken en Oscar Kappel 
159 Dane waits as Carnage grabs some egg  159 Scope wonders what the joke was about as it passed him by  160 Looking back at the Staghound  160 Noobs in the process of respawning 
161 Baugnez  161 Looking back at the main gate  162 The tunnel entrances  162 Waiting outside the Museum at 9 502Cit doesnt open until 10 00 
163 Looking down into the darkness  164 The German Schwimmwagen  164 The only way to see was to take pictures  165 Dark and full with water 
165 The drop down proppeller at the back  166 393 Infantry Hq in the area in 1944  166  167 Look carefully and you can see a short reflection in the glass 
167 Si s feet  168 Si finally gets a big gun in his hands  168 The bedroll of Lt Col Tom C Morris  169 If Si s quick and starts the Staghound he gets a promotion 
169 WW2 pictures around Elsenborn during the battle of the bulge  170 M24 Chaffee and Goddy trying to avoid being in the picture  170 The other side of the picture  171 The Chaffee 
171 The whole thing  172 Blurry toys  172 The Chaffee and the Leopard turret on the left  173 Noob artillery 
173 Spray guns and mortar  174 A US soldier in his winter coveralls  174 The American M10 tank destroyer  175 5 A selection of lapel badges 
175 The Brits designated this the Achilles With the 17 ponunder  175 Tikkas  US cousin sat on erm  176 Bazooka Joe and his buddy load up  176 Side on the M10 
177 AA Paratrooper with a Carbine  177  178  179 Last one 
180 Sherman ARV1  181 This sherman has a dummy turret hiding the winch  182 ARV - Armoured recovery vehicle2Cused by the REME  183 The M 48 Patton tank 
184 Closer  185 Closer  186 Gooferd in front of the Patton  187 
188 Gooferd touching history  189 More Patton  190 1  190 
191  192 M41 Walker Bulldog american light tank  193 Used in Korea and Vietnam  194 Main arourment is a 76mm gun 
195 Capy and Oranje looking at the M41 and Alvis  196 Alvis STRIKER anti-tank guided weapons vehicles 28FV10229  197 Used in Iraq by the Brits  198 57 mm AA cannon 
199 Big gun  200  201 Tikkas uses mild persuasion to get Carnage to do his Clan leader duties  202 German Kanonenjagdpanzer 
203 In service from 1965 to 1990  204 This carried a 90 mm anti tank gun  205 Manufactured by Henschel and Hanomag  206 
207 1 Jack2CCapy and Kingbrown look at the Kanonenjagdpanzer  207  208 Belgian AMX 13  209 Belgian army AMX 13 APC 
209 Scary and Osbando look at the Amx as the Mountain monkey walks past  210 1  210 Amx 13 and the M75 APC  211 Amx2CM75 and the Panzerjagers 
212 1 From the other side you can see the moss forming because of all the rain in Belgium that week  212 And back again to the Chaffee  213 Trying to organize noobs is an art form  214 1 Nearly the  AA meeting Photo 
214 2 -3D7BAA7D3D- Meeting 2012  214 The AA MKOK museum Belgium 2Ctaken by Scary if you wondered who was missing  215 Get off the tank noobs2Cand dont ask Si why Douly is smiling  216 Si tells Brinkie  you may be Dutch2Cbut its no reason to jump 
217 Douly2CSi2CGooferd and Brinkie on the Patton  218 Check out Si s builders crack  219 Si gets ready to throw Wout at Odin  220 Goddy and Scope back to back2Csort of 
221 1 Close up on the turret ring  221 The Pattons view port  222 Gun breach of the Patton  223 Gun breach and Ammo chart at the top middle 
224 The foot stands to the right and top  225 1 Noobs enjoying looking at tanks  225 2 Times up2Cwe have to continue the guided tour  225 3 Radigan2CDouly and Dane are about to get the Magic hurry up 
225 Deep in the bowels of the Patton tank  226 Oranje walking past the next Leopard  227 Leopard turret close up  228 Tikkas blending in 
229 In side the Political camp is the stove next to the toilet bucket  230 Close up on the crapper  231 1 Tikkas2COur Guide and Peters with the model of the prison camp  231 2 
231 3 Magic is joined by the tough guys and come looking for a fight  231 4 Tikkas tells us how big his belly was last year  231 5 The Tough guys dont look impressed Tik  231 Inside the Political prisoners room2Cwhere Tikkas plays pocket billiards 
232 1 Carnage comtemplates another hours sleep  232 Model of the German guard  233 1  233 
234 Actual items from the Political cap  235 Tank traps at the exit  236 This poor guy followed Douly in  237 Capy going to the inside exhibits 
238 Sun and Odin follow Capy inside  239 Belgian uniforms  240 German equipment  241 View inside the first room 
242 Carnage in front of the British 6 pound anti tank gun  243 Fire Extingusher doing nothing2Cbut looking good on the photo Remind you of anyone  244 1 The sentry box  244 Close up on a 6 pound barrel 
245 A Minerva version of a Landrover and a V1  246 1  246 Jackhammer look interested in the Searchlight2Cas Kingbrown walks away  247 The light through the window shows why searchlights dont work in the daytime 
248 Minerva open top with 2 30 cal machine guns  249 Minerva versions had the distintive sloped area around the lights  250 Bren carrier and one of the Duchies got thier bike in the photo  251 Combat chef With his combat rations 
252 1 Otter and the Bren Carrier  252 Otter Light Reconnaissance Car  253 The Otter was made by Canada  254 Close up on the Bren for the COH noobs 
255 Dont be rude2Cit means the Generator  256 US Marine with the M4 Halftrack  257 1  257 The M4 has the Quad 50 mounted 
258 Kingbrown looks to see if lunch is ready  259 Where we were last year  260 A Belgian Moto FN mk8  261 2 The tech sheet for the Howitzer 
261 450cc of Belgian power  262 Gooferd shows he s a bolt action noob  263 Just so you can she him holding the gun from behind  264 His Lordship translates as Gooferd poses for the two previous photos 
265 Wout becomes the most popular guy in the room  266 1  266 The British Howitzer  267 Back to the Bren carrier 
268 Our guide the Otter and the Bren carrier  269 The V1 flying bomb  269  270 A Belgian Redcaps Minerva 
271 Tikkas and Scope look around at all the Little people  272 Someone has a thing for Bren carriers  273 Close up on the Halftrack  274 A blurry Thompson 
275 Erm nice 2nd attempt  276 A really big Colt  276 The Colt 45 nice and clear  277 Dane and Wout look at Wouts Christmas wishlist 
278 Evil Dane says  cant have that one2Cor that one  279 Mac s armoured bycycle2Cjust right for getting through Glasgow  280 Molotov cocktail2Ca hand flame thrower2Cand various rounds  281 Belgian Airbourne uniform and patches 
282 1  282 2  282 3  282 4 One of those Belgian Military policemen 
282 Begian para with mortor and Tricycle  283 1  283 2 A Cheeses Helmet  283 Various helmets 
284 Our guide give us the history of the Army base  285 Noobs listening in  286 Bony Wolfs2CBelgiums most famous moustasche  287 The 8th Regiment in 19312Cprior to going on manouvers 
288 Photo taken outside the officers club  289 Positions of the 8th reg in Belgium and Germany  290 Simon takes a breather on the Sandbags next to the Medic  291 Check out Tikkys first headset 
291 Gasmask and 30 cal cases  292 Douly and Tikarse protection  292 Various size mortor rounds  293 Various cannon rounds 
294 Casings and smoke nades  295 Si and Capy looking at explosives  296 Shoulder mounted anti tank rocket launcher  297 The other AA clan 
298 1 Getting more noobs in to the mess hall  298 KingBrown looks at the Mess tins2Cas Guarno gives Carnage the evils for bringing back the memories of Leopoldsburg  299 The guys sit for lunch2Cbut Goddy wants his thrown straight in his mouth  300 Our guide explains the order to get up so we get our food quickly 
301 Carnage chats to Dane about his time in Danish navy mess  302 Carnage looking at the soft drinks available Beer was on the other side  303 Peters find a joke on the water bottle  304 Prick water2CTik water    insert joke here 
305 Radigan is too hungry to wait2Cwhile Peters enjoys the last photo  306 Magic gets pictured taking the next photo  307 Peters photograghing Magic photgraphing Tikkas  308 Simon2CCarnage2CDane yawning2CMagic2CScopey sleeping and Wout looking happy 
309 The guys waitng for Tikkas to sort our lunch  310 The mess tins we ate from  311 The Belgian army chefs who cooked lunch  312 The big ape tells the guys that its time to get our starter 
313 Guarnere is the first up2Cwith Odin following  314 Carnage tries to get his soup early  315 Tikkas looking happy his guys are all being fed  316 1 Goddy is up for his soup 
316 Brinkie2CScary2COdin and Guarno the first to get their food  317 1 Goddy not rushing that quickly  317 2 Everyone eating apart from the Paparazzi  Dutchie  317 3 Noobsoup 
317 4 Carnage offers Dane a drink of Tik  317 5 NoobLeaders table2Cwith added noobage  317 6 Table without a Brinkie    needs to sit and eat now  317 Goddy carefully rushing back to eat 
318 Carnage2CDane and Tikkas on the Clan leaders table  319 Same  320 1 No its just Brinkie finally put the camera down  320 2 No messing about with Kingbrown as he shows the way it should be done 
320 The Clan leaders checking to see if theres a problem Dane does his normal clan work  321 Carnage and Tikkas ignore Dane as he searches for the fly in his soup  322 Rads2CDouly and Peters finish quickly2Cmust have been hungry  323 Tikkas now organizes the main meal 
324 The guys enjoying the experience  325 Guarnere with that  ive done this before look  326 1 Brinkie leaves his food to start taking pictures of Magic filming noobs  326 Gooferd the kid who likes his vegetables 
327 1 Looking into the back of the Achilles  327 2 Brinkie and Gerbil look at the size of Oranje s gun  327 3 Peter s new invention2Cinternal camoflage  327 4 The drivers hatch on the Achilles 
327 5 Driver controls and transmission in the Achilles  327 6 The Achilles at the side of the Chappel  327 Gooferd eyes up Scopes lunch  328 Inside the Oscar Kapel The chapel brought to the camp from the Ardennes 
329 1Tikkas does more translating  329 Scotmac with his Church face on  330 Odin2CSun2CDouly2CJack2CBrown and Guarno listen about the Chapels history  331 Guarno2CPeters2COsbando2CDane2CRadigan with a bit of Carnage and Oranje 
332 1 Same but from the other side  332 1 The guys on te other side  332 2 Guarnere seems to have caught Mountain Monkeyitis  332 3 The guys listen in2Cbut Scary wants to be outside stealing wheels 
332 Same but with Simon2CSi and Scary involved  333 The Alter at the other end of the Chapel  334  335 The View from the Chapel window 
336 1 Clearer through the window  336 2  336 The Alvis through the window  337 The alter in the sun light 
338 Looking back from the same position as the last photo  339 The exit and the entrance  340 Magic2COur guide2CGooferd and Tikkas leave the Chapel  341 The horrible looking clouds show the weather is about to change 
342 Looking at the front gates as the weather darkens2Cdont panic but Carnage s sun roof is open  343 Tikkas translates the information about Belgian barracks at the camp  344 The guys listen in about the life of a Belgian soldiers routine  345 1 
345 Guarnere remembers the time he spent here  346 1 Then tells us his version  346 2 Finishing up with the explanation  346 3 Odin and Sun with the guide 
346 Tikkas listens to what the guide is saying  347 The full kit of the Belgian soldier ready for inspection  348 Oranjebaard looks to see if the barrel is clean  349 Sun poses with our guide 
350 Various Belgian uniforms  351 A Belgian noob soldier  352 mmm toys  353 Tikkas logs in to Ts from the garden so he doesnt have to whisper 
354 Douly porn  355 Same  356 Calm down Douly  357 All this kit and still no Radio 1 
358 A switchboard  359 Douly must be close now  360 A morse code training set  361 Its ok Doulys finished now 
362 2 The folks go up to get  their meal  362 Most of the guys find cover as the rain pours down  363 Si proves Geordies are waterproof  364 1 Oooh Si shelters in the ladies with a Sailor  AHOY 
364 2 Douly runs over to join the boys in the girls toilet  364 Dane wonders if taking a leak in the Ladies has serious penalties  365 Dane takes a picture of Brinkie and the guide from the Ladies toilet  366 Sheltering from the rain 
367 The road out of the base through the rain  368 The Commonwealth cemetary at Leopoldsburg2Cwith the dead from Hechtel2COverpelt and Joes bridge  369 The approach to the German war cemetary in Lommel  370 
371  372 Close up of the monumet at the head of the cemetary  373 The angels looking out over the Cemetary  374 The Veiw left at the top of the monument 
375 looking straight from the top  376 Looking right from the top  377  378 
379  380  381  382 Close ups from the top 
383  384  385 1  385 
386  387 Inside the Monument  388 The unknown soldier  389 
390  391  392 The mural on the wall  393 
394 Looking left at the base of the monument  395 Sun and Dane in a field of crosses  396  397 looking back shows that all the crosses have plaques on both sides 
398  399  400  401 
402  403 The central monument  404 One of many  405 
406 The most common plaque in the cemetary  407  408  409 1 
409 The guys try to take in the size of the place  410 1 Peoples just taking in the feel of the place  410  411 A face to the name 
412 The rain comes again  413  414 Noobs in contemplation mode  415 Simon tries to save Dane s little legs 
416 Simon2CDane and Scotmac  417 The Cross at the rear of the Polish Cemetary in Lommel  418  419 
420  421  422  423 
424 The places the Polish forces fought in Belgium  425  426 Saturday evening2CRadigan gets out his own creation    AA WOT  427 The hardware 
428 The guys settle in to watch the Greece game on tv  429 At this time Douly is fairly calm  430 Gooferd in World of tanks mode  431 Warming up with a game of rummey 
432 Live AA poker2CCarnage is dealer2CMac does the timer  433 Checkout the hand print on Douly2Crumour has it was like that since the camp at Leopoldsburg  434 Carnage waits for Douly to help Gooferd make his decision  445 Gooferd makes his own decision after spotting the next card 
446 Osbando cant belive the Inoob as he picks the wrong app and starts Capy s car  447 The early noobs at 8am2CBig noob with his coffee passing on some of his wisdom  448 Goddy making the breakfast  449 Goodys makes Oeufs a la AA 
450 Morning chatter  451 Some noob chat over coffee while breakfast cooks  452 Radigans morning face2Cafter a night in the Captains bunk  453 Douly enjoys the self made space around him 
454 Tikkas2CBrown and Rads listen to Sun  455 Carnage gets Osbando s breakfast  456 That s a frightning sight in the morning  457 Sun2CCarnage and Brown wonder if the Big noob has had a little too much coffee 
458 Tikkas decides he s had enough of the paperazzi  459 Dane making more AA fuel  460 Capy s wheels  461 Remember Fast   the furious 
462 Think Mac s looking to Boost your car  463 Goddy and Scope deep in conversation  464 Magic asks Carnage  Did you spill my Kriek     or noobs sorting the days plan  465 Wout with World of Rad s Tanks 
466 The noobs clearing up after breakfast  467 1 The guys clearing the rest of the mess away  467 Scope tells Mac how many dishes are done  468 Two filthy gits in the clean kitchen 
469 Proof that the sun Does shine out of Scopes arse  470 The Toperey outside the barrack block  471 Radigan disputes Scopes claim about the sun  472 Dane throws the Frisbee to Scope 
473 The AA Mantra  474 Approaching the crossroads in Valkenswaard  475  476 Sign from Hell2Cthe N69 or Hell s Highway 
477 The first one inside the Nederlands  478 For all the Dutchies who didnt make the meeting  479 Capy poses for the photo as Osbando makes sure no one tries to break in  480 Windy Miller 
481 Osbando and Capy are rather happy about the Windmill  482 What can you say  there Dutch  483 Magic and Caparzo feeling that  windmill moment : clan douly  484 Roadside meeting while Dane goes through Goddy s pockets : clan douly 
485 Osbando porn  486 Peeters thinks this is Fishermans bay and searches for the Bush at Rikkies windmill  487 Approaching the gate the Overloon Museum in Liberty park  488 The Willy s Jeep give away something is going on 
489 Mac and Dane enter the Park  490 1 Our type of nerds2Cdress up in uniform 2Cbring there jeeps2Ctrucks and tanks And they bring GUNS  490 2 Close up of the Dodge truck  490 Turns out that this years santa Fe event is on this weekend Handy huh 
491 1 Further along  491 The Bailey bridge at the entrance  492 1 Halftrack M4 under the bridge  492 2 Willys jeep under the bridge 
492 3 People taking trips in different vehicles in the woods  492 Dodge WC-51 driving under the Bailey bridge  493 The sight on the other side of the bridge  494 The view of the market stalls 
495 Blurry magic  496 Tikkas wants to punch Goddy for being so smooth  497 Scout car at the start of the market stalls  498 
499  500 simon avoids the man with the gun  501 Various helmets for sale  502 One for the Sweeper2Clook at the patches on the bottom right 
503 Is-2 behind the stalls  504  505 Various shoulder patches  506 Cap badges 
507 Wout2CScary and Si clim up as the insides are virtually complete  508 The breach of the IS-2  509 Si and Scary check out the last photo  510 
511 Scary tries to go head first into the IS-2  512 1More people in unifom  512 2 One of the stallholders dogs  512 Scary trying to get a photo inside the tank 
513 Plmouth P10 Staff car  514 1  514 2  514 3 Another halftrack in the woods 
514 3  514 Nerds in period costume  515 Various trucks in the woods  516 American Gmc tow truck 
517 1 The Jeep that was for sale  517  518 Simon decides where to avoid the noobiness  519 The noobiness 
520 1 Dane s Willy s  520 The full size Danes jeep  521 Wout goes to look at the Jeep  522 Gooferd obviosly too big for the jeep 
523 Perfect size : clan douly  524 Gooferd not so happy with Dane  525 Dane poses some more  526 Gooferd has had enough and wants the jeep back 
527 Get off shorty : clan douly  528 Nearly got him Gooferd  529 Dane poses for the next photo  530 1 Noob 
530 2 Danes and Scopes  530 3 Dane gets the choice from three tents  530 Normal view of Dane : clan douly  531 1 The camera doesnt quite fit 
531 2 More fellas in uniform  531 Capy with the dutch Cheese lorry  532 More Uniformed guys  533 
534 Tikkas tweaks his own nipples  535 Back on the Bailey bridge looking down on a Jeep  536 Bright Truck  537 Gmc truck carrying cable 
538 Overloon radioshack  539 The fella about to do some radio work  540 1  540 While his mate goes to find some coffee 
541 Radios and Air Raid sirens  542  543 The view in the woods  544 Si keeps an eye on the Jeep 
545 Parked  546 : clan douly  547 The roads were all like this in Liberty park : clan douly  548 Looking back across the road 
549 Studebaker M29 Weasel  550 Designed to attack axis instalations in Norway  551 All over the park there were groups of people in uniform  552 
553  554 Peters mates in the bushes : clan douly  555 One for Felix  556 Guys next to thier Plymouth 
557  558 Back down the road  559 Close up of the sign in the last photo  560 Some of the guys outside the beer tent 
561 The guys wait by the frituurwagon  562 Douly tries to suck up all the fries  563 Getting medical suplies  564 More uniforms 
565 Fully loaded jeep  566 Goddy tooled up  567 Goddy checks the sights  568 Wout hanging onto the  50 cal 
569 Spray noob with a Grease gun  570 Magic and Carnage go to chat to the guy from the Santa Fe group  571 Meeting organization team in full effect  572 Magic and Carnage hand over cash as Mac covers them with the Thopmson 
573 The nice man asks Mac for his gun back  574  575 More Jeep  576 
577 Various kit and the Thopson and an M1 Garand  578  579 Magic finishes up2Cas they guy in ww2 uniform looks wrong on the mobile  580 Goddy2CSi2CMac2COdin and Dane check out the Jeep : clan douly 
581 Smile noobs : clan douly  582 Carnage tries to get Gooferd to look at the camera2Cno chance with guns that close  583 Sherman ARV  584 M6 Artillery tractor 
585 Guys hanging around guns  586 Fully loaded jeep man finishes his smoke  587 More uniformed people  588 Hey Felix this was for sale 
589 Capy and Carnage check out the bike  590 More jeeps2Cthey were everywhere  591 Close up  592 The view of the guys waiting to do the mock battle 
593 We recieve a  talk about the troops and weapons  594 This bit is about the M1s  595 1 Nice photo with a jeep going past : clan douly  595 The M1 Garand 
596 1 An M3 scout car diving past : clan douly  596  597  598 THe  Germans  watching 
599  600 Back to the Garand  601  602 The difference with the M1 Carbine 
603 About to put in a clip  604 1 The guy on the right has a jammed round : clan douly  604 The guys getting ready to let off a clip each  605 
606 Scary tries to catch the moment of firing  607 And again we deleted 3 more of these photos  608 Still trying  609 Finished with the Garands 
610 Carnage  really really  enjoying the noise2Cwith the Mountain monkey behind  611 Name the Year  612 Time to show off the Thopsons  613 Scary still trying for the 1 in a million shot 
614 keep trying Scary  615 Scary takes the Ultimate photo  616 Carnage porn  617 A really hot Thopson 
618 As if you can get that shot again Scary  619 Time for the Springfield  620 Still trying for another uberphoto  621 Enough Gerbil 
622  623 Rounds complete  624 Both sides mingle  625 The Germans chill with no Officer 
626  627  628 The German Officer arrives  629 The MC gives his chat about the Germans 
630 Moving on to the officer  631 The German officer lines up his troops  632  633 
634 The Germans huddle before battle : clan douly  635 The Germans take thier positions : clan douly  636  637 : clan douly 
638 Camperflaged Germans  639 Peter s German cousin  640 The M4 Halftrack arrives before bing  shot  641 Kaboom 
642 Reloading the Pak  643 The misfiring 30 cal  644 Keep trying lads  645 Trying to hold back the Americans 
645  646 1 The  soldier  approaches the Foxhole  646 2 Moving in for the pistol bash  646 3 Colt 45 FTW 
646 The Gemans fall back to the foxhole  646 The hellcat disapeers into the woods  646 : clan douly  647 People in uniforms around the area where we queued 
648 An M3 driving off round the track  649 An American Sherman ARV  650 1 M3 driving past  650 
651 people taking a ride on a jeep2Cits not Pegasus bridge though  651  652 Mr Fully Loaded s jeep again  652 
653 Gooferd gets handed another gun  653 More equipment in  the motorpool  654 Mac comes to help Gooferd with the Thompson  655 Gooferd and Mac 
656 Gooferd lets Mac touch the Thompson again  657 A Jock with a gun  658 Mac all tooled up  659 Mac in the sun with a gun    happiness 
660 A happy Scotmac  661 Mac s scary war face   oooooh  662 Bright Harleys that sound like Gerbil snoring  663 Gerbil porn 
664 The Dodge 4x4 parked up  665 Waiting for another load  666 Various vehicles that were doing runs through the forest  667 Magic and Wout wait in the line for a ride on the Tractor in the Middle of the Picture 
668 The motorpool  669 A row of Weasels  670 A Chaffee  671 
672 M18 Hellcat2CTikkas  favourite  672  673  674 
675 The Hellcat before its taken off to Luxembourg  676 Time for the first group to take a trip  677 The M6 Highspeed tractor  678 Magic2CDouly2CSimon2CGooferd2CGuarnere2CGoddy2COdin and Sun are up first 
679 Guarno and Goddy looking    you decide : clan douly  680 The track : clan douly  681 Magics group off into the woods  682 The Tractor waiting for the second group 
683 Peters gets out of the bush to climb aboard  684 Carnage takes his place with his group of noobs  685 Radigan gets aboard2Cwith another 10 year old sptting where the AA noobs are going  686  On this run was Carnage2CScary2CScope2CRadigan2CPeters2CMac2COsbando and Capy 
687 The Driver appears for the run    check Mac s driving face  688 Douly runs round to photo the Tractor : clan douly  689 Following the Hellcat roud the track  690 Carnage looks like he s just walked passed a real dutch guy while Scope is hypnotized by the helmet 
691 The rear of the Tractor after the start of the run  692 Think the Aussies are about or else were on fire  693 Carnage s  group driving away : clan douly  694 Barney Rubble 
695 General Peanut  696 How vain is this noob  697 Ahoy 2121  698 1 Scary s veiw as the second group near the finish point 
698 Ahoy right back at you  699 Approaching a traffic jam from 1945  700 Scary watching the rear    insert your own joke  701 Carnage watches Mac trying to strangle himself with a camera strap 
702 Carnage and Radigan check to see if Mac has bounced out of the tractor yet  703 Major Bushwhacker  704 The return of the second group : clan douly  705 The Weasel with a Seebee uniformed nerd 
706 Blurry Halftrack  707 Tikkas takes the last group with Dane and Si : clan douly  708 A helmet  709 The same 
710 We were praying for the shots as someone drives Tkkas into the woods : clan douly  711 Mac says hello to an old mate  712 Dane gives Carnage the thumbs up  713 Carnage holds off an angry Dane 
714 Honestly Dane is this big : clan douly  715 Even the 101st like the Vlaams frites  716 The dogs by the beer tent  717 
718  718  719  720   One for Gabbe 
721 Is Haseeb with you  722 Memories of being in a sty for some people  723 1 Inside the Overloon museum at Libery park  723 The Sign at the entrance to the Museum 
724 A Panzerkampfwagon V or Panther : clan douly  725 With the Anti Sicky bomb coating on the armour  726 Scary teaches Capy the way Scousers steal the tracks  727 Spray noob on the turret 
728 Tikkas and go past the Panther on the inisde  729 Si really doesn t care about Panthers  730 1 Tikkas and Scope look at the weapons as Simon spots a Tool  730 Carnage points out where Gerbil  found  his new wheels 
731 The 23L Maybach engine  732 We think Si borrowed this so he could get Mac back ontime  734 A Nebelwerfer  735 Not looking too healthy 
736 This one was put out of action by the Allies  737 This is an Ex Nerbelwerfer  738 M4A4 Sherman  Crab  Mk1 Flail Tank  739 Magic s art picture 
740 Capy thinks about whips and chains    esecially chains  741 Sun reads the infomation on the Sherman  742 Carnage improvises after running out of repair kits  743 ooooo blurry 
744 25 Pound Howitzer mk1  745 Mac checks his camera to see if hes taken enough pictures to annoy Carnage  746 A french field gun  747 
748 Scotmac and Sun at the Cromwell  749 The Cromwell Mk4  750 Someone has stolen the left track     anyone  751 British Churchill heavy tank : clan douly 
752  753 This is a Churchill Mk5  754 Douly checking how to track this one  755 Carnage talk to the  Northerners 
756 Carnage2CDane2CRadigan and Sun next to the Churchill  757 Magic takes audtions for AA has no talent  758 Sun and the M4  759 Gooferd looks in the rear of the Sherman : clan douly 
760 Gooferds view  761 Osbando and Douly aproach the M4 with Gerbil casing the tank to see whats on offer with a five finger discount  762 The shot next to the turret ring that blew the turret off  763 looking back through the first section2Cwith Peters lost in the open with no bushes : clan douly 
764 The information screen  765 The General George Marshall section  766 He was the allied  General of the Army  767 The One man mini sub 
768 Torpedos for the Mini sub  769  770 Carnage is still looking at the Sub2Cwhile people get more interested in the next display  771 An M4A3 Sherman 
772 M4A3 models received the larger T23 turret with a high-velocity 76 mm M1 gun : clan douly  773  774  775 The Half track supposed to show d-day with the beach obstacles : clan douly 
776  777 Half track with a noob thumb  778  779 
780 Tikkas with Simon and Osbando go past another Weasel  781 Simon tells the noob to go back to the RED button  782 The Spitfire mk14 : clan douly  783 Carnage under the Spitfire with Odin and Radigan : clan douly 
784 ADukw with a 50 cal mounted  785 Another Dukw this time carrying an American arty piece  786 1 A British Paratrooper stuck in a tree  786 
787 A mock up of the British Airbourne at Arnhem  788 : clan douly  789 A seletion of German toys : clan douly  790 1 Radigan is hypnotized by the big Gun : clan douly 
790 PAK Anti tank gun  791 2 Double spray noob  791 3 The German gun emplacement and A Goliath  791 4 
791  792 1 A Golliath radio controlled tank bomb  792 For all the Company of Heroes noobers  793 The Mechanic has been fixing the Golliath 
794 Searching his pocket  795 Guess he s looking for his Nuts   and bolts  796 Sun next too the Flak 88 poses for the next photo  797 Same 
798 Sun and the 88 : clan douly  799 1 Defences breached by the AA noobs : clan douly  799 German defences aroud the Flak 88  800 
801 A BAR  802 Si is transported from Overloon to the seafront  in Sunderland : clan douly  803 German hardpoint with an Mg42  804 Panzershrek 
805 1 More Hetzerness  805 A Hetzer  806  807 1 Rear of the hetzer 
807 2  807 3  807 4 Guarnere pushing the Hetzer  807 5 Mac and Guarnere get the AA meeting feeling again 
807 6 Mac gets a bulge in his pocket standung this close to the Belgian  807 33 Noobs passing the Hetzer : clan douly  807  34 Peter2CScope and Goddy : clan douly  807 
808 Blurry Booby sign  809 Peter s did the camperflage here  810 German field gun and the Hetzer  811 1 MMMM Spary guns 
811 Rear of the Feild gun with a tripod of Stg 44s  812 50 cal machine gun  813 1  813 2 
813 3 : clan douly  813 4  813 A second Flak 88  814 An Mp40 
815 An SAS patrol  816 Serious fire power for attacking targets like airfields  817  818 More SAS 
819 Radigan And Carnage flank Gerbil as they ask him what he did with Dane s Stereo : clan douly  820 Simon checks out the Bike we thought we would get for Felix  821 A Harvard2C american single seat fighter trainer  822 Next section of the Museum 
823 What its a T34-85  824 : clan douly  825  826 
827  828 Carnage pushes Gooferd as he takes a breather : clan douly  829 Oh no douly is at it with the radios again : clan douly  830 Douly calm down : clan douly 
831 I think hes finished again : clan douly  832 A captured French Ft-1  833 The German Leichttractor  834 Level 1 pew pew tank 
835 Blurry Goddy tells us how he owns in that tank : clan douly  836 The way into the tank  837 Doesnt look all that comfortable  838 The same leg room as the rear of Tikkys car 
839 Carnage2CGoddy and Radigan check out the Pew pew tank  840 Magic steals all the flash from the camera  841 Noob tank  842 
843 Peters and Si see if they can fit Dane in the tank  844 Peters goes to find a sutable bush to cover the tank with  845 Bofors AA gun  846 FMC M113A1 Amphibious Command and Recon Vehicle 
847 An Indian 841  848 Selection of Field guns and a Weasel  849 Weasel  850 Another Studebaker M29 Weasel 
851 The guys looking at the Russian equipment : clan douly  852 Russian Maxim gun  853 Produce since 1910  854 Inside the  BTR-60 armoured personnel carrier 
855 It can hold 2 men crew and 12 passengers  856 The BTR 60  857 A T-55  858 The T- 55 with a Mig - 21 
859  860 The T-552CMig and two MZ motorbikes used in the GDR  861 ZSU-23  Shilka  anti aircraft system  862 Si approaches the Clan  FUN  tank 
863 Si bows his head to the Easy 8  864 How Dane saw Radigan in the morning  865 M4A3E8287629W Easy Eight  866 Carnage2CTikkas and Simon approach the Easy 8 as Goddy stands guard 
866  1Chinese Mac : clan douly  867 Mac and Carnage pose as Peters ignores the tank as tier 6 is too small  868 Mac and Carnage noobing for the camera : clan douly  869 
870 Gooferd and the Easy 8  871  872  873 
874 Overloons other T34-85  875 1 T34-85 tech sheet  875  876 1 
876  877  878  879 
880 The M76 Patton  881  882 Si and the Patton  883 1 
883 Wout and the Patton  884 1 Simon and Random guy at the Patton  884 Some random guys backside  885 Inside a mobile repair vehicle : clan douly 
886 Trabant type P-601A Kubel wagen  887 Easy access for the Apc engine : clan douly  888 Barge Amphibious Resupply Cargo 28BARC29 33 of the U S  ARMY  889 Marshall Museum sign on the Barge 
890 Gooferd watches guard for Scary  891 Carnage creates a distraction as Scary steals the wheel  892 Scarys photo that he was taking in the last photo  893 Magic tells the Mountain Monkey     Your going to need a bigger bush : clan douly 
894 Here we go again   trying to sort a clan photo  895 Carnage going to round up more noobs : clan douly  896 Wout and Scope  Goddy2CMagic and Guarno2COdin and Sun waiting by the Barc  897 Carnage finds Radigan for the photo : clan douly 
898 The two Yorkshiremen watch as a man with no face walks past : clan douly  899 Lots of noobs with a little bit of Douly on the left  900 Si takes a picture of the rest of the noobs2CDane is Missing so Rads does a quick impression of the Dwarf  901 Tikkas takes the photo so Si can get in2CDane is there you just cant see him 
902 Like the Bunny ears Scary  903 Gooferd and Goddy in front of the BARC s ramp : clan douly  904 The Goat truck on the back of the BARC  905 This vehicle could carry up to 100 tons of cargo or 200 people 
906 It was used in the Vietnam war  907 Looking into the back of the BARC2C : clan douly  908 Two of the 4 x Detroit 6stroke 7093cc 165 hp diesel engines  909 The twin screws at the rear 
910 A random Mini-gun  911 A Staghound comes into veiw  912 The British allocated the name Staghound to the T17E series  913 Arty peice with a tractor behind 
914 Gerbils stack of borrowed tyres awaiting collection  915 Think these are spare wheels for Si s car  916 Willy s jeep with a 50 cal  917 Loads more WW2 equipment 
918 M3 Scout car  919 The Red Ball Express exhibit  920 Original Ammo crates from WW2  921 More Red Ball express 
922 : clan douly  923  924 Trucks loaded with Jerry cans : clan douly  925 American tow truck still part of the RB express 
926 M3 scout car from the other side  927 M3 with serious firepower : clan douly  928 Bright lights  929 The M8 Light Armored Car 6x6 
930 Radigan has  no fuel left for the pilgrims    honest none at all : clan douly  931 The United States Army Corps of Engineers  section  932  933 Ahoy : clan douly 
934 Si2CCarnage and Magic try there best to break the camera  935 The way Shermans travel long distances  936 Roll the tank back and we get Tikkas2COsbando will be Collateral but we have enough Dutchies now  937 Wout acts as Goddys guide : clan douly 
938 The other side of the transporter : clan douly  939 M4 getting a piggyback  940 1 Wout and Goddy check the PYRO : clan douly  940 The American version of the Sherman ARV 
941 Large arty piece : clan douly  942 More noob arty  943 Arty with a Tractor behind  944 Another M6 high speed tractor2Clike the one we rode in 
945 Various drill bits : clan douly  946 A drill using compressed air to work : clan douly  947 One of Skorzeney s German Paratroopers from Sourbrodt : clan douly  948 American mobile workshop : clan douly 
949 American Bulldozer : clan douly  950 Same yet different : clan douly  951 B25 Mitchell bomber : clan douly  952 The North American B-25 Mitchell was an American twin-engined medium bomber : clan douly 
953 The B-25 was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell2C a pioneer of U S  military aviation  954 By the end of its production2C nearly 102C000 B-25s in numerous models had been built  955 The B-25 first gained fame as the bomber used in the 18 April 1942 Doolittle Raid  956 
957 Various bombs and Bomblets under the B-25  958 V1 flying bomb  959  960 Machinegun and a Bullet belting machine 
961 The 105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7  962 Given the official service name 105 mm Self Propelled Gun2C Priest by the British Army2C due to the pulpit-like machine gun ring  963 M7 and M6 : clan douly  964 Cromwell 28A27M29 
965 The Cromwell with the Camperflage  966 Gooferd checks to see if its Peters in the Bush : clan douly  967 The Cromwell first saw action in the Battle of Normandy in June 1944  968 The Cromwells Meteor engine was based on the powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin engine used in aircraft such as the Spitfire 
969 Dane tries not to walk next to Scope so he looks taller  970 1  970 The North American Aviation T-6 Texan was a single-engine advanced trainer aircraft  971 The T-6  known to the RAF as the Harvard I 
972 another info screen  973 Looking back at the V1  974 The SP 17pdr2C Valentine2C Mk I2C Archer was a British self propelled anti-tank gun  975 Osbando looks at the funny tank 
976 Capy checks the track on the Archer  977 It was bulit on aValentine chassis as the tank was rapidly obselete during the war  978 Bren carrier and another mini sub : clan douly  979 1 Rear of the Bren Carrier : clan douly 
979 Carnage and Dane ruin the picture of the sub  980 Another  M8 Greyhound scout car  981  982 A selection of Stick Grenages 
983 With the stick grenades are a selection of Fuses  984 Some bomb nobody found out about : clan douly  985 The wall of Shells  986 From Anti tank rounds to rifle grenades 
987 Things that go bang  988 Wide hot with assorted shells and AA noobs  989 Various shell fuses  990 More things that go bang : clan douly 
991 The incredibly massive German Dora rail gun  992 It had 80cm cannon : clan douly  993 It was only used for a total of 13 days2C with only 48 shells being fired  994  It took 25 trainloads of equipment2C 22C000 men2C and six weeks to assemble the monstrous gun 
995 The 80 cm shell and casing  996 The guys teach Mac the  Dutch for  get in or we throw you in  997 Two ugly models show off the 80 cm shell 28I didnt write this Scopey29  998 Scopey gives Carnage the evil stare after the last photo comment 
999 WW2 photo of an 80cm shell with fuse  1000 Proof that Norwegian 3D Foot Fetish  1001 Back to the British Para over the Airbourne display : clan douly  1002 Flashy Paratrooper 
1003 Thats better without the flash  1004 Various light machine guns  1005  1006 More toys 
1007 Bren barrels in the foreground  1008 Pair of Stens in the middle  1009 Various Airbourne kit on the top  1010 1 
1010 Close up on the Silenced Sten  1011 A Sten and a Bren  1012 Another Sten  1013 
1014 A PPSH in the middle  1015  1016 Tikkas in thoughtful mood as he couldnt find anything in the shop to replace Wouts ball  1017 Dane enjoys the fact he can reach Tikkys head for once 
1018 Nurse Sun realizes Guarno needs help  1019 Radigan finds a place for Capy to park his bike  1020 Magic trys to imagine a  Normal  Tikkas  1021 Magic thinks of an  evil plan  to dispose of happy Tikkas 
1022 Carnage realizes that being promoted to Clan Leader still doesnt mean the other 3 will listen to him  1023 Gooferd remembers the Execution site and takes Tikkas off to the woods  1024 Final look at the trucks still driving about  1025 Another jeep running about 
1026 The Sherman in the Overloon Plein  1027 Tikkas Gooferd would like this to replace his football  1028 Douly wins the Rhino crapping contest as Si still pushes hard  1029 Gooferd tries to push Goddy into the fridge 
1030 Simon gives Wout advise about when to get Goddy  1031 Scot waits to film Gooferd and Goddy  1032 The Big nasty Mountain Monkey catches Gooferd  1033 Goofered gets a Slap from Peters 
1034 Sugarboy holds down the Nasty Peters so Gooferd can Slap back  1035 Magic changes gear in Si s car  1036 Joe s Bridge  1037 1 Under the bridge2Cwith the the factory where the old Zinc works were 
1037 The bridge over the Maas - Sheldt canal  1038 Looking at the Overpelt side of the river  1039 The only reference here to the importance of the bridge  1040 1 One for Jabbo 
1040 2 Odin2CDane2CScotmac2Cgoddy and Scope play a little outdoor poker  1040 Magic2CCarnage and Si at Joes bridge  1040 Scot on the Leffe he first tried back in Normandy  1041 Elfis 
1041 si s still trying to clear that damn rhino  1042 Si2CMagic and Gerbil look like they had a night on the town  1043 Ssshow me the way too go home  hic  cheeeeeeeeese small 
DnR 1 Outside the Oorlogs Museum in Arnham  DnR 2 Pak 38 outside  DnR 3  Radigan and a T34  DnR 4 T34 
DnR 5 Airbourne memorial in Oosterbeek  DnR 6 Canadian sherman and field gun outside the Hartenstein hotel which houses the 1st Airbourne museum in Oosterbeek  DnR 7 Plaque given by the Airbourne Divisions to the local cheeses