01 The Saw Mill2CBosfagne2CSourbrodt2CBelgium  02 The Barbeque and seating in our garden 28with the walkway to the kitchen in the background29  03 The walkway to the dining room2Ckitchen and tv area  04 The AA dining room 
05 The kitchen  05 The Tv area and quiet corner  06 1 Our beer chiller on the right  Super quick but dont leave any in there 21212121  06 Walkway from the dining room to the Chillax room 
07 On the left the chillin out area2Ccentre with the light the big shower2Con the right the turkish bath  08 The chillin out area2Cfor when your all steamed up  09 The Sauna 2Cthe only time it was  off  10 The view into the most used area in the house 
11 5 In the bar2Cthe quiet before the storm  11 The combined Cinema2Cpresentation area and monster screen for Wi Sporting competition  12 Carnage s view of the meeting    Magic was right  13 One of the many noob rooms 
14 Another nice room for a noob  15 Friday 16 00 the AABar is open2CGuarno Goddy2CDouly2CRadigan2CCaparzo and Si are Carnage s first customers  16 Goddy has his first Palm on Belgian soil while AABarman takes Douly s order  17 Goddy takes his Palm and bar stool 2Cwhile Capy2CDouly Radigan and Si watch Carnage  fill the cooler with beer 
100 Another smashed eagle  101 The Tower  102 The next buidling complex overlooking the Ruhr  103 Dane on top of the stairs2Cwith Whistling Joe Fritz behind him 
104 Noobs in the war who didnt expect whats next  105 Osbando2CCarnage2CSi2CTikas and Goddy Elvis check the views  106 More noobs that were owned  107 The Flagpole in WW2 
108 As it is now  109 The same but head on  110 If two Belgians get together there s always a disaster2Cso Radigan walks aways just in case  111 The lower view down the valley 
112 The AA noobs go out into the courtyard  113 A picture of the courtyard  114 That xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx in the courtyard during the war  115 Arrival at Vogelsang for Herr xxxxxxxx 
116 The view of Forum west from above the arches  117 AA Clan Vogelsang 2011  118 Vogelsang from the air  119 A model of what it was going to be like if they finished 
120 Allied ownage  notice the stairs on the middle right are where the pictures of Dane and Magic n Guarno are  121 Google earth image of Vogelsang  122 AA Fuel stop in Einruhr2CGermany  123 Douly2CGoddy2CCapy2CTikky and Carnage share a joke while waiting for the food 
124 Sun2CMagic2COdin2CGuarno2CFelix2COsbando2CSi and Radigan enjoy the weather and the company  125 Dane asks someone to check the connection coz Sun is lagging out  126 To whom it may concern    weather was rather good  127 Goddy2CCapy2CTiknoob and Carnage 
128 Magic and Capy have a chat after lunch2Cwhile the others relax  129 After lunch we take a little time before setting off  130 AA noobs in the sunshine     Goddy spots another camera  131 Radigan2CMagic and Sun enjoy the sunshine next to the river 
132 Douly and Tikkas are far enough away to keep the stench downwind  133 The River Ruhr in Einruhr  134 The German memorial to Troops and civilians in Kesternich  135 Odin2CTikkas2COsbando2CRadigan and Dane at the monument 
136 Douly reading the names of the locals and soldiers that died  137 The guys enter the Russian Cemetary in Rurberg  138 The carved Russian cross  139  2322 people lie in this cemetary2C55 in individual graves and the rest two mass graves 
140 The opposite side of the cemetary  141The stone that got us all - 18 year old mother and the 1 year old baby  142 Dane walks along in thoughtful mood  143 The carved Russian cross in the car park Try another picture without the finger 2121 
144 Noobtard 21  145 Saturday afternoon2Cits o so quiet 21  146 The kitchen before the noobs invade for dinner  147 Saturday 16 30 all is quiet in the bar 
148 The Airborne flag held up by Scotch  149 Sun WiBowling  150 Caparzo showing the style  151 Carnoobage 
152 Magic trys to get curve on his balls  153 Its nearly poker time2CMagic on the right tries to defrost the Hoegaarden pipe  154 Carnage asks Osbando to help Magic concentrate on the poker  155 Osbando s plan is to take the Popcorn off magic 
156 Breakfast on sunday  158 AA noobs with no Tikkas 2Che s still waking up2Cbut his cereal is waiting for him  159 Dane waits as Carnage grabs some egg  160 Noobs in the process of respawning 
161 Baugnez  162 Waiting outside the Museum at 9 502Cit doesnt open until 10 00  164 The German Schwimmwagen  165 The drop down proppeller at the back 
166 393 Infantry Hq in the area in 1944  167 Look carefully and you can see a short reflection in the glass  168 The bedroll of Lt Col Tom C Morris  169 WW2 pictures around Elsenborn during the battle of the bulge 
170 The other side of the picture  171 The whole thing  172 Blurry toys  173 Spray guns and mortar 
174 A US soldier in his winter coveralls  175 5 A selection of lapel badges  175 Tikkas  US cousin sat on erm  176 Bazooka Joe and his buddy load up 
177 AA Paratrooper with a Carbine