Clanmeeting 2010  1 1 The IftePoorte 28Ivy Gate29  1 1 The IftePoorte 28Ivy Gate29  1 1 To the right of the main gate 
1 5  From the gate  1 IftePoorte  2 Towards the Kitchen and BBQ  3 View from the left of the gates 
4 5 The Glasshouse 28Poker room29 on the South side of the house  4 Looking east to the South side of the house  5 The Southeast corner 2Cwith the grass we played footy on to the left  6 5 Sun taking a stroll round the East side with the Football pitch in the foreground2Cnearest thing to Belgians in a tournement this year 
6 The East side of the house looking at the kitchen windows  7 The North side with the garages2Cnow a billiards room  8 This is the side where Jasta 28 had the repairshop for the Airfield  9 The tikmobile2Cleft where Woodys bike is2C leads to the tables and BBQ in the courtyard 
10 The well in the courtyard2Cwith Capy and Woodys bike outside their room  11 One of the many flowerpots 2Cmore ivy up the wall  11 The view up to the roof from the courtyard  12 Even the chimney is covered in ivy 
12 One of the many tablets set in the recesses in the wall  13 The date the First part of the house was built  14 The window above the date is in Carnage s room  15 The Swamp oops i meant lake honest 
16 Sun at the island in the lake  17 The garden shed across the lake  18 The view of the house from the island in the lake  19 The Pool 2CJacuzzi and between the gap in the bushes is the Sauna 
20 The place to sit and have a cigarette when others were in the pool  21 The view from the walkway down to the main table  22 The Bar upstairs and the walkway2Cthe door on the right leads to Carnage 2B Guarnere s room  23 Carnage 2B Guarno s room 
24 The old bench downstairs from the last room  25 5 Capy and Woodys room  25 A Noob room 28Tikky and Sweeps room29  26 This years Poker table 
27 The spectator seating in the poker room  28 The door leading from the poker room into the dining room  29 Dane finds an illegal immigrant has got into the Tikmobile2Cit ok its the Sweeper  30 At this point only this Carnagenoob2C Capy taking the photo and Woody are here 2812 40 pm29 
31 Woosy -  Chillin in der bubbelbad  32 After the Tikmobile arrives Radigan and Dane head over by the pool  33 Radigan cheks out the Jacuzzi2Cwith Woosy and Dane to the pool  34 View of the house from the poolside with Rads and Mr Coolwoosy in the water 
35 The Noobs from the Tikmobile Elvis28Dane292C Radigan2CTikkas and Sweep  36 5 Tik and Magic discuss tonights BBQ  36 7 Magic super heats the barbi with the hairdrier 28Works like a charm honest29  36 The noobs in the sunshine Rads2CWoody2CSweeper2CCarnage and Tikkas 
37 Guarnere first evening chatting in the courtyard  38 The Woosmiester happy knowing food is coming  39 Felix has arrived so all present and accounted for commander noobs  40 Felix 28left29 and Carnage 28right29 listen as Sweeper entertains the guys 
41 Sweep2C Carnage and Teddy  42 The Tikman making home made Vlaams frites  43 Troops outside enjoying the weather and the chatter  44 Dane and Felix listen to Sweep 
45 Teddybear sorts the tables for dinner as  Capy the cool  comes to help  46 Tikky at the BBQ asks if someone wants a Chop  47 Felix2CMagic2CCarnage and Radigan tuck into dinner as Tik passes the fries  48 Dane and Sweeper get stuck into dinner 
49 Domi and the Tiknoob at dinner time  50 Woody and Teddy next to the BBQ  51 Guarno and Odin at their first noobmeal  52 One of The Tikmans special recipies 
53 Barbied banana mmmmm nice job noob  54  Guarnere2CRadigan 2CWoody 2Cwith Felix and Carnage enjoying Tikky s Banana suprise 28we were suprised he meant a REAL banana29  55 Woody seems to be lagging  56 The troops listen up as Carnage gives the talk on the house and area 
57 After the talks from Carnage and Radigan2C Teddy and Magic relax outside  58 Breakfast day two with Lord of the Manor Tik at the head of the table  59 The rest of the Troops tucking into breakfast  60 Capy s bike and the sunshine on the morning of Day 2 
61 The pool from Capy n Woodys window  62 Dane2C Odin2CMagic and Sun after breakfast s plates are cleared  63 Sweeper takes a stroll in the sunshine  64 Five minutes before we leave Tikkas plans a route for the day 
65 Were on the move with Radigan and Carnage2Cthe clock states 9 49 and it s already very warm2Cyes the steering wheel is on th RIGHT side  66 Saturday first stop- Poelcapelle WW1 British Cemetery  67 Poelcapelle Cemetery gates2Csome guys have a quick cigarette break first  68 Teddy2CSun and Dane at the gate 
69 Looking in through the gates you can see AA Camerman filming people entering the gate  70 Just inside you find the Cemetery register and Visitors book  71 Some of the AA noobs pretend to read the plaque on the wall  72 Radigans eye view of the plaque 28see the video29 
73 The plan and brief history of ww1 28what you cant read it29  74 Ok is this a better angle  75 Ok2Csomeone got a close up of the English version  76 Isnt that better now youve read the words2Cwhat a close up of the map 
77 Is that better now you can see the map  78 Carnage in the Cemetery2121  79 Dane and Radigan finish with the Plaque  80 The view from the gate as you enter 
81 Sun and Odin walk towards the rest of the noobs  82 Rows of immaculate gravestones  83 Looking East towards Poelcapelle village  84 Towards the southeast corner 
85 Back across the Cemetery with Poelcapelle Church on the left  86 The Cross and Sword monument found in most British War Cemeteries  87  88 Noob-free Monument 
89 The monument from the direction of the gate  90 Close up to the Cross  91 Magic2CTikky2CFelix and Sun  92 Sun in the sun under the Cross 
93  Three Unknown soldiers  94 The Unknown soldiers at the head of the Cemetery  95 One of the Regiment that much later took pegasus Bridge   up the Ox and bucks  96 Lots of gravestones and Dane on the left 
97 Teddy2CMagic and Domi at the monument  98 More gravestones  99 Radigans leg  100 Sweeper hunts for Dane2Clast seen in the bushes 
101 1 To the Kings own Yorkshire Rifles  101 An unknown soldier of the East Yorkshire regt  102 1 Noobs inspect the gravestones  102 2 Looks like AA camerman has found someone stealing his job 
102 Morning sun over the graveyard  103 Sun in the sun2Cwith AA Camerman trying to sneak into the picture  104 Sun and Odin  105 One of the groups more silent invasions 
106 Lazy Croation git2CFelix2CTikkas2CCapy and Carnage at the Monument  107 The Teddybear walks among the graves  108 Magic looks like hes trying to get eveyone together2CWoody 28right29 has a better idea  109 Magic tries to organize a photo with Woosy watching 
110 Ambitious but rubbish2CAA Cameramans first attempt at a group photo  111 The 2010 line up 2CTkkas2CCarnage2CWoody2CFelixkat2CGuarnere2CDomi2CRadigan2COdin2CSun2CSweeper2CCaparzo2CTeddybear with Dane and Magic kneeling down  112 Its a Camera Magic21  You belong at the other side of it  113 
114 World war two graves  115 Flower nursery for the graveyard  116 Ooooo  117 The AA noobs take a last look at the stones 
118 Tikkas and Felix with AA Cameraman at work recording Noobs  119 Filming complete2CAA cameraman heads for the exit  120 What Tikky would look like in prison  121 The Gate as we leave Poelcapple 
122 Arrival at Tyne Cot Cemetery2Cnamed after a bunker in the graveyard called Tyne Cottage  123 We turn right to go to the Visitors centre  124 AA Pervert must be filming the toilets 2121212121  125 1 In Memory of 6000 Sherwood Foresters 
125 2 In Memory of The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  125 3 Odin and Guarnere reading2Cor just looking at the pictures  125 Memorial stone outside the Visitors centre  126 1 The reply 
126 One of the letters sent home from the front  127 Items of Lance Corporal Morgan 6th Btn Australian Infantry  128 Timelines of the battle for Tyne Cot  129 Items from the War found in the local area 
130 More WW1 equipment  131 1 Some of the buildings shown that were flattened during WW1  131 2 The Visitors centre  131 Northeast corner near the visitors centre 
132 1 Just the top corner of the graveyard  132 The First sight of this massive cemetery  133 View from the north wall across the Cemetery  134 Looking down towards the Gates 
135 One of the other bunkers in the cemetary bunker underneath the 3 fir trees  136 The Visitors Centre on the left as the Big Noob walks down the path  137 Looking back up the hill from halfway down the path  138 1 The View across the road from the cemetary2Call of which was Battlefield 
138 Teddy leads the clan along the Western wall2Cbut 2 noobs have gone the otherway  139 Looking East across the Cemetery2Cwith a bunker on the left under the tree  140 The West Gate with Capy and Woody  141 The gate looking straight up the Cemetery 
142 1 Sweeps message2Ca little clearer  142 Sweep does the honours in the Visitors book at Tyne Cot2Cbut Sweeper has lost count  143 Looking up to the monument2Ca larger version of the one we saw earlier  144 If you look closely you can see Domi Magic Woody and Teddy 
145 1 Looking back to the entrance  145 Upwards towards the NW corner  146 The monument at close quarters  147 A bit closer 
148 What you still cant read it  149 Part of the Concrete of the Tyne Cottage Bunker showing out from  under the Monument base  150 A message on one of the wreaths  151 Teddy taking pictures from the top of the Tyne Cot 
152 Magic and Domi arrive at Tyne Cottage  153 Looking back to the gate with Sun in the distance  154 The Rear 28North-end29 of the cemetary  155 1 The North east corner 
155 The more centred picture of the back  156 One of the corner points  157 Sun taking pictures of flowers  158 Picure of a Flower taken by Sun 
159 Sun looking at noobs  160 Reservoir Noobs  161 The Nw corner with what was battlefield in the distance  162 Looking into the distance all the buildings were flattened and all the tree were gone in WW1 
163 One of many Canadians  164 The Tyne Cot Plinth  165 From the back looking left2Cand a picture of a man caught by  a magnet  166 From the back looking at the Monument on the Tyne Cot Bunker 
167 The rear looking right  168 The angel watches the Cemetary  169 The dedication to the New Zealanders who fought here  170 Some of the names from the back wall 
171 Without the reflection  172 The Belgians gift to the brave warriors of WW12Cthis piece of land  173 The Gate at the Museum at Passchendaele  174 The sign 
175 Get the company reciept  176 An AA-Clan bill  177 Top left is the cemetary in Sweden later we found it to be for the dead from the Battle of Jutland  178 some of the equipment found in the Dug Out near the museum 
179 Mmm fuzzy  180 More equipment  181 The positions of Cemetaries2Cmonuments and museums in the area  182 Whooaa Fuzzzzzy 
183 British and American WW1 uniforms  184 The German sentry gun  185 The WW1 surgeons equipment  186 another look at the surgeons kit 
186 WW1 thermometer  187 The surgeon at work in the Dug Outs Medic room  188 Sweep leaves a message 2Cbut finds the missing member  189 Domi and Teddy 
190 Teddybear by the lake at the museum  191 Teddy  192 The lake at the museum and new trees since the war  193 Awesome belgian fountain 
194 The Noobs leave the museum  195 Carnage and Woody walk straight past Radigan    whos hidden behind a lampost  196 The first sight as you walk into the main square in Ieper 28Ypres Yper Ypes plus many more29  197 The left tower is part of The Cloth Hall and the right tower is the Cathederal 
198 1 Oh and again  198 Same view different noob taking the photo  199 The Cloth hall  200 1 Some Croation noob cuddles a lobster 
200 The top of the cathederal  201 Domi Magic Carnage Tikkas Guarno Felix and Radigan head off to the Gate  202 Tikkas Radigan Carnage and Felix outside a bookshop with a machine gun in the window2Cmust be a rough area  203 On the other side of the street is Domi Dane Magic Guarno and Woosy heading towards the Gate 
204 Its like a Where s Wally picture but with noobs  205 1 The Menin Gate inscription  205 The Menin Gate  206 A close up of the designs on the Gate 
207 Shall we try  for a clearer picture  208 Lets try again  209 The explanation  210 Some of the fallen 
211 Some more of the fallen  212 A small section of names  213 1 The walls and even the pillars 28right29 are covered by soldiers names  213 2 The Celing inside tha Menin Gate 
213 A large section of the Names on The Menin Gate  214 All of the walls are Covered in the names of the dead soldiers  215 Whats the weird blurry thing  216 Dum dum dum       Its Tikman 
217 Wreaths left at the gate  218 More names as you walk up the stairs  219 looking back all of the inset panels are covered in more names  220 The view from the top of the stairs 
221  A Croation will try and sell anything  222 Odin and Sun look on as Teddy shows Magic his photos  223 Must have been a Cheese thing as The Dutch speakers laugh2C but Dane looks confused  224 Tikkas and his guys talk about the infomation on the plaque 
225 Plaque showing the Trench lines aroung Ieper  226 Capy Felix and Odin go to look at more names  227 More names of soldiers all of which have no known grave  228 Tikkas and Capy gatecrash the photo 
229 Every flat surface contains more names  230 The model of the gate  231 Teddy in need of a drink2Cmust be time to go and eat  232 Woody decides to get a sun tan before lunch2Cjust when the clouds come over 
233 Magic2C happy in the sunshine before we go for lunch  234 The cafe behind the red umbrellas is our lunch stop  235 At this point we are trying to decide which cafe to choose  236 Food stop in Ieper 
237 Everyone has a cooling drink and waits in the heat for lunch  238 Looking the other way across the tables  239 Sun taking a picture of the Cathederal2C with Magic blowing his trumpet2CGuarno being odd and Woosy chilling  240 Ieper Cathederal2Cthe picture Sun was pictured taking 
241 Ieper Cathederal with some random people invading the picture  242 Next stop the Ieper Cloth Hall  243 Noobs gather outside the Cloth hall as its now  In Flanders Fields Museum  244 The Poem that gave the museum its name 
245 The history on one of the soldiers from WW12Cfrom one of the cards taken near the entrance  246 British WW1 machine gun  247 Push button trigger mechenism  248 German gas alarm 
249 Blurry horse  250 weapons and helmets from WW12Cthe horse may not be  251 Mock up of an ammo pony2Ccarrying artillary shells  252 More things from WW1 around Ieper 
253 Cavalry equipment  254 Guys meeting on Christmas day in no-mans land  255 Written at the battle of Passchendaele  256 A mock up of trench war 
257 Same model  258 and again  259 Centre of the model  260 Right side 
261 Model of a dug out  262 Blurry dug out  263 The video at the end of the museum  264 Blurry Magic and Sun 
265 Map of something or nothing  266 Sweeper on the way home from Ieper  267 Sweeper the Human Fly Trap  268 Check the videos to see what happened next 
269 The site where  Radigans  B-17 from his talk crash landed  270 The Plaque at the monument Radigan and Woody went treking too on Saturday night  271 Close up    the list is of the  crew that perished  272 The little road side monument 
273 Radigan gets to the monument  274 Woody at the B-17 monument  275 Woody has a second pose for the camera  276 The middle house is where the People that gave Radigan and Woody more info about the B-17 crash 
277 The middle house is the same house as on the next photo  278 Woody outside the house that asked if Woody and Radigan were tourists  279 Odin Radigan and Capy listen to the silly songs on Odins phone  280 Having a drink and a chat2Clistening to silly songs 
281 Woody and Sun having a chat2Cor is that red eyed  No More Mr Nice Woosy  282 Honestly Dane if you close your eyes nobody can see you  283 Works with hats too  284 Capy plays a tune on his mobile 
285 Late night poker2C Teddy Sweep Radigan Guarno and Dane  286 The dealing will start after Dane finishes his beer  287 Guarnere s poker face  288 As Blurry as some of our minds at this time 
289 Sweep sets the timer for the Blinds to rise  290 Guarno pushes with a little Ace 3 action  291 The Croation Master has him dominated  292 More blurry poker 
293 The winner of the last hand of the night 28Saturday292C Teddy rakes in the chips  294 Guarnere  295 Caparzo  296 Dane 
297 Odin  298 Felixkat  299 Felix  300 Carnage 
301 Tikkas  302 Magic  303 Sun  304 Sweeper 
305 Radigan  306 Domi  307 Teddybear  308 Teddy 
309 Woody  310 Sun   Odin  311 -3D7BAA7D3D- at Raversijde Atlantik Wall Museum  312 Watching the video 2Choping the rain will stop 
313 German uniforms worn by the soldiers stationed here  314 First gun inside the Compond2CA Sweedish AA Gun  315 A very wet AA gun  316 More of the Swedish gun 
317 Getting cleaner by the minute  318 Very wet bofors gun  319 The Swedish -3D7BAA7D3D- with the Swedish AA  320 1 The German torpedo 
320 Sun with a German torpedo as the rain falls  321 British submarine cannon  322 Odin manning the Sub Gun  323 Close up on the gun 
324 More of that gun  325 Odin on another British submarine gun  326   Its typically British 2Cits got a trigger     Tik spots the strange way to fire a Cannon  327 Carnage Tikkas Sweep and Teddy check the Cannon 
328 Guarnere doesn t get it right when we say  Pistols only  329 Guarnere avoiding the rain  330 Belgians 2121212121  331 German mines 
332 The near mine sits on the sea bed and the far is tethered with cables and sits just under the waters surface  333 Achtung Minen 21  334 Felix listening to the Tv Remote  335 1 A tunnel  blocked with a Quick Wall - Cement in sandbags 
335 Guarnere at the spring head  336 Arriving at the first part of the Atlantik Wall  337 The First emplacement  338 An -3D7BAA7D3D- emplacement 
339 Woody and Capy head off to the tunnels  340 Odin and his Croation umbrella holder  341 Odin and Sweeper  342 Kriegsmariners in the air raid bunker 
343 Jerry hides from Tommies plane  344 Flash 2121  345 German cleans his weapon next to the mortor rounds  346 We have pixelated this guy for no apparent reason 
347 German with a communications lamp  348 Woah Blurry Man  349 Borat standing guard  350 Looking into the mist towards Nieuwpoorte 
351 Infantry position  352 Raversijde range-finder  353 The view or lack of view out to sea  354 Tikkas Carnage Odin and Teddy 
355 The misty view down to the beach  356 Range finder again  357 Misty view towards Oostende  358 Bofors gun on top of the next bunker in the Atlantik Wall 
359 Tram lines to Oostende  360 Concrete shield above the Observation Bunker  361 The Observation Bunker  362 The viewing point is the gap at the bottom 
363 Inside the Observation bunker  364 Help for the Germans on lookout for Allied planes  365 Herr Teddy on watch  366 Carnage sounds the alarm 
367 The blurry weapons in the bunker  368 A worried looking german at the back of the Observation bunker  369 Officers doing the paperwork  370 Wages and rations for the soldiers 
371 The officers personal items  372 Glass mines to avoid metal detectors  373 Blurry mines  374 The communication area of the Observation bunker 
375 Other side of the comms area  376 Magic making AA the Movie  377 Odin in the tunnels between the Obs Bunker and tha AA position  378 Odin proving the Tunnels are meant for a Dane sized bloke 
379 AA Cannon  380 Sun spawned as Axis  381 Sun on the AA gun  382 Sun in the tunnel from the AA gun 
383 One of the closed off tunnels  384 Sun under an escape hole  385 Sun not escaping  386 Guarnere at the escape point 
387 A Belgian in the shadows  388 Oh no its Guarnere2Ctell him to go back to the shadows  389 The Light at the end of the tunnel  390 Noobs having an underground party 
391 View left out of an open escape hole  392 View right out of the open escape hole  393 Noobs in the mist  394 Looking South along Hitler s Atlantik Wall 
395 Real Germans in the Bunker  396 The AA troops clear the bunker  397 Domi Magic Carnage   Odin check out the gun from the video at the start of the tour  398 The Bunkers Address 
399 Munitions crates  400 1 The Russian guard  400 A mock up of one of the Russians brought to fight on the Western front  401 Alarm 212121 
402 Anti-tank rounds  403 Barrel cleaning equipment  404 Pipes for venting the gun smoke  405 Photos of before and erm before 
406 A Pak 40  407 The breach mechanism on the Pak 40  408 Magic and Carnage2Cwith the compass bearings written on the steel girder  409 Gloomy view from the gun emplacement 
410 Magic and Guarnere2Cwith the Pak 40 with the fireing Mechanism removed  411 One of the guys who work at the site in the closed off area  412 Another closed off route  413 Trackway to an empty emplacement 
414 The trackway going away from the sea  415 Looking back towars the sea  416 Gun coming into view  417 Pak-40 covering the beaches 
418 Odin mans the Pak 40  419 Suns turn on the Pak 40  420 Noobs walking backwards through the tunnel  421 A wet Odin appers from the tunnel 
422 Carnage gets  flashed as he appears from a dark tunnel  423 WW2 Beds  424 Blurry beds  425 Carnage takes a quick nap 
426 Guarnere checks the bed keeping his soaked jeans off the bed  427 Carnage on the german WW2 bed  428 Not quite a WW2 umbrella on the table  429 Guarnere decides its time to get up 
430 The Information plate of the next gun  431 Just incase you forgot  432 A very wet Swiss built Oerlikon flak gun  433 Blurry bit means Odins camera needs a wipe 
434 Looking out to sea 2Cthe rain is clearing  435 The Oerlikon  436 The gun positions shelter  437 The  New  radar dish 
438 Left is the Radar Dish with Tik Sweep and Felix walking past The Yellow house is the Commanders house and bottom right is the sentry post  439 Side of the dish  440 Close up of the the radar  441 The railway truck for bringing the radar in the middle and tyhe grey box on the right is the radar station 
442 Transport for the radar  443 Sentry at  the coast entrance to this section of wall  444 hmmm  445 A little closer to the Sentry 
446 And even closer  447 The view hole towards the gate  448 Papieren you noobs  449 Guarnere can you do the international signal for panic 
450 Yes that is correct Guarno  451 Sweeper Felix and Tikkas near a huge shell  452 1 The Flak cannon on the parade ground  452 2 Close up of the Flak 
452 3 Odin listening to the Tv remote thingy that gives the info on the site  452 The rain soaked Parade ground  453 The parade ground is a no go area  454 Search light in the heavy rain 
455 Same thing 2Cless rain  456 A seach light2Cah you already guessed  457 The Search light and some beach obsticales  458 Hedgehogs in the dunes 
459 Assortment of beach and road obstacles  460 Same but without any blurryness  461 A little closer  462 Mined beach defences 
463 The Comanders house  464 Inside the Commanders house  465 The Commaders dog  466 1 The info on the Gun made in Liege 
466 The  Belgian  artillery piece comandeered by the Germans  467 The Noob gun can fire 17 5 km  468 Blurry Belgian noob gun  469 The gun is pointing towards Nieuwpoorte 
470 Carnage does the tatics for protecting bomb A  471 Blurry tunnel  472 5 The adress of the next bunker  472 Light shining in the tunnel 
473 Artillery piece with its barrel through the window  474 You would have to be short to sit there    something about Germans are like Dane s    eh Dane  475 Rear of the  small  artillery piece  476 The right hand seat for a small Northern european man 
477 Ammunition storage area for the artillary piece  478 Carnage listens to the infomation on this gun  479 Carnage sounds another alarm  480 Noob who guards the 10 5cm shells 
481 The cleaning equipment  482 The fixing equipment  483 Where the second Belgian artillary gun used to sit  484 Guarno and Odin exploring the gun emplacement 
485 Odin2CCarnage and Guarnere look in awe at the  invisable  Belgian weaponry  486 Weapons storage  487 Blurry storage  488 Racks that would have been full of shells for the guns 
489 A noob gets a feel of the casing  490 Carnage holding history  491 Odin moving his hand so fast the picture blurred  492 Lunch and Evening meal menu in 1943 
493 Mmmmm  494 The sleeping quarters for the Kriegsmarine   so beds from ships  495 More beds  496 Blurry beds 
497 Carnage and Guarnere test the beds  498 Gas masks and helmets  499 The washroom  500 Carnage doing ablutions 
501 Blurry washroom  502 The generator room  503 Generator and the mounting hoist  504 This is when the earthquake happened 
505 No no my mistake it was a herd of elephants on the seafront  506 The WW2 circuit board on behind the generator  507 A Kriegmarine Diesel barrel  508 tools for the generator and the chains from the hoist 
509 The officers in their Quarters  510 Officers again  511 The guy on the left as he was abducted by the Aliens  512 1 The telephone operator 
512 2 Comms  512 The  massive   amount of storage the officers got  513 1 And again  513 The telecommunications section 
514 Blurry radio gear  515 More Alarms  516 Telephone system  517 Odin in a spotters bunker 
518 Guarnere wonders why its not in colour  519 An AA flak gun  520 The specs on the gun  521 1 Oooh and the flak again 
521 The Flak again  522 Carnage and Guarno with a gun crate  523 Blurry noobs  524 Guarno throws a bale of sacks to Carnage 
525 Carnage puts the sacks in the racks  526 Carnage looking at the boxes for the Stielhandgrenaten  527 Carnage poses with the nade boxes     while Magic is asked to stay away  528 Racks with sacks2Cnades and guns 
529 Look at my blurry sacks and boxes  530 More weapons storage  531 The German quartermaster  532 Blurry Qm 
533 The Champagne for those special guests  534 Beer for the not so special guests  535 Foodstuffs  536 Cigarettes on the top shelf        grab us a pack Dane 
537 In the Yellow packs is Coffee  538 The Quarter master giving out a tin of food  539 Mood lighting in the store  540 Erm 
541 and erm  542 Anti-tank emplacement built just after D-Day  543 Close up to the Pak 36  544 Another view of the anti tank gun 
545 Pak 36 Stats  546 Guarno with the anti tank shell  547 Guarno gets intimate with some heavy ordinance  548 Guarno no tongues mate 
549 Odin handles the hardware  550 View back along the dunes2Cwith the Commanders house in the centre  551 Looking inland with Oostende airport in view  552 Looking inland over the top of the Princes residence 
553 German soldiers barracks  554 Noob with a Stielhandgranate 24     which team did Magic spawn on  555 Any clues as to what these unfired thingys are  556 This is the German AA troops  Poker table 
557 Oooh its a German hairdresser2Cwith all those men  558 An Mp40 sub-machine pistol  559 Mp40 and a Soldiers belt   webbing  560 Die Bunkenbeden 
561 The policeman and his assistant  562 Hey these are German Seaman Police  563 If your arrested by the Seamen Police do you have to  Come  quietly  564 A WW2 printer     still better than a lexmark printer 
565 Ssh the allies hear you  566 The barracks escape tunnel  567 Another view  568 Right up to the escape tunnel 
569 The metal ladder at the back of the escape tunnel  570 How to get to the tunnel  break the wood2Ccrack the concrete2Csmash the bricks then dig out the sand2Cand finally remove the top hatch  571 AA cameraman videos an escape in progress  572 AA Cameraman asks the assistant to film the inside of the escape tunnel 
573 Blurry pictures of the complex after it was built in WW2  574 Sun about to enter the labyrinth of tunnels again  575 Magic   Carnage exploring the tunnels  576 Sun walking towards one of the blocked entrances 
577 The second flak cannon on the parade ground  578 Coming up to the flak cannons that were at the back of the parade ground  579 The rear of the parade ground approaching the searchlight  580 The back of a searchlight 
581 1 A german flak  under a cammy net  581 The searchlight with the Radar dish from the opposite side  582 The stats on another swedish bofors gun  583 Another Swedish bofors gun 
584 Guarno goes to man the gun  585 Watch the AA video    this is a second before Guarno bangs his head    NOOB  586 Carnage mans the Gun with Guarno  587 Guarno worried about the Allied aircraft     or not 
588 Magic filming Carnage on the AA gun  589 The serial number of the Swedish gun  590 The hospital for the bunkers  591 An Orderly and a Medical Officer 
592 A blurry hospital  593 The Doctor and the Drugs cabinet  594 The blurry doctor  595 Now its a Doctor in the dark 
596 Dr Herman the German  597 Vital equipment in a hospital and other stuff aswell as the Teapot  598 The paperwork  599 The 2cm flak gun with a shell catcher on the side 
600 Getting closer to the flak  601 Thats close enough to the flak  602 The Stats for the 2cm Flak gun  603 The view inland from the last flak gun 
604 One of the toys to type in the locations2C and then hear information about what you standing next too  605 The map shows at the top the Atlantik wall with the marshes and suggested walks round it below  606 Radigan photos what he spotted on the way to the atlantik wall  607 Anyone else spot the Dc3 28C-1729 Dakota on the Airfiled at Oostende 
608 The WW1 Airfiled behind the house with the treeline of the Northen edge of the airfield  609 The approach the THe Kasteel that was the officers residence for the WW1 airfield  610 Can see sothing in the distance but its a bit bright  611 The Kasteel comes into view 
612 Someone left the gate open so Sun   Odin were sent to recon the WW1 officers barracks  613 Closer view of the Kasteel  614 This building was attacked by Allied aircraft in 1918  615 The building is now owned by an Art dealer 
616 I hope the owner doesnt have any dogs  617 Somebody hid in a bush to get a close up  618 Shall we see how brave the photographer gets  619 Nice a close up from the grass the officers of the the german airforce would have relaxed on 
620 If Sun and Odin get any closer they will be inside  621 The gate leading to the S shaped lake than is visable on the Air photo  622 The Lion statue on top of the Kasteel gates  623 The path towards the Kasteel s S shaped lake 
624 The remains of the German WW1 bunker on the edge of the Airfield  625 The side of the bunker facing towards Varsenare  625 Turn at the bunker into Kasteeldreef straight to Iffeporte Manoir  626 If you looking at this you must be at the end of the kasteeldreef 
627 One of the huge trees along the Kasteeldreef covered in Ivy  628 The thick Ivy covering another tree in the Kasteeldreef  629 1 Magic Woody an Domi in the pool on Sunday afternoon  629 Sweeper takes a quick nap after the trip to Raversijde 
630 Tikkas2CCarnage and Sweeper chat outside after the rain stopped  631 1 Sun and Odin having a beer on sunday afternoon  631 2 Woody finds the chips  631 Sweep2CDane and Teddy having a chat and a ciggy 
632 1 Mr and Mrs AA Clan 2010  632 Magic and Domi in the kitchen as the Sunday night meal is prepared  633 Magic 2CCaparzo and Dane munching there food  634 Woody and Radigan finish the meal 
635 Sweeper eats his sausage  636 1 The Last Supper  636 Teddys arm 2CDomi an Tikman at the dinner table on the last evening  637 Woody2CMagic2CCapy and Dane pair up for a match on the Wii 
638 Sweep Carnage and Sun have a chat in the Kitchen  639 Dane checks the photos on his camera  640 2 Woody working out his bet for the round     maybe he has a flush  640 Tikkas 2CSweep2CCapy and Carange at the start of Sundays poker night 
641 Carnage and Capy discuss tactics as Tikky is thinking while Teddy and Woosy wait  642 Rads left watching Sweep explaining how he plays   With Tikkas Teddy and Woody listening on  643 Late night blurry poker  644 Getting late into the night 
645 Looks like Capy has lost a chip  646 Sweep  with Capy looking very comfortable with his amount of chips  647 Blurry Danish pokerstars  648 Teddy and Woody prepare for the last game of the meeting 
649 Radigan Sweep and Capy still playing poker late into Sunday night  650 Dutchmen in leather  651 Extras    Capy s mug from this years meeting  652 Extras The Kasteel of the Airfield Hq as it is 
653 Extras   The Kasteel steps with British officers after it was taken by the Allies in 1918  654 Extaras   The Kasteel steps 2010    sort of  655 Extras   English Danes   on Carnages ferry  656 Extras    Dover port and WW2 radar towers 
657 Extras   Woody with his and Capys bikes in Brugge after a Woody Foodstop    then a last 30in ride to the Manoir