1 The approach to the gates looking towards Canisy  2  The view of the Chateau from the front gate2C OMG there are a bunch of noobs at the front door Madame  3  From the front door 2Cthe guests have arrived  4 Tikkas gives the order to   Take the Castle ladies 
5 The Front of Chateau de Montmireil  6 Radigan2CBj Carnage2C Felix and Scout look on and listen as Tikkas points out the plan is to  Take the Castle  back to Belgium  7 Veiw from the front hall  8 Lounge er no OPs Room to the left of the front hall 2Clooking to the garden 
9 The fireplace in the same room  10 This years Poker table  11 To the right of the front door2Cthe Games table looking to the Kitchen  12 This model is missing two s s s Danes 
13 Our dining table  14 The AA Canteen  15 Only here five minutes and Woody Captures an Intruder2121      Make up your own jokes for this photo  16 Looking down from the first floor 
17 First bedroom at the top left on the 1st floor2CDane and Scout s bunks  18 Far left first floor the  Ahoy Assasins  room  19 Where the Noob slept  20 One of the first floor bathrooms 
21 The Danish  Officers  Cabin  22 The Magic  Command and Control bunker  23 Magic s got a little planning table  24 The  Guard room 
25 James  place to rest his right foot  26 Looking down from the 2nd floor  27 Second floor where our Dutchesses Woody and Capy slept  28 Check the rucksack it may contain  b b b Bagpipes and Jupi was here too 
29 The second floor Supershower  30 The Watchtower  31 The Felix sleepzone  32 The Tropical Poolhouse 
33 Woody cracks the  Electric lock  34 From the Chateau end of the poolhouse  35 From the poolroom doors   Woody must have cracked the lock  36 Dane s Pond in the poolhouse 
37 A place to find dutch guys normally    i suppose it is green and flat  38 The  AA  Garden Centre  39 Back to the main door of The Poolroom  40 The rear Courtyard and BBQ area 
41 The AA Snooker Club  42 The Veiwing area  43 The other  Dane s Pond  44 Magic s camera Rockpod 
45 All s quiet after Dane s patrol of the Garden  46 The chateau as the sun sets  47 So time for The AA briefing of the House and  Local troop movements in June 44  48 Bj rides shotgun on the way to Caen 
49 Carnage enjoying the experience of the TIKMOBILE  50 The In-line skate race blocking the part of Caen were heading too  51  AA dismount  is the order given  52 1 Entering Benoville 
52 Walking inside the Caen memorial we get a Typhoon looking at us  53 Approaching the famous  Pegasus Bridge  54 Mac gets the  Im not on Ts and its not a game feeling  28an AA meeting speciality29  55 Cafe Gondree2C First French building to be Liberated by the Allies on D-day 
56 Tikkas gets abuse 28 same shit different day29  57 The British contingent at Pegasus Bridge    And Woody wants in on the action  58 Carnage2CMac2CFelix2Cthe Cheesy one and Jupiter2C with the Noobs crossing the Bridge  59 The Churchill Tank guarding the West side of the Bridge 
60 The Monunent for the Allied liberation on the East bank  61 German AT gun still in position on the East bank  62 Commander Tiknoob looks back across the river  63 Cafe Gondree from the AT position 
64 Jupi2CWoody2CMagic the AA Camera crew with James and Felix  65 A quick glimpse of A Willy s Jeep  66 The position that the 1st Glider landed on D-day 28Major John Howards glider29  67 Glider two s final position 
68 The position suprisingly of Glider three  69 Carnage looking a bit happy about being here  70 Scout looking equally happy  71 Woody2CCarnage2CJupi and James recce the landing Zone 
72 Looking at the bridge from the 3rd marker 2CLook only Noobs defending it  73 Replica of the original Pegasus bridge signpost  74 Bj ignores Dane as he is checking his escape hatch  in the background Magic is doing a  strange salute while chatting to  Maccy Maccy  75 First veiw of the guys from the Jeep club des flandres 
76 Nice collection of  Boys Toys  77 OMG something is happening Tikkas has the Camera  2121  78 Nobody knows how he did it 2Cbut Magic takes us to meet our new friends  79 Number 3 Jeep with Radigan2CWoody and Scout looking quite happy with life 
80 Carnage removes the shades for once  81 Number 4 jeep with Carnage2CScotMac and Capy as they try and take it all in  82 Looking at Jeep 1 with Magic2CFelix and James and Jeep 2 with Dane2C Bj and Jupi  83 1 Pegasus Bridge as it was in June 1944 
83 The Grinning tail-end Charlies  84 Radigan touring Benoville a la Jeep  85 Scout Enjoying the AA side of life  86 Woody takes it  eashy  on the Jeep ride 
87 The guys from jeep club des flandres open the hoods so we can have a close inspection  88 The stuff you dont get in museums2Cfreshly driven Jeep smells  89 Hood open and Towbar  90 The very small but very workable Jeep engine 
91 More radiator that engine2Cbut somehow works great  92 Serious piece of metalwork  93 Close up of the engine block  94 Magic s arm-rest 
95 Very basic   but very good  96 Scout gets a photo with his driver  97 The guys who have seen the Pegasus  museum go for a caffine stop  at the Cafe Gondree  98 The Bridge is lifted for supplies to get through 
99 Veiw from the Entrance of The Pegasus Bridge Museum  100 The original Pegasus bridge structure moved for safe keeping  101 Bj2CCarnage2CMagic2CMac and James find  Dane-Rupert  hanging on the wall  102 Model of a Horsa glider in the museum 
103 The weapons carried by the paras on the night of the 5th of June 1944  104 Jupi waits as Radigan recognizes the figure on the wall  105 Mock up of a 6th airbourne para  106 Number 4 commando who joined up with the paras from the beachead 
107 The 12th Yorkshire Paras  108 The guy from the signals  109 Original equipment from the Gliders at Pegasus  110 The original bridge 
111 The poppy lined walkway  round the site  112 The statue for Brig James Hill  113 Rememberance stone to Den Brotheridge the First casualty of the D-day landing  114 Magic2CCarnage2CRadiagn and Bj tell Mac  weve been on one of those too 
115 Wreaths left from the previous weeks ceremonies  116 Carnage and Mac at THE Bridge  117 Close up of the Brit noobs  117 Two Triumph Stags as seen from the bridge 
118 Up The Ox and Bucks  119 1 Carnage pointing to the bullet scars on the Bridge  119 Bj2CRadigan2CMac and Carnage on Pegasus  120 1 A horsa Glider 
120 2  A soldier inside the glider  120 Rollcall of honour listing all the glider pilots and soldiers from each glider  121 1 The very basic cockpit  121 A little closer 
122 The not so comfortable seating  123 Rads2CCarnage2CJames and Jupi wait to look inside the Horsa  124 The portable display units  125 Part of a bailey bridge 
126 Scout under the bridge  127 Close in as Scout gives it the Coolness  128 Caffine stop over at the Cafe Gondree  129 Exactly what it says on the Big Bunker and a DUKW 
130 The Higgins boat as used on private Ryan  131 Say Fromage Noobs  132 OMG its the Ahoy Assasins  133 This time with Dane and Magic aboard2C 
134 Vin Diesel points to Capy Playing Caparzo in Private Ryan or something like that  135 Mac an Bj will OWN Scopey with their Stuart Little Tank  136 Mac2CBj and Stuart  137 Woody looks for Poteau Rob as he wants another ride  Sadly he ends up dissapointed 
138 The guys check that the Stuart Tank is ready to poon Scope  140 Tikkas shares his knowledge about The Priest  141 The 105 mm Howitzer  M7 was an American self-propelled artillery vehicle  during World War II  It was given the official nickname Priest in British service  142 Felix2CMagic and Mac have become bored of Tikky s sermon and have focused on the strange guy with a camera 
143 The Royal Engineers setup ready to blow a way into a  Bunker  144 The Sentry ready to Own at the front door  145 Sentry with a Flashback  146 German Mp-40 and Ammo 
147 Barracks section2C manned by Osttruppen with his PPSh-41 28Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina29  148 1 This guys had too much laughing gas2C  148 2 James2CRadigan2CMac and Felix listen in as Tik points out where were going later  148 Cooking up2Cin the Barrack room 
148 The bunkers own Medic bay  149 The various ammo types in the Armoury  150 The Armourer with the Stg 442Cfor all of the spraynoobs  151 1 Another mock-up of a No4 Commando 
151 Lots more German hardware to pick before spawning  152 Woody looks confused by the hardware2Cany ideas greatly accepted  153 A german paratrooper with allied harnesses  154 The Radio operator types up the message sent from Rommel  Do not let the AA Noobs enter the Grand Bunker 
155 The Officer checks landing positions of Allied troops  156 This Guy seems to be enjoying his time in the  Funkraum  157 The Repairman trys to get some  Funk  back  158 The telephone switchboard  sends the call out2C that the Noobs are in the Bunker 
159 Different types of Scopes2Cbut the Noobie Scope isnt one of them  160 Woody checks to see where all the Invaders were spotted  161 Scout looking at the Yachts instead of warships  162 The ladder to the roof of the Grand bunker2Cdid we do it or chicken out 
163 Woody2CTik and Bj check the view from the top  164 It wasnt like this 65 years ago  165 Looking west along Gold2CSword and Juno  166 Looking inland towards Pegasus Bridge 
167 The mouth of the river Orne2Cthe eastern edge of the Allied D-day beachead2Clooking towards the Merville battery on the ridgeline  168 The Flags outside the Bunker from the roof  169 The Bunkers own car park from above  170 Carnage   Scout with the beaches behind them 
171 Carnage taking a photo of Felix  172 The photo that  was being taken 2121  173 Felix with Sword beach just behind him  174 Magic films the the appearance of something strange on the ladder 2121 
175 Radigan checks and finds all is well2Cits the Belgian guy  176 Discussion time2C  What type of gun would fit a place like this  177 Carnage living the high life AA style  178 Dane and Radigan2Cas the Sun brightens over Sword beach 
179 Magic and Radigan2Chappy in their  rooftop shelter  180 Capy checks to see if its safe to leave cover  181 Jupiter awaits the order to evacuate the Bunker  182 Jupi scrambles out at full speed 
183 AA foodstop in Riva Bella-Ouistreham  184 Carnage introduces Mac to the delights of Leffe  185 The Ouistreham Flame2Cmonument to the Troops of D-day  186 The No4 commando museum2Cno photos inside 2Cso this is all you get 
187 AA noobs arrive at Juno beach  188 Honour rolls outside the Juno beach centre  189 Plaque to the Canadians who liberated this part of France  190 Canadian Soldiers monument at Juno beach 
191 Looking inland towards Courseulles-sur-Mer  192 Capy2CMac and Carnage look to see where the noise is coming from  193 Jupi in the bunkers machine gun position  194 -3D7BAA7D3D-Clan visit the seaside2Canyone bring buckets and spades 28Juno beach29 
195 To whom it may concern  196 Jupi2CJames2CMagic and Capy in the sun on Juno  197 The Marina in Graye-sur-mer  198 Churchill AVRE tank near where it was stopped on the beach at Graye-sur-mer 
199 Churchill and plaque to remember the Canadian 7th Inf Div  200 Jupi finally finds enough sun to keep himself warm  201 The French cross at Juno beach  202 The ever popular French flag 
203 Mr and Mrs AAClan 2009  204 Monument at the exit of Juno beach  205 The AA guys clear the beach and head inland     for a drink  206 Remember the time we all stopped to grab a QUICK drink and had to wait for Woody s Burger   fries to be cooked     Oh how we waited 
207 We could see the Mulberry through the mist here  28honest29  208 Looking down at he Mulberry Harbour from the the Clifftop  209 The centre sections of the outer  sea wall  210   65 years since they were put there lots of sections are still visable 
211  The right side 28eastern29 remains of the Mulberry 28operational name 3D Winston29  212 This section takes the worst of the weather sinking most and moving the sections around more  213 The veiwing point on top of the cliffs  214 The Monuments and museum on the cliffs above the Mulberrys 
215 The Cliffs the last pictures were taken from    taken from the Beach  216 The beach at Arromanches The Western side of  Winston harbour  217 A central mooring section of the  Tempory  harbour  218 The main jetty now collapsed 
219 The central sections of the outer harbour walls still giving safe haven for smaller craft 65 years on  220 The Museum at Arromanches  221 Mac and Carnage making a point  222  Happy Days 
223 Mac s arms in Two-tone red   white  224 Scout2C13 june092CGold Beach - Arromanches section    just chillin  225 Plaques on the walls leading up to the Museum  226 The British 25 pounder outside the museum in Arromanches 
227 Floral tributes left the previous week  228 The plaque showing the Mulberry as it was in 1944  229 The Bofors gun around the back of the museum  230 The German AA gun 2C a Flak 88 
231 This weapon gets the ScotMac thumbs up for  Arsekickability  232 The Red2CWhite and Blues on the hills of Arromanches  233 Tikky makes a phone call to the beach2Cso the noobs go to work  234 Job done and Woody is suprised how he now has sand on his shoes 
235 Sons of Beaches   Carnage2CCapy2CMac and Woody  236 Time on the beach is up   we have to go get back to the Chateau for Spaghetti Tikkynaise  237 Woody tries to get his Balsch in da poketsh  238 Saturday nights alright for snooker  Caparzo2CJupiter and  Woosy 
239 Capy2CScout2CJupi and Woody have a game of Doubles  240 Saturday nights poker tourney2Cat this point Tikky s head is as fuzzy as the picture  241 Radigan helps the Noob with his chips asJupi and Capy wait for Scout the Dealer to do what the dealer do  242 Longues-sur-mer Coastal batteries 
243 Hardend concrete blown open by an explosion  244 The AA guys look a bit amazed at what remained after a direct hit  245 Ah turn the flash off2Cits just reflecting off Woody s sunburn  246 Mac and Woody watch as Jupi and Carnage  Nade  Dane s Dwarf hole 
247 Bj plays pocket Billiards as Dane2CJames and Radigan examine the size of the gun  248 Line up for Woodys  Im just like Cher  photo  249 Radigan explains to Carnage and Mac just how tall Dane is  250 Bunker number 3 with the barrel pointing directly over Gold beach 
251 Same picture2Cjust a little bit closer  252 James and Rads discussing the German hardware  253 The fouth bunker as seen from number 3  254 Tikkas message - Look at this bunker and remember what it looks like when we get to Point du Hoc 
255 All four Casemates logged and now lets find the Command post 2121  256 The rear of the Fouth bunker  257 Looking back at the Bunkers2Cshowing just how far back they stand from the clifftops  258 Radigan points the direction of attack by the British forces2Cas Capy and Jupi listen2C Carnage spots another Bunker not yet explored 
259 Dont buy anything with French wheat in it2C as it may have been  Watered  by this Clan Leader  260 The paparazzi who caught the Clan leader with the water problem  261 Scout on top of the No4 bunker  263 The Observation Bunker on the Cliff edge 
264 The top level for observation and the lower level for Machine gun coverage  265 Our glorious Commander overlooking the Clifftops with the Command bunker behind  266 Looking down the cliff face in the direction of Port-au-Bessin  267 The Clan look at the Display table as Dane comes to stop Scout taking more pictures 
268 The quiet 2009 view with no boats to be seen  269 Capy2CJupi2CCarnage and Woody in the Command Bunkers Machine Gun firing point  270 Woody finds the exit to the Bunker  271 Woody looks confused as to why the  Exit  left him on the roof 
272 Woody and Scout in a  Commanding position  273 Looking back along the cliffs the bunker is well hidden  274 From the North eastern corner of the site 2Clooking towards the Casemates  275 Turn around and you can see how close these bunkers are to Arromanches2Cwith the West edge of the Mulberrys in view 
276 So view to Gold beach and turn around  277 Looking back at the casemates2Cwith the first one clearly hammered by a direct hit  278 ScotMac taking it all in 2Ci wonder what hes reading  279 To commemorate the  building of the airfeild at longues-sur-mer 
280 The Cliffs towards the Longues-sur-mer battery  281 The Cliff edge nearer Port-au-Bessin  282 Sign in the Toilets with brilliant translation from French to English and German  283 Caffine stop in Port-au-Bessin 
284 Looking across Omaha Beach 13 june 2009  285 The shingle at the top of the beach Not much cover from the clifftops  286 Looking down the Bluffs of Omaha beach  287 Omaha beach Fox green section 20092Cwith Bj and Dane climbing the bluffs2Cand if you seach you can find a Radigan hidden in the photo 
288 On top of one of the many bunkers at omaha beach2C the Memorial to the engineers who had the job of blowing the bunkers  289 A list of the engineers that died in this section on june 6th 1944  290 To the left of the monument is the commanding view these bunkers had of the beach  291 To the 5th Special engineers     Why is Woody doing an impression of  The Thinker 
292 Noobs that pretend they can read  293 The monument to  The Big Red 1  294 Plaque next to the monument  295 The Monument looking back down to the sea 
296 The progression inland from the Beaches  297 The amphibious assault landings  298 The air operations between March- August 1944 in support of the landings  299 The Progress made by the Allies between June 44 and May 45 
300 The Memorial garden at the Eastern edge  301 Looking down to the Easy Red section of Omaha beach  302 Imagine this view 2Cbut with loads of ships2Cthousands of men and a shit load of munitions flying towards you   Who wants to pick the Germans now  303 An explaination of the D-Day landings in lovely bright colours for all our  clever American friends 
304 The table and the view down the cliff face  305 The American Cemitary at Colleville-sur-mer  306 Perfect rows of thousands of graves  307 Looking towards the cliff tops from the cemetary 
308 Straight rows of crosses in every direction  309 The central mauselium  310 Top of the cliffs for the centre of the cemetary  311 Looking inland from the centre 
312 More rows of perfectly white marble  313 Looking Eastwards towards the gate from the Central point  314 One for Mac  315 Merry Christmas Mrs Fox2Cyour present is a telegram 
316 The Monument at Les Moulins2COmaha Beach2CWhere we stopped for lunch on sunday  317 Centre point of Omaha beach  318 The new sculpture on Omaha beach  319 Erm picture of some people looking at the sculpture 
320 Just incase we lost the last two pictures  321 Poems written about D-day at Omaha  322 Woody2CCapy2CCarnage2CJupi2CMac and Magic look where theve been on the map at Point-du-Hoc  323 Dane2CWoody and Tikkas reading up on the Point-Du-Hoc information 
324  As we see the cliff edge at Point-du-hoc the mist started to roll in off the sea  325 Scout taking the previous picture of the Mist and Cliffs  326 The Cliff edge disappears into the mist  327 1 Capy watches Carnage and Woody go in to clear a bunker with  Tikky s Spag-bol Gas 
327 Crater after crater whever you look  328 Magic and Mac walk between the craters  329 1 Same picture but Capy has appeared on the left  329 2 Woody photographing Carnage in the Crater2Cwith Dane2CRads and Felix at the top right 
329 Carnage in a crater watched by Mac2CMagic Bj and Scout  330 1 Huge chunks of concrete sitting in places  they dont belong  330 2 Some pieces of concrete embedded in the grass near a Gun Hardpoint  330 Felixcat takes a walk between the ruins of the gun position 
331 The chunks on the right have been thrown from an exploding bunker off to the right of the picture  332 Moonscape doesnt do it justice  there isnt this density of craters on the moon  333 5 looking down the steps of the bunker  333 The only mainly intact bunker on Point-du-Hoc  the guns were not even here at the time of the attacks 
334 The machine gun position A welcoming sight to most of the bunker entrances  335 1 A huge chunk of concrete repositioned by a bomb impact   And the  Ghosts  of Magic2CTikkas and Bj in the top right 3B29  335 Craters and chunks of concrete2Cbunker ruins and if you  look really carefully Carnage2CMac and Radigan wandering round the holes on the right of the picture  336 Tik2CDane2CFelixBj2CJupi and James walk around the craters near the cliff edge 
337 Radigan2Cenjoying the walk round the Point  338 The mist rolls in to cover the craters  339 Then it clears to show  a few more blast holes  340 Carnage2CCapy and Mac climb the stairs above a bunker to get a better view 
341 1  Looking towards the Central point2Cnothing to see but craters and mist  341 2 The crumbling cliff face that the American Rangers had to climb   did we say it was misty  341 3 Doesn t look to far down   might be worse looking up with bullets coming down  341 Someone takes a picture of Scout with the Point-du-Hoc Cliffs behind him   An OMG Mac get out of the   too late 
342 A huge bunker blown to pieces from a bomb hit on both sides  343 1 Point-du-Hoc is covered by a strange mist  343 Capy and Carnage have to turn a pose on the stairs  344 Another gun position2Clooks like it suvived pretty well 
345 But looking straight through it2Cyou can see this one was shot in the arse  346 A close up of a gun position never fitted with a gun  347 Even places not hit the shockwaves have cracked the concrete  348 Huge chunks lifted and moved 
349 The  piece of concrete at the very top of the picture2Cwas a roof section lifted and thrown by the blasts  350 Jupi2CRadigan2CJames2CDane2CFelix and Bj  listen in  as The Big Lump next to the concrete is talking  351 Woody needs a new ISP as he loses Connection  352 The approach to Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont   nice camera work 2121 
353 Behind Brecourt Manor  354 As we approach the wind picks up the Danish Flag  355 The Monument to the Danish Seamen  356 Time to get our Danish Seamen ready for a Photocall 
357 Radigan an Dane at Their Monument  358 Dane and Radigans own part of the meeting at  Goosebump City  359 Mac likes the cut of Radigans jeans  360 The Chruch at Sainte-Mare-Eglise 
361 All the Spearhead Noobs will recognize this Church  362 The guy who got stuck on the roof on June 6th 1944 and hes still here poor bloke  363 Every 15 minutes he hears the  Damn bells  364 Sign outside the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mare-Eglise 
365 A nice picture of the 2 American Airborne division badges and a sign for the museum  366 The Church from the Museum grounds  367 For the Spearhead noobs - the church from the compound next to the graveyard  368 A the Sherman in the Museum Tikkas has an idea 
369 Remember we had a photo taken here in 2005  370 Lets get a photo done with the guys from 2009  371 Radigan looking at the American AA gun with the Church in the background  372 Close up of the AA gun 
373 The Nightmare 212121  374 The Nightmare that is Mac  375 Magic and Carnage are happy that the Meeting seems to have gone ok  376 The Waco glider exhibit at The Airborne Museum 
377 Along the wingspan of a Waco Glider  378 The Paratroops in the back of the Glider  379 This looks a bit cramped but i bet Mac would choose this over Ryanair 2121  380 A jeep that could but dropped by glider 
381 An recruitment  poster for 18 and 19 year old Americans  382 Inside the Waco exhibit James2CBj and Tikkas look at the displays  383 German weapons with the stick grenades  384 German Kar98 and Mg42 amongst others 
385 Amunition for the Kar98  386 Cigarettes2Csoap and biscuits all a soldier needs  387 A Thompson2CCarbine 28paratrooper version with folding stock29 and a Trenching shovel  388 An Airborne 2 inch Mortar 
389 A bulldozer that could be brought in by Glider  390 A chart showing the type of things that would hang under different colours of parachute  391 Pictures outside the Church in June 1944  392 The Americans lives up to the Cowboy image and ride into town in 1944 
393 Two troopers clear the bell tower from snipers  394 The C-47 Exhibit at The airborne Museum in Sainte-Mare-Eglise  395 American Para in a sentry box  396 Please select a weapon berfore spawning 
397 Allies please select your weapon  398 A row of paras with the 1st in from the right with Scope s noobtube  399 Mock up of the paras boarding their aircraft in England2Cnotice  the 101st para with the Mohawk  400 The different equipment carried by the troops before the drop 
401 These Americans have captured a German soldier  402 American 82nd Airborne paras with the left hand guy holding a Grease Gun  403 A Vickers 7 7cal Machine gun  404 A resupply parachute roll 
405 One Parachute dropped this much hardware for the Troops2Cnice if you lost your weapon on the Drop  406 Main allied weapons on Cod and Spearhead  407 The Grease monkey on the ground crew check the C-47 is fit to fly  408 The pilot and aircrew look ready for Take-off 
409 Woody and Capy come down from veiwing the plane  410 Scout above the C-47s wing  411 Scout gets in the way of the displays  412 The C-47 Skytrain 
413 Felix talks his way past the senrty post at the door  414 The Nose-art on the C-47   ahoy Tikkas-noob  415 American field artillary  416 Mac takes a breather on the sandbags 
417 Woody and Capy with the 101st sign  418 Scout wants a photo next to the 101st sign  419 Close up in case you cant read the smaller lettering  420 Close up of the 82nd Airborne sign 
421 An 82nd Airborne patch  422 A 101st Airborne patch  423 The Flags near the Museum  424 Take your pick from these French street hookers 
425 Radigan2CCarnage and Jupi finish in the Museum Shop  426 Inside the Church at Sainte-mare-Eglise  427 The stained glass deicated to the 82nd Airborne  428 Widow at the rear of the Church 
429 The stained glass remembers the Paratroopers falling from the sky on 6th june 1944  430 The Museum at Deadmans Corner2Cwith Tikky blocking the road on the left - incase of a German counter attack  431 Deadmans corner 1944  432 The Stuart little tank whos Commander died here and gave the name to the place 
433 The same place in 2009  434 The Sunday night poker match  435 1 Capy2CJames2CDane and Radigan play The board game  Axis and Allies  435 9 Woody and Doodelzakk Mac got to take photos for Scope 
435 Tikkas2CBj2CJupi2CCarnage2CDealer woody and Mac have a AA evening in  436 Aw Scopey look what you missed at the meeting  437 The cute goat want to know why Scope isnt here  438 The Little Goat 28We shall call Gabbe29 wants to know what the noobs are doing 
439 Enough Mac no more goat pictures  440 Thats enough no Scope im off  441 Go away now you AA noobs  442 This picture must be for Scope and Gabbe only