1 1 Carnage with Magic and Bj on the rear patio  1 2 Magic and Tikky phone the whole clan to say were on the tv  28at the back Carny2CRad s back2C Woody n Crappy2CBj is the dude on the right29  1 Magic and Bj set up -3D7BAA7D3D- tv  2 2 Capy shows off his flash mobile s music to28 left to right29 Carnage2CWoody and Radigan 
2 Woody and Cappy noob about with their mobiles  3 The Magical one And a bit of Radigan  4 1 Carnage taking a picture of Dane taking a picture of Carnage  4 Some noob in Belgium2C 
5 1 Magic s box display team  5 2 Carnage welcomes you to Free s hideout2CFree is busy doing the cooking at the back  5 51 Felix and Free prepare the evenings rations  5 Magic s box display team 
6 What shall we do with the  drunken sailor  7 Im not drunk 2Ci blinked  8 Capy in Blurry vision  9 1 Woody and Capy the pool sharks 
9 2  The Hustler Vs The Noob  9 Capy owning the pool table As Magic checks the view  10 0  La Roche from the ridge line  10 1 Carnage2CCapy2C Radigan and Bj just before the drive through the Ardennes 
10 1 Felix2CCarny2CRadigan and Capy Wait for the Chauffeurs 2121  10 2 Carnage in the Tikmobile shortly before  walk this way  played and the Tiknoob had a noob session  10 3 Radigan in the Tikmobile cruising through the Ardennes  10 4  La Roche from the ridge line 
10 9 Radigan2CFelix2CCarnage2CBj 2CTikkas and Free wait for the others after Free PWNED Magic in the  Oi its my space  parking game  10 Dane and Free enjoy an early morning coffee in front of the HQ  11 Fuzzy bikes at the La Roche WW2 museum  12 Medic2121 American Tracked Ambulance 
13 This guy was fryed2C i doubt he ll make it  14 Info at the museum2Cplus the hat is on Danes head2Cso now you know how short he really is  15 More Medic stuff  16 Tikky reading2C not just looking at the pictures 28honest29 
17 A DUKW with a quad 50 on board  18 American AA gun  19 Noobs all  reading   And Carnage looking like an Ape21  20 Tik2CRads2C Magic an Felix checking the hardware 
20 Tik2C Magic an Felix checking the hardware  21 The Yankee AA gun and pictures on the state La Roche was in after Gerry was chased out  22 Harley Davidson US Military Police style  23 Mock up of a 101st Airborne Paratrooper  28Band of Brother style29 
24 Freelancer2CWoody and Caparzo with the Willys Jeep  25 Kettenkrad at the exit of the musee  26 The controls of the Kettenkrad  27 1 The AA Clan go on a recce around La Roche 
27 The Veiw from the exit doors2Clooking back into the musee  28 The inside view of a Sherman turret  29 1 This shows how the last two pictures were taken 2Cor Carnage was attempting to fix a Sherman  29 Veiw of the loading point on the Sherman turret2Cas seen from under the tank 
30 1 The River Ourthe in La Roche  30 2 The River Ourthe 2Cknown to the AA crew as the chocolate milk river  30 3 The -3D7BAA7D3D- caffine stop2Cbut someone is missing  30 Looking at the castle in La roche on the Ourthe river bridge 
31 Free is told to sit on his own at the back of the cafe  32 1 Radigan2CBj and Carnage enjoying the Belgian lifestyle  32 A quick caffine fix for the crew before the invasion of the castle  34 1 The Clan get ready to move out 
34 Tikky and Felix on the Coffee  35 1 The pathway leading up to La Roche Kasteel  35 2 Radigan watching as Magical films the idiots race up to the entrance  35 3 Looking back towards the main gate 
35 4 Tikky Dane and radigan at the castle  35 9 Walking towards the battlements2Cnotice Carnage taking the next photo  35 La Roche memorial  36 1 La roche and the M10 in the distance 
36 2 The remains of the entrance tower  36 M10 across from La Roche castle  37La Roche church from the battlements  37 1 Bj looking at the view from the top of the Castle 
37 La Roche church from the battlements  38 1 Ancient hardware on the terrace  38 2 The spear launcher from the side  38 Looking at the castle from the terrace 
38 Tikky Dane and radigan at the castle  39 Woody  throwning up  in the well in the great hall 28not really29  40 1 Capy reads Woody a fairy story  40 2 View from the battlements up the valley 
40 3 The well in the castle courtyard  40 3  The castle courtyard  40 4 Felixcat explaining to Tikky where they are  40 5 Bignoob and Felix try and find the computer room 
40 La Roche castle great hall again  41 Parkers crossroads plaque  42 Carnage trying to look cool at Parkers crossroads2CFritarie central  42 Carnage trying to look cool at Parkers crossroads2CFritarie central near Brokeback Belgium 
43 1 The troops mount up for the return of the patrol to base  43 2 Its a major task to get the  bunch of idiots aboard  43 3 We all watch as Rob makes sure the guys are aboard with no MIAs  43 4 Radigan2CWoody2CBj2CFelix2CFree2CTikkas and Carnage are all safely onboard 
43 5 The end of the Halftrack tour after we all dismount  43 6 The Russian SU100 tank destroyer next to the German Halftrack we could have gone on instead of the yankee one  43 7 Inside the German halftrack  43 8 The guys check out the Sherman which is owner Rob s next project to restore 
43 Poteau photo 05B15D The WW2 picture where the Halftrack took us  44 Carnage jnr checking out the present from magic  44 The German AT gun in the grounds of the Poteau museum  45 1 Ah thats better Radigan is ready now Dane21 
45 2 Panther-G tank in the village of Manhay  45 Carnage Jnr s thank you to Magical 2121  45 Dane takes the picure of the guys at the Panther tank2CRadigan is not ready 21  46 1 Rad on the left as Felix and Carnage chat about the gravestones 
46 2 Our Clan leaders at the gate  46 3 Capy2CWoody2CBj2CFree and Radigan waiting for the Brits to finish doing their  thing  46 Woody 2CCaparzo and Radigan wander through the British Cemetary in Hotton  47 Freelancer watches all the idiots chasing a football 
48 1 Radigan tidys up after another feast2Cwhile Free and Magic have a chat  48 The Clan chef next to his  weapon  of choice  49 1 All the guys are sat in amazement as the chip leader Freelancer asks  how do you play this game  49 2 Radigan counts up his chips after another good hand 
49 3 Woody the dealer2Cas Capy keeps a close eye on the cards  49 4 Looks like the drink is taking its toll on the guys after a long day2Cbut still the cards keep coming  49 5 Carnage and Magic after a day in the sun and a night on the scotch  49 6 Woody starts to ping out 2121 
49 7 Bj and Dane are the last ones to go to bed  49 Its poker night at the at the clan meeting  50 1 Capy does the drying  50 Last morning as Woody washes up 
51 1 Felix2Cwoody2C Capy and Tik relax out front before we set off  51 Magic2CTikky2CFelix2CBj and Carnage before the drive to the Abbaye  52 Goodbye to the local Belgians  53 1 Bj2CFree and Tikky  dont want to get too close 
53 2 Carnage is looking for the beer he s heard so much about  53 Woody and Capy in The Abbaye Maredsous carpark2Cdressed to thrill the Monks  54 1 Freelancer in the Abbaye grounds  54 Maredsous cathederal in the grounds of the Abbaye 
55 Last cup of coffee before we leave for home but all still having a laugh  56 Carnage2CBj2CTiknoob and Radigan enjoying the coffee2Csun and company  57 Radigan2C Magic2CCapy and Woody listen to the Big Noob and Bj  94 Carnage jnr checking out the present from magic 
95 Carnage Jnr s thank you to Magical 2121  96 The boxes that Magic still has for sale  DR 1 1 The Monument to the Sailors2Cand the Radmobile  DR 1 2 Plaques at the base of the monument 
DR 1 The monument outside the Valantin U-Boat bunker at Rekum near Breman  DR 2 Damage caused to the building by Allied bombing2Cand the modern building as its still in use as a weapons storage site  DR 3  Radigan the northeast corner of the bunker  DR 4 The trees that have grown around the bunker since the war 
DR 5 Warning sign - No Danish noobs allowed  DR 6 From Tiger tanks to Ford escort how the German military has changed2CLandward side of the Valentin Bunker  DR 7 Blocked off entrance to the U-boot pen  DR 8  The the right of the Pen 
DR 9 1 Where the germans fixed U-boats  DR 9 A close look at the inside the pen  DR 10 5 The Monument to all sailors2Cin Rekum near Kiel  DR 10 Deep inside the pen as the sun shines through 
DR 11 Radigan looking for a Submarine  DR 12 Whats that in the bushes  DR 13 Dane spots something    is that a U-boat  DR 14 The Conning tower 
DR 15 The U-995 with the monument and a noo   oh its Radigan too  DR 16 The portside looking aft  DR 17 The Bow and exit of the Sub museum  DR 18 Nameplate on the bow 
DR 19 The 2 AA guns and a Cannon on the Conning tower  DR 20 A sea mine near the Sub  RD 21 1 The Engine Almost as big as the one in Radigans car  RD 21 2 Looking the opposite way in the Enginge room 
RD 21 The Sleeping 2B Eating quarters Leading to the enging room  RD 22 What do you mean  look at the Knob   do you mean me  RD 23 1 Danes arm and the Pressure and depth meters  RD 23 Left and right Dive rudder meters 
RD 24 The Engine power meters  RD 25 More power meter thingy thingys  RD 26 Close up of the power meter  RD 27 Dane checks to see if there porn on this funny tv 
RD 28 1 The device to show the periscope bearing  RD 28 Oh its a funny type of telescope  RD 29 Dane trying some hand puppetry in a pump room  RD 30 The battery meters for the electric engine With Radigan reading the instructions 
RD 31 The hatch to the Conning tower  RD 32 The directiom finder and listening equipment  RD 33 More stuff to find those Brits with  RD 34 The radio room 
RD 35 Map showing the kill boxes to help organize Wolfpacks  RD 36 1 The other end of the Torpedo  RD 36 2 The inside of a Torpedo  RD 36 Look at the size of my   er      Torpedo 
RD 37 Tube 4 loaded and ready to fire Herr Noob  RD 38 The topedo tubes and pressure mechanisms  RD 39 The Aft torpedo tube  RD 40 Klaus get me a cup of coffee The Galley 
RD 41 The most inportant room on the ship  RD 42 German pump action toilet Vorsprung durch technik  RD 43 Looking up inside the Monument s tower  RD 44 Battle at sea 
RD 45 This wall lists all of the boats lost by the Allies and Germans  RD 46 The list is huge and goes on adn on  RD 47 More ships on all four walls  RD 48 Leading down to the base of the Monument 
RD 49 Inside the base of the Monument