01 Dane gets Batman and sets off for Hayes.  02 Hayes at the Train staition off to meet the Dane and Batman.  03 Magic and Gooferd load up early to get to Makros...rumour has it there will be an RV with the English guys there.  04 Magic and Gooferd stock up on essentials at the cash and carry in Belgium. 
05 Magic loads up incase of a breakdown in The Netherlands.  06 Meat Dane....he's obssessed with meat.!!!  07 Arrival at our House for the weekend...Het Uitzicht..  08 First things first banner up...check 
09 Flag up...check.....Tik has a drink..check.  10 First floor hallway with rooms either side..  11 One of the second floor rooms....well lived in.  12 The Command room. 
13 A barrack room for 7 noobs....only 2 noobs in there..  14 Another 2nd floor room.  15 Carnage's stash in his room.  16 Dane's bed... 
17 Those damn stairs up to the View.  18 The 'View' room,with pool table,table football,and that View.  19 The view left  20 the central view towards Horrocks' tree. 
21 The view right,along the Wylerbaan with the museum the first turning on the right.  22 Close left view of the deer nextdoor.  23 Close up of the horses in the middle view.  24 The jacuzzi in the next room...Rhys and carnage check the comfort... 
25 The sun bed in the 'Spa' room. Rhys trys to up his tan a bit....  26 Now outside ,the covered patio...saved the smokers from drowning on friday night.  27 Looking back towards the Bar area..  28 the Anvil in the covered bar area...perfect for placing a beer on.. 
28.1 One of the drains that didnt cope that well on friday night..  29 Our first section of garden..  30 Our decorative part of the garden...  30.1 The buzzard on next doors fence. 
31 The sight on arrival,Tikkas and guarno behind the bar....not sure thats right.  32 Its blurry but thats most guys view of Carnage at the end of the evening.  32 Sun doing clan work babysitting  Tik,rhys and scary who are looking well....nooby..  33 Carnage ,Odin and sweep chill with beer and a chat after arriving....Oranje now has the taste for pizza.. 
34 Oranje spots AA camerman and thinks .....Lunch..  35 Odin,Reece,Scary,Oranje,Hayes and Rikkie catch up on the chit chat ..  36 Carnage tells the guys that dinner is served...  36 Usual AA responce to Carnage...... 
37 Magic ready to dish up the steaks....Dane the Meatman will be happy.  38 The Meal on Friday ,Steak and Chips...Look at the meatman with a portion in his mouth...  39 The Quiet time at an AA meeting.  40 Sun and Carnage behind the bar and Scary an Reece try to find something to sing too. 
41 Carnage about to start the Friday evening presentation.  42 The guys show a real enthusiasm for the chat.  42.1Carnage and Reece play a little pool late on.  42.2 Really late on with Magic playing Guarnere ,Carnage and dane. 
42.3 Batman watches the guys playing pool..  43 Next morning the weather is as foggy as a few of the guys heads..  44 The AA Carpark Saturday morning.  45 Brinkie goes to see the View we got saturday morning. 
46 Next doors Deers in the mist.  47 Close up on the Deers.  48 Brinkie breaks into next doors garden tho photograph our house....Scary must have been doing a Breaking and entering course with the guys.  49 The View......not so good at the moment. 
50 Your first sight of a human enough to put you off breakfast...  51 Reece may have been woken up a bit early by Scary....  52 magic in the Kitchen sorting Saturdays breakfast..  52.1 First lot ready...dont burn it Magic.. 
52.2 Magic just kept on cooking till we used all the bacon....mmm  53 Monsieur Canage asks Batman is the bread that good....  54 Seconds laters Batmans reply...mmmmmnmnmn  55 Magic and Guarno serve up breakfast.. 
56 The guys tuck into the bacon and eggs....  57 And all the other nice stuff Magic has sorted..  58 Odin seems to have the wrong aftershave on this morning..  59 After breakfast some of the guys sit out the back whil Dane counts his money.. 
60 Scary already left,Reece then starts the move off to the cars.  61 Carnage starts the difficult job of organizing who goes in which car..  62 This can take hours with these guys.  63 sweeper steps in to organize the Corks. 
64 First stop saturday , The Allied cemetary in the Riechwald forest.  64.1 In case you missed it...  65 Time for a look around.  66 First job.....Sweep's job 
66.1 The list of the grave plots.  66.2 The visitors book.  66.3 What Sweep wrote...  66.4 Where sweep's work is stored. 
66.5 The list of individual countries dead.  66.6 The placement of the plots..  66.7 Why the cemetary is here..  67 The plaque detailing the cemetary details.. 
68 The Usual CWG central stone..  69 From the centre looking back to the gate..  70 Magic wanders off to find some other things to photograph.  71 To the right a mass of burials. 
71.1 And to the right.  72 The only Norwiegian in the cemetary.  73 The graves all close together are all from the same bomber.  74 Magic also found the only Yugoslav in the place. 
75 A Scottish Sanderson.  76 Shhh dont show Rikkie..  77 An Irish Peters from the Airbourne.  78 A Welsh Griff....realation mate... 
79 Not that Winters...  80 The Belgian soldiers grave..  81 The Only Dutch guy in here,Oranje sorts the greenery.  82 A kiwi J.Howard,not the Major from pegasus bridge. 
83 The cameraman who loves brickwork now has a thing for grass..  84 Czech graves with Polish graves behind.  85 pilot ,Navigator and Gunner all from the same plane,the others may be elsewhere or they parachuted out.  86 A Czech airman. 
86.1 An Artillery observer who watched from the skies.  87 A Polish airman.  87.1 An Aussies resting place..  88 The Guys all wandering through a beautiful cemetary. 
89 Lots of Polish graves in this section.  90 Another whole crew..  91 Rikkie watches all the guys around the cemetary.  92 The tower from where Rikkie was looking. 
93 The view across to the other tower.  94 Magic goes inside to see what Rikkie and Oranje are doing...proberly has something to do with cheese..  95 Carnage and Sweep in deep discusion,  96 A face to the name this time. 
97 And again.  98 A chap who was helping to look after the administration (of belgium) after the war finished.  99 This Kiwi was not a clan member but we shall make him an honorary member due to his name..  100 Last look at the noobs noobing,with the big noob playing with his stick.. 
101 Time to leave people,lots more to see today..  101.1 Glenn position nor.....ah no its Wout taking the piss out of Glenn.  102 Next quick stop,Magic approahing Nijmegen bridge.  104 The new second bridge in the morning mist as seen from the origional bridge. 
105 The Bunker on the north side of Nijmegan bridge..  106 Looking south towards where the Tanks of 30 corps came from.  107 A close up on the South section of the bridge at Nijmegen,  108 The guys all listen in for a little outline of what happened here. 
109 Off we go to have a look round ..  110 Rikkie is the first one to check the north bunker..  111 looking to the South at the City and cathederal.  112 Carnage tries to get a quick phot o before everyo...o hi Hayes. 
113 Rikkie,Hayes and Carnage take in the fume on the ...no wait at the buker for AA Cameraman to take his picture.  114 More people want to be in a picture ,while the others hide on the left.  115 The Guys watch Batman and Rikkie dance...what u dont belive me..  116 The Aa we found a bunker dance..we think!! 
117 Done in all WW2 color colours..  118 The plane side of the bunker...it interested someone to take the picture..  119 The side looking south towards the bridge,the direction of where the 508th 82nd AA came from.  120 Sweeper and Guarno go to check the underside of the new section of bridge. 
121 The new and old section of the bridgeand...sweeper get out of the way..  122 AA cameraman 2 takes a sweep free picture from above.  123 The Swollen river Waal.  124 Sweep and Guarno stand close to the swollen river,who's first to push one in. 
125 An orderley queue forms at the top of the stairs.  126 Carnage is overtaken by noobs wanting to 'wash' Sweep and Guarno'.  127 This year we get a old bike club roll past...  128 Two peices of a concrete roadblock and a Sweeper.. 
129 Guarno looks to see if this place is safe enough to hide his beer from Dane..  130 Guarno goes down to the waters edge again.  131 Sweep follow Guarno past the plaque..  132 The Plaque on the Northwest side of the bridge. 
133 looking south from the NW corner of the bridge.  134 Guarno and Sweep walk back towards the cars.  135 The rest of the group wait for the more curious noobs.  136 On the way to Grave we get stuck behind one of those noobs who holds his hand outside the sunroof.. 
137 Crossing the Maas river on the bridge at Grave..  138 The John S Thopson Bridge over the Waal in Grave taken from the west bank of the river.  139 The La Sasse pumping station on the Waal.  140 Looking Southwest from the pumping station. 
141 The side looking west,very few pockmarks on this side.  142 The side facing south has no marks.  142.1 A weed in the gun port of the bunker....well we are in the Nederlands.  142.2 And a cobweb in the other.. 
143 This bunker was attacked from the North east as the Americans can south through Grave.  144 the Liberation route marker.  145 The info you need.  146 The bird watching info as the area is a nature reserve now. 
147 The Information of who and what was house in this bunker.  148 The plaque showing the Dutchies liberated this bunker of its German occupants.  149 A last look at the bunker .  149.1 The Memorial next to the bridge overlooking the river. 
149.2 Looking at the other side  toward the bunker.  149.3 The explanation of how the mission unfolded.  149.4 Stating that the mission started 17th sept,taken the same day,30 corps tanks rolled over the bridge on the 19th ,and Princess Irene Batt took over on the 21st.  150 Magic tells the Big Ape the plan for the next stop....Tik in usual rush mode. 
151 On the way to the next stop,notice the Belgians up front,so round the bend we go..  152 Round a roundabout.  153 And round another bend....round and round and round and do you understand our pain now.  154 And we finally made it to Arnham's bridge too far. 
155 The music we were grooving too...what er really..ok Its the temperature and time were interested in apparently.  156 The Famous er Tikky...cant be right..  157 ah thats it the Famous John Frost Bridge in Arnham..  159 Second parking spot,these were free,next to Arnham bridge. 
160 The Square  161 A painting done in 1983 on show in the square.  162 A C-47 proppeller blade..  163 The Arty piece in the square surrounded by locals ....until we arrive. 
164 Scary lives up to his name..  165 A local free gun ready for some AA noobage.  166 Now its Wouts turn to control the gun.  167 The plaque on the front of the gun. 
168 A shell from 1944 now part of the monument in view of the Bridge.  169 A Dane's eye view of the shell.  170 One of thousands dropped on the area ..  171 Another of the picture around the square.. 
172 Close up of the bridge in 1945.  173 The 1 Airbourne guys jumping over Wolfheze near Oosterbeek..  174 A painting of the german attack to take back the bridge.  175 A painting of the Paras holding the bridge in the last few hours before the pullout. 
176 The Airbourne boys retreating south..  177 The guys left behind...Doctors and patients,left to be captured by the Germans.  179 The Modern map of the battle area ,with the 1944 map imposed over the top..  180  The bridge after it was bombed. 
181 A British Paratroopers helmet in the square..  182 Looking along the arty piece aimed towards the bridge.  183 Scary's artie Arty picture.  184 The Battle of Arnham museum overlooks the bridge. 
185 The video showing how the battle progressed.  186 A model of a horsa glider.  187 The Sweep job is done..  188 Last look at the bridge from the front of the museum. 
189 looking across to the rave on the other side of the Rhine  190 The entrance to the Airbourne square in the centre of the roundabout.  191 The 17th September 1944 memorial in the Square.  192 Arnhams St Walburgis church. 
193 Ah the monument at Oosterbeek,our next stop.  194 The road out of Oosterbeek to the west. And the soldier an child monmument.  195 Abstract war art on the green in Oosterbeek.  196 Everyone wanders off except Hayes whos wondering about th Cheesier way to park.. 
197 Carnage tells Magic to follow the noob,but Magic plays Thunderbirdsand goes the other way..  198 Hmmm were getting close...a lovely British 17 pounder..  199 A serious piece of kit.  200 This piece has seen some action,now Hayes and rhys touch some history. 
201 Of course Carnage has to start touching,now we wont move him for another 20 minutes.  202 Some of the bullet scars from its time in the action.  203 Lots more scars behind the cover plates.  204 How many noobs does it take to load a round... 
205 Wout and Scary at the gun with the next stop in the background..  206 Abetter view of the shell damage to the AT..  207 Noobfree 17 pdr.  208 Wout and Hayes want one more look.. 
209 Another liberation route marker.  210 Our next stop ,The Hartenstien Hootel,Oosterbeek, 1st Airbourne HQ for the  211 Once a hospital for the wounded at Arnham,now a Paratroop museum.  212 Guarno is the figure having a patrol round the building.. 
213 One of the monuments outside the museum.  214 The plaque from the People of Gelderland and the second from the Paras that fought here.  215 A Second 17 pdr outside the museum entrance.  215 And within sight of the gun a Sherman of the Canadian army. 
216 Scary tells Reece all about the sherman....But did he remember its an M4...  217 The 'hotel-hospital-fighting position' after it was taken back by the Germans...and were going in.  217.1 The rear of the building afterwards  218 Tell the others we made it to the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek. 
219 Straight into the weaponry,German AT and spraynage first.  220 The Allied spray and definatly pray if you held the PIAT mortor,and 2 types of Para Mortors.  221The inside of a PIAT round,excellant at very close range,like 3 metres.  222 Nice close up. 
223 All around the museum they had sets of drawers,each containing object from the Battle in the area...This one is the German cold steel and Nades..  224 Here is a good one...A Mills bomb...  225 Also dotted around were writings from the local childrens diaries,lucky we had all the cheesy translators with us.  226 The heartfelt letter written by the Commander of the Allied troops when he presented his medal to the people of Oosterbeek. 
227 The Bren gun that was found in the house used as a firing point at the edge of the village.  228 One of the Polish paras helmets..  229 A Polish paratroopers radio,Grey beret to diginguish themselves from the Britsh 'Red berets' and Polish Battledress.  230 A flag... 
231 That picture that Wout wanted to recreate.  232 For Wout,a better version of the Picture in the hotel.  233Carnage gets to see the same view as the British soldier,but without a gun much to Carnage's annoyance.  234 A map showing the airborne landing zonesand the movement to Arnham..Check the 1st battalions Col Dobie the guy who swam the Rhine in Band of brothers.. 
234 The view the defending soldier had..  235 The whole of the market garden area september 26th 1944.  235 What Carnage saw....Flag !!  236 The Insignia of the German troops,from The Kreigsmarine to the Polish division. 
237 Bottom right....Gorings Division...!!  238 Members of the German Air force,Navy and Army all involved.  239 3 important to check here,The Nederlands ,Fuhrer and Polish divisions fought here.  240 The Allied Insignia of who were here. 
241The Paras and Glider units who were involved.  242 The Army guys who were glidered in to help.  243 The Raf and Army air corp were also represented.  244 Some of the medals and photos of men who took part. 
245 Lots of medals  246 Bravery was not in short supply here says Dane.  247 Some further soldiers and the Civilians who helped and some that were killed for assisting the troops.  248 The man who led the attack and captured the bridge at Arnham. 
249 Colonel Frosts battledress.  250 An officers battledress,with a reflection of an Ape and a cheese lover.  251 Helmuts in helmets..  252 Some German funk. 
253 A bomb from the grounds.  254 A door from the church with order of what soldiers should do to try and make it back after the fall of Arnham..  255 Not writen by a soldier,by a script writer so an actor didn't forget his line in a Bridge too far.  256 Someone was back looking in the drawers,this time finding the SS kit,Command pennant,Staff car flag and Ceremonial dagger. 
257 British survival kit WW2 style.  258 Parts of a horsa glider that will fit in the drawers.  259 A Glider pilot and supply canister.  260 The glider pilot and a paratroop with Dane hiding behind...ratatata.. 
261 The old thompson and a sten gun.  262 Allied weapons one side German  kit on the other.  263 A Bren,Webley and a 1911.  264 A 303 Sniper rile and an Mg42..plus other stuff you know. 
265 Scary likes the Sights and Butt of the Mg42.  266 Our old friend from the First world war,the upgraded Vickers.  267 The Germans most famous pistols A luger and a PPK for the bond fans and an MG34.  268 Serious firepower for WW2. 
269 MMMmn  270 German Pak wheel found by the traffic bridge in Oosterbeek.  271 Allied and German BBQ experts.  272 Scary porn....A Para-cycle. 
273 Actually written by a soldier,along with his body count.  274 Magic takes a picture of Gooferd but gets a better picture of the tree outside...AA cameraman is back.  275 reece gets his hands on the 303.  276 Oranje gives Reece a few pointers. 
277 Scary what have you been teaching the lad..  278 Reece your dad has taught you to close the wrong eye..  279 Reece checks the rear of the building is clear.  280 Carnage checks the sights. 
281 Who let him have a gun again..  282 Ahh if only it were loaded,right in the cameramans face.  283 Oh no the Danske has a gun.  284 Someone gave the Belgian a gun.. 
285 Thats it Magic take out the Cameraman.  286 Another Belgie with a gun,no wonder the Dutchies are hiding.  287 Guarno takes aim,like he is going to kill one of the deers outside for lunch.  288 The Dutchies get there gun back. 
289 Oranje takes aim at a passing Belgian.  290 Resistance armband so the allies could recognize then...or so we didnt lose Oranje.  291 A Medics coat unwashed since the War,hinting the Medic station is this way...  292 The Medic station down in the basement . 
293 The Padre giving the last rights to a soldier.  294 A wounded soldier being looked after.  294.1  295 The Hq radio room also in the basement,if you look closely you can see a Tikkas escaping back to the gift shop. 
296 The Hq downstairs aswell.  297 Carnage does an impression of Glenn.  298 Reece shows how you can hear and not listen to Carnages waffle..  299 One of the Glider mock ups port hole windows showing video of sections of the flight. 
300 The view from the mock up cockpit.  303 And the chalkings on the rear.  304 An Airbourne plough.  305 Small enough to be landed by Glider. 
306 The distances from the landing zones.  307 An Airbourne jeep must carry all its spares.  308 That guy looks like he may shoot the cameraman....please..  309 The jeep set againt a colour photo from the landing. 
310 Looks like theres plenty of tea in the trailer.  311 And a little anti air cover for the paras.  312 Carnage and Reece cover the fire exit sign under the origional sign from Oosterbeek.  313 The British made Airbourne Howitzer. 
314 The manufacturers plate shows its a 75mm.  315 The mock up of the Howitzer position..  316 The Airbourne guys had a field gun that could be Gliderbourne.  317 The field gun in amongst the rubble. 
318 Carnage in the German lines.  319 German flak gun.  320 The other side.  320.1 Are the in a hole or just Danish. 
321 The Mortor position.  321.1 The rear of the motor pit  322 Yup a close up  323 The walkway back round... 
324 The picture on the wall behind the howitzer.  324.1 Some civilians that the Germans rounded up in the area.  325 A mock up of a grave in the grounds of the Hotel.  326 Visitors book all done with...where next. 
327 The AA Meeting undertaking group (MUG) sort out whats happening for lunch.  328 Tikkas helps out bt annoying some random public.  329 Does this tank know whats about to happen to it...  330 First Reece decides to climb on the Tank...Carnage said it was ok Dad honest. 
330 Reece gets into the AA way.  331 Reece thinks its time to get off as too strange men approach..  332 Brinkie and Dane fancy some photo tankage.  333 Dane tells the camerman how many pictures he can take.. 
334 So AA camerman takes an extra picture...Just like Dane said take 2 of each...  335 Brinkie poses next to the sherman.  336 It this a guy really enjoying his meeting...or is he pretending..  337 Oranje checks the picture he took was good enough. 
338 Reece touches more history..  339 Rikkie spots the camerman but Sweep Sun and Odin are oblivious..  340 Rikkie thinks about clubbing the cameraman...  341 Its that time again,trying to organize the 2016 photo. 
342 What would have been the Meeting 2016 photo.  343 Someone tells Sweep a joke and Tik tried to screw up another yearly photo.  344 Go on Sweep take the camera of Magic...then sell it.  345 One more of everbody.. 
346  Picture over the guys wonder what the next stop is  347 The two photographers meet to decide how to ruin Carnage.  348 Back to the cars ,someone said lunch and boy did they move.  349 The rear of the building with the picture of Urquhart outside during the operation. 
350 Last look at the monuments out the front of the museum.  351 Heading back into Oosterbeek we pass a donated old british telephone box..  352 Spotted in Oostebeck the AA clan on munch duty.  353 Hayes salutes the Cameraman,everyone else is just looking for food. 
354 Dane looks very nervy of the camerman.  355  2 Happy danishes with beer.  356 The food must be arriving as the Dutchies look rather happy.  357 Team Camera and Carnage wait for their lunch. 
358 Batman watches the food delivered to Magic,just making sure it finds a good home.  359 Dane has enough food now,he just ordered more beer just to be sure.  360 Batman tops off lunch with a little icecream.  361 Next stop what looks like an ordinary field to most. 
362 To us though the field where Dukeman died in Band of brother.  363 The brief to tell you your on 'The Crossroads'  364 Everyone whats to check this is really the place.  365 Amazing what 'A Field' can do to these gys. 
366 Reece watches the bunch of idiots get all excited,some more than others...  367 Dane tries to escpae from Magic while Sweep is asking every question possable.  368 Eric's turn to read the text.  369 hayes looks like he has that AA feeling. 
370 Brinkies turn to show he can read.  371 The dedication to all the guys that made the ultimate sacrifice.  372 Looking along the dyke Easy co approached from,but were over the other side.  373 The Field easy used as a fallback position. 
374 The View Winters had as he got to the top of the field embankment,looking at the field of Germans.  375 Guarno on the German side of the crossroads.  376 The AA freaks stand on the side roughly where Winters fired his first shot during the attack.  377 The guys in full Band of Brothers discussion mode. 
378 Carnage explains where he thinks Easy company were positioned.  379 The guys have had their chat,Dane has finished his smoke..must be time to leave.  380 Looking back into the 'Germans field' from the machine gun position.  381 The bank the the 'whole other company' came over during the BoB episode. 
382 Last look over the field were Easy attacked from.  383 Carnage on the drive home listening to Bob Marley gets into the spirit.  384 Odin,Erik and Sweep dicuss the days sights  385 Reece shows he is really gettig into the AA way, even grabbing an iced tea. 
386 Dane and Tik start the preperation for tonights Tikky Bolognaise.  387 Guarnere and Sun have a chat on Saturday evening  388 Saturday evening Guarno on the hard stuff...Kriek..one word mate....AHOY.  388.1 Saturday night and its Poker time. 
389 Gooferd,Batman and the two Ladies play a little poker.  389.1 Hayes gets in the mood to watch the Mountain monkey football team.  390 The AA Chest All up to date with 2016 on.  391 A ready for breakfast Sunday morning,well done to the early risers again. 
392 Everyone is eating except Carnage who is hunting coffee.  393 Scary rescues Carnage with a fresh pot.  394 Everyone happy,and someone even brought an AA mug.  395 Carnage Magic and Scary discuss todays plan. 
396 Magic tells Carnage to go and tell the guys to relax for a bit.  397 Carnage explains to Sweep and the guys were having a relaxed morning this time.  398 Sweep tells Carnage the state that Dane is in this morning.  399 Carnage looks shocked at the face the Dane is pulling. 
400 Inside Brinkie is at the bar with Reece taking after his Dad.  401 The rest of the guys wait to see whats been planned this time.  402 Even time for a ciggy before we set off..  403 Scary looking er Sc...Beautiful in the morning. 
404 Carnage gives the five minute warning to the guys.  405 Brinkie took this picture before we leave,not knowing how important this view if for us today.  406 From the road as we walk to the museum.  407 Tik with his stick films everyone walking to the museum. 
408 The Clan gets to the museum  409 Scary points out how far we travelled  410 The distance back to our building.  411 The guys are told we are early and the museum is not open. 
412 Canage and Sweep laugh after a quick change around.  413 Odin asks Sun if she fancies a quick game of hands in pockets again.  414 The view we had waiting for the opening time.  415 Then the guys spot some old ww2 vehicles. 
416 Then they pull into the empty car park.  417 Wow theres a pair of the old GMC trucks.  418 Oh shit no,Magic is going to talk to the guys.  419 He looks like he knows the bloke. 
420 Wtf now theres a command car too.  421 Tik and his stick thinking what have these boys organized.  422 The Command car.  423 Gmc truck number 2. 
424 The Bosses GMC  425 A very happy Scary with Brinkie and Oranje checking out the vehicles.  426 Odin Oranje and a very happy reece check out the trucks.  427 Someone is very happy about the trip he's about to go on. 
428 We get a chat about the history of the area during Op Market Garden.  429 Everyone listening in to this chat.  430 Just incase we forgot where we were.  431 Even the Tickle listens up well. 
432 But listening is thirsty work in this weather.  433 These guys had a lot of information to give us  434 Quite a briefing before we ride.  435 Listening in the morning sunshhine. 
436 Nearly time to mount up.  437 Sun,Osbando and Ornaje listening to the end while Scary looks very dodgy with camera in hand.  438 Any questions before we head out..  439 The clan and the trunks ,same stuff different location. 
440 Our history teachers for the day.  441 Now the fun part ,organising who goes in which vehicle.  442  Reece wants a picture of himself in the command car.  443 Magic checks out the command car before deciding to take the first truck as his ride. 
444 Oranje makes sure Scary can get in the Command car without needing a hand.  445 Reece and Batman are ready to go.  446 Organizing the second truck load of noobs.  447 Hanny checks what he has loaded on his truck. 
448 A happy noob double checks everyone who needs to be is in the truck.  449 Hayes and Rikkie try to ignore the idiot in front.  450 Wout signals were all good and ready to roll.  451 AA in the trucks rolling passed our building. 
452 The tour starts for real here as its the first information board we stooped to look at.  453 The marker boards are around the town at key points during the liberation of Groesbeek  454 And the convoy tours the town.  455 The next marker board. 
456 The board showthe paratroops lnding on drop zone T.  457 The balcony where the paratroop picture was taken  458 The improvised turning place as we found the normal route closed.  459 AA Cameraman taking a picture of AA cameraman. 
460  Same..  461 Scary being all commandery in the command car  462 Rolling through Groesbeek on a glorious summers day.  463 Next stop is a place where we find a picture of the 505th clearing the town. 
464 Nowadays its a carpark...different from the photo.  465 Tour de Groesbeek.  466 Passing the memorial in town dedicated to the civillians who fled the town during the war.  466.1 Close up of the memorial. 
467 Arriving in the centre of town.  467 The bullet and shell scarred house on Mooksebaan,Groesbeek.  468 Close up of the shell holes.  468 We find the 'Thank you Groesbeek' sign near the church. 
469 The house with its information board,check ggole earth to see the board.  469 The roundabout at the bottom of the Molenweg  470 Leaving Groesbeek in convoy  470 The South mill,viewpoint of all the allied comanders passing trhrough the town. 
471 Driving through 'bomb woods'  471 The convoy rolls south through the town.  472 Named as this is where the Germans had a bomb storage area in the woods.  473 A place where they still find ammunition and equipment from the war. 
474 Emerging from 'Bomb Woods' to the fields of the landing Zone T  475 The plough is on the site General Gavin landed,in view of the Riechswald forest in the distance.  476 The farms in this area are called Klein Amerika becuase of all the farmers that left the area for Amerika before the Wars.  477 Stopping on the egde of the woods we get gat another brief of what went on here. 
477.1 Oranje listens from the tailgate.  477.2 Carnage checks the back of the truck to make sue no one escaped....er o i mean fell out.  478 1- 307th engineers drop. 2- Gavin communicates orders to Col Al Ireland. 3-Klien America 4- Inteigating a German. 5- Defeated.  478 Happy Carnage with his truckload of noobs. 
478.1 The guys getting a history lessonm from the back of the trucks.  479 Guarno looking not so happy that he is in a truck with the big ape.  480 The guys are Oscar mike to the next location.  481 Tikkas tells his crew about the size of his dingle berries. 
482 Avoiding running over a Dutch guy,new concept to the AA noobs.  483 Rikkie ,Erik and Wout enjoying the tour.  484 The asparagas field as we leave the DZ.  485 Is this a sign,a glider over the LZ for the Wacos. 
486 Next stop already,the replica Waco on the LZ  486.1 The formation 'exit squad'.  486.2 Ta da...well nearly.  487 With an origional Waco tail wheel. 
488 Wout chilling in the sun,ignoring his right side....  489 Because a a big noob and his stick are on the prowl.  490 To the North of the Waco past the vin yard is the Southmill.  491 Incase you cant see it. 
492 To the Northeast is the church tower at Kranenburg,Germany.  493 Sweep straps himself in and thinks he can fly this beach.  493.1 Sweeper imagines flying high..  493.1 The happy Croat. 
494 Maybe it won't fly but maybe they can run over Scary.  494.1 The Oranje,Brinkie and Sweep enjoying the location.  494.2 All smiles,what we like.  494.3 Brinkie and Reece Take control. 
494.4 Pilot Reece at the controls.  494.5 Tikkys stick being laughed at.  495 The noobs are called up onto the glider for another history lesson.  496 Getting a history lesson on a replica Waco on LZ T was quite cool.. 
497 AA Cameraman still going,looking bacl across LZ-DZ T .  497 History AA style.  498 Magic listens up,check out the Klien Amerika farm behind Magics head...he will show u later.  499 Erik Carnage and Batman look out over the DZ. 
500 AA stuff,Noobs,Vehicles,a monument and a field to grow wine...the meeting in a photo.  501 Then a chance for another version of a 2016 meeting photo.  502 Magic thinks about the warn sensation in his lap.  503 The in the sunshine we get a video from the back of the first truck. 
504 The guys gather round and watch the Wacos landing in 1944.  504.1 Sweep wants to know whats happening after getting his 'man bag'  504.2 Tikkas has seen enough and goes off to do some sticking..  505 Everybody joins in except the Cameraman. 
506 Five pictures in one at the same landing zone.  507 Sun with the tedy bear we were to find out about a bit later.  508 Proof that they actually do grow Wine here.  509 A happy mothertrucker. 
510 What will will call the Scarywagon ready to move out.  511 Carnage checks his vehicle if loaded and ready.  512 Looking back we see the Magictruck is ready too.  513 Magic gives the thumbs up telling us no casualties from the Tik explosion at the rear. 
514 Erik points out the next stop.  515 The farm we could see from the glider.  516 A close up of a German concrete practase bomb.  516.1 Somebody thinks Magic needs to do more work and kicked him out. 
517 And the new fruit and veg seller shows us another.  518 Close up of Magics....Toy..  519 The Waco from the farm  520 Thanks for the sign but weve been there. 
520.1 Touring the Dutch counrtyside in the hot sun.  520.2 Crossing what was once a front line during the war.  521 Hayes and Rikkie try to ignore Canages voice.  522 Next stop , THe memorial to the man running the the 82nd Airborne - Gen Gavin. 
523 Gavinstraat, Groesbeek,Dutchland.  524 Close up of the monument.  525 The star on the floor has some writing ,think we need a close up.  526 A close up. 
530 The close up specialist.  531  532 The bottom part of the monument  533 The top part 
534 Brinkie taking more pictures  535 A happy Rikkie enjoying the ride.  536 The Al Pachas taking some shade from the sun.  537 The old railway to Germany 
538 Back to town  539 Time for a tea break,or coffee break if your wierd and dont like tea...  540 The guys chill and chat about the trip so far  540.1 The guys listen up 
540.2 Chilling in the sun  540.2 We listen up about the area we are stood in  541 Even during the break were still learning history  542 Some people are even getting phone numbers.......ahoy!!! 
543 The Danish guys in the full sun shine.....melting.  544 Cleaning up after the tea break ...  545 Scary,Reece and Dane hold part of a parachute found close by in 2015  546 The parachute material,still in good shape. 
546.1 On the front of the first truck.  546.2 On the other side of the same truck.  546.3 The blackout light on truck number 2  547 The local farmer getting on with the day job, 
548 ..  549 The area around the tea stop..  550 Back in the truck ready to leave, the strange guy is rerady to go.  551 Leaving the field. 
552  Tikkas playing with his stick.  553 The sign on the right shows where Tik wishes he was..Golfball farming -)  554 Brinkie enjoying the ride.  555 Oranje and Hayes having fun in the back of the truck. 
556 Turning back towards the town.  557 Rik,Erik and Wout chillin in the back of the truck.  558 Back in the town,passing the Old mill at the end of strret or house was on  559 Hayes starts to lag a little. 
560 The north side of town  561 Heading for the hills.  562 Climbing one of the dutch mountains of Groesbeek.  563 Looking back down towards the landing zone T 
564 The tool with a stick..  565 Next stop on the Magical mystry tour.  566 Magic moves out of the way so he doesnt get run over,maybe we will get him next time.  567 Time to unload and learn some more stuff. 
568 Magic prepares to video the next part...at the Canadian cemetary in Groesbeek.  569 We learn who ,where,why and when.  570 Canage and Batman listen up.  571 The guys listening up ,history lessons in the back of a WW2 truck. 
572 Magic is photographed videoing noobs.  573 If only the guys listend this much when Tikkas talks.  574 We start passing information and questions the other way.  575 Looking over the Cemetery 
576 Checking the troops are loaded and safe..  577 The cool looking car park at the Cemetary  578 On the road to the next stop,Rik,Erik and Wout  579 Hayes Oranje and Brinkie enjoy more reoad time in the GMC 
580 The brothers looking like they found cheese.  581 Next stop the farm call Hoge Hof...The High Court.  581.1 Not the type of vehicles usually find on a farm.  582 We learn more about General horrocks,the comander of 30 corp. 
583 And learn about the tree he climbed to get a good view across Groesbeek and the view into Germany.  583.1 The guys watch the video again in the back of the truck (1)  583.1 The guys watch the video again in the back of the truck (2)  583.2 Even the Sailor in Orange looks interested along with Carnage,Tik and Sweep....Ahoy. 
584 Horrocks' tree.  585 The panorama from the tree.  586 Looking straight down the hill to Het Uitzicht  587 Looking East into Gemany ,The tree lined hills in the distance is the Reichswald forest. 
588 The farms friendly sheepdog.  589 The noobs under the tree,we needed shade at this point.  590 Still learning more stuff.  591 Finding out which way is Germany... 
592 These noobs are still interested in the story  593 The whole group with the guys from Liberation Tours NL Make the AA meeting photo 2016  594 Carnage and his new best mate check the troops are all abord.  596 The clan is on the move again. 
596.1 Leaving the farm on the hill.  596.2 The exit at De Hoge Hof.  597 On the road back down the hill to the last stop.  598 Hennie and Carnage chatting in the front on the way 
599 Hennie asks if we always take these noobs around with us..  600 Carnage infoms him its sort of a yearly tradition  601 One of the road markers. This one is placed where British red Devils (1st Airboune) landed,bringing the artillary.  602 And off back to town. 
603 Carnage has final gone nuts with the voices in his head.  604 The road marker tells us were back on the Wylerbaan.  605 Last stop all out,Brinkies digraceful exit from the truck.  606 Hennie give Rikkie a hand as we end up at the museum we started at. 
607 Lost noobs wander around after a great time.  608 The group get a last few words with the tour guys.  609 We thank the guys from Liberation tours for a great day.  610 More thanking. 
611 Now we decide what to do next.  612 The trucks and noobs outside the Musuem  613 The section of the museum made to look like a parachute.  614 The Tank in the grounds,not the Audi ,i meant the M4 
615 Well were here why not take a look.  616 Rikkie gets left next to the arm waving guy.  617 We cant take him anywhere...  618 Dane goes to shake Rikkies hand while Oranje calls the cops. 
619 A really cheesey soldier.  621 German propeganda against Russian bolshism.  622 Reece checks out the light up map of the area.  623 Oranje is hypnotized by the pretty lights, 
624 After mentioning it on Friday Canage finds a picture of the Brits on Joes bridge at Neerpelt.  625 A mock up of the Americans crossing the Rhine near Emmerich  626 The Americans version of a Para-bike.  627 The Para bike in use. 
628 A practise Bomb from 'bomb wood' the Germans stored them there and as we saw locals now use them a driveway markers.  629 An American pathfinder,who set up radio beacons and Canvas Ts on landing zone so Tikkas could work that shit out.  630 Batman looks really impressed by the C-47 mock up.  631 Erm ...a jeep. 
632 German orders to the Dtch people.  633 Carnage finds the bed in the mock up of a prison cell.  634 Reece is too knackerd to move on without a sleep.  635 In the cell Carnage does an impression of Tikarse. 
636 Some items from the war used arterwards by the Dutch folk.  637 The site over Groesbeek 17 sept 44..  638 Celerbrating dutchies..  639 The 'parachute section of the museum holds the names of the people that took part in the operation. 
640 The amount of dutchies that didnt make the end of the war.  641 The model of a cemetary being built.  642 Sweep the nurse,Canage the Pole and Reece the Brit...all the others had left by now.  643 A Dakota propeller in the grounds. 
644 Oranje and Batman check out the German field gun at the museum.  645 The Gun with the Farm where Horrocks' tree was is in the distance.  646 The M4 from the Sherwood foresters regiment.  647 Mmm Tanky tank. 
648 Another of the Market Garden marker in the museum grounds.  649 Scarys car in Groesbeek mid-afternoon shows 34c in the town...  650 Wout and Reece grab an icecream in town.  651 Scary looks really happy about being in town 
652 Carnage ,Reece and Wout get the last sun of the afternoon.  653 The museum we just went to from 'our' garden.  654 the church at Kranneburg from the garden.  655 The farm with Horrocks tree from the garden. 
655.1 Erik and Oranje watch Magic making Croque bolognaise.  656 Scary,Reece,Erik,Carnage and Magice get a quick noob photo in.  657 Erik saying his goodbyes to the Scandys.  658 Batman joins to say see ya to Erik. 
659 Erik leaves early on Sunday evening.  660 Magic gets a last couple of pool games in.  661 The guys on monday getting ready to leave.  662 The locals start the clean up as the AA clan leave. 
663 Driving home we spot Magic making for the border.  664 An get sandiched by Belgians as Guarno appers.  665 Found on the way home,a Belgian policeman actually working on the roads.  666 My mistake ,he's just in a rush for a coffee. (1) 
667 Scarys car after a trip to Carrefour Lier. Will it last untill next year..  2016 Groesbeek NL