01 The Brits heading for the Newhaven ferry...only the third try to not get Douly's chin in the photo.  02 The blood moon thursday 4th of june,from the ferry to Dieppe for the brits.  03 On the ferry,Goddy instantly position normals as he had a full day of work..  04 Goddy,Carnage,Scary and Glenn at the Canadian memorial on Dieppe seafront. 
05 The fortified chateux overlooking Dieppe seafront.  06 A memorial to all the important people that have visited Dieppe.  07 Eternal flame in the memorial garden.  08 0530 hours the Brits start thier Normandy invasion after the quick stop paying thier respects to the Canadians. 
09 Dieppe's Canadian cemetary.  10 Carnage signs the book of remberance on behalf of the Clan.  11 Brothers in arms..and death.  11.1 Carnage,Goddy and Scary just doing their own thing. 
12 Sunrise over the port at Dieppe.  13 Approaching the Pont du Normandie.  14 Nah thats not it,thats small guys..  15 Veiw inland from the first bridge. 
16 Now thats a proper bridge.  17 Douly showing anyone can take decent photos on Scary's camera.  17.1 Carnage and Scarys third stop,Suprise guys were having breakfast here....  18 Goody ,Douly and Glenn get the AA feeling at Pegasus bridge......Or Goddy salutes Douly in an incorrect way.... 
19 Cafe Gondree on Friday morning,Carnage and Scary's idea starts to bear fruit..  20 Douly,Goddy,Dweezil,Carnage and Scary stop for breakfast at Pegasus bridge selfie.  21 The British patrol boat moored at the bridge for D-Day weekend.  21.1 Peagasus bridge at 8 in the morning of friday,anyone mentioned that we set off to early.. 
22 The sights the early birds got from the breakfast table.  23 Not sure if it was the coffee or the bridge,but Gleen,Douly and Carnage bounce across Pegasus Bridge.  24 Douly's going to see if he can fix the gun,ready for when Tikky arrives tomorrow..  25 Major John Howard in the morning sunlight.. 
26 Erm no Glenn weare not starting the hands in pockets game again,not here not now..  27 Thats better young man,the good Major deserves full respect.  28 Goddy and Carnage between the glider landing spots..  29 The RAF Aircrew rescue boat from ww2,with the Captain approaching before allowing us all onboard. 
30 WW1 memorial in Ranville Churchyard,After the bridge and cafe was liberated the paras came to clear Ranville.  31 Memorial to the troops lost in north africa in the past.  32 Ranville Commonwealth Cemetery with the Airbourne memorial.  33 The pockmarks on the church. 
34 More bullit scars.  35 Large calibre round hits on the church.  36 Inside of Ranville church.  37 No Scary we dont want to play at getting married.... 
38 One of the guys to die in the area the day after d-day in the churchyard.  39 Den brotheridge's grave in Ranville churchyard..  40 The First Allied soldier to die during the D-Day operation...  41 Goddy if you look at the camera we will have a cool photo.. 
42 Glenn laughs at Goddy and ruins the next attempt.  42 Glenn laughs at Goody and ruins the next attempt.  43 Any of the previous visitors to Normandy remember this.  44 Carnage,Goddy and Glenn in the landing craft from Private Ryan 
45 Goddy checks out Douly...  46 Goddy wondering what other noises might come out of Douly.  47 The Priest at the base of Le Grand Bunker..  48 Carnage wonders if the tank spent too long in the sea or did Douly get here early.. 
49 Scary actually not taking a photo...SHOCK..  49.1 Halftrack at the base of the Big Bunker.  50 Carnage the weatherman showing where the shower of noobs will be staying..  51 Glenn tells Carnage that a noob has been spotted by a big map... here.. 
52 The Bike Felix would have used durng the War if he was there....  53 Sword beach,French memorial..  54 The Raf resuce boat we were aboard at Pegasus.  55 Leaving the port at Ouistreham to head to Courseulles-sur-Mer. 
56 Looking across the whole of sword beach.  57 The Grande Bunker from the beach.  58 Juno Beach..  59 First rumblings of aircraft while at juno on Friday about lunchtime. 
60 Douly next to two very small jeeps.  61 This truck is equipped to drive through Liverpool.  62 The first tent in a 'Canadian camp' by Juno beach.  63 Carnage watches to see how brave 'the kids' are.. 
64 Goddy looks close but doesn't touch....  65 Glenn grabs the history and tries to take out Goddys legs..  66 Just chillin at the Cycle troops monument  at Bernières-sur-Mer seafront.  67 Yup really...Special Forces on bikes. 
68 The USAF fly by doing Para drops for paying customers.  69 They only drop after a flight along the beaches..  70 Lucky bastards........  71 Bernières-sur-Mer beach marker... 
72 Gray sur mer ,back with the Beast.  73.. Plaque at the Churchill VRE bunker buster.  74 Goddy tries to fix the loose cable on the tank..  75 Explaination of how the tank was dug out of a bomb crater in 1977. 
76 Carnage in the crater the tank was found in.  77 Le Moulin Morin....Home sweet home....for 3 days.  78 What has been washed up in the stream...  79 Glenn....position normal. 
80 Oi you Donkey...  81 Arthur the Donkey and Tikkas the ....'who said Donkey'.  82 Noobs roll through Longues-sur-mer.  83 Douly taking the last picture. 
84 Getting passed by a WW2 ambulance..  85 Hey stop,take the Monkey he's a sick mother.....Chimp.  86 Woah stop,give us a lift..  87 The sight the greeted us at the Battery at Longues sur mer on friday night. 
88 And then these two.  89 And then this....Inoob.  90 The first bunker as we approach at 10.30 friday night.  91 A slightly enhanced photo showing the bunker.. 
92 And again but a bit closer.  93 the Second and third gun position.  94 in the foreground is the reason loads of guys ended up with hayfever..  95 looking down from the cliff tops at the mullberry harbour of Arromanches. 
96 Sweeper looks worried the more West he travels.  97 Oooh thats a fair way down Wout...  98 The View from the top of the control bunker..  99 The veiw from inside.. 
100 The Control bunker with the marks left after filming The Longest Day here..  101 The light finally goes....  102 Its Firework night for AA and our friends on the Clifftops.  103 Time to cover the bunker with fire and smoke....Again. 
104 Lots of ooooooo  105 Aaaaaah..  106 Wowwwwww.  107 Bang.. 
108 Wouts Airbourne wings ....  109 Hey guys the bunker is on fire...anyone seen the fireman..  110 OOh thats a big bang..  111 Hey Frenchie is getting brave thats 3 at once.. 
112 Aah Pretty.  113 What 5 at once...this Frenchman is good....late,but good.  114 Where is Peters when there a fire....oh yes he's behind us ...filming  115 More oooh 
116 Wowww  117 And aaah  118  119 
120  121  122  123 
124  125  126 This is where it got heavier and louder..  127 I know theres a few fireworks.. 
128 I have dumped much much more than these few..  129But the noobs worked so hard with their cameras..  130 And it pains me not to put more picture in here.......honest...  131 Ok now were getting to the finale.. 
132 Just a few more wooohhhhh.  133 Aaaaaaaaaaah  134 oooooooooooooooh  135 Right now im bored of this.. 
136 oooh that ones nice..  137 Ahh pretty.  138 Nearly guys...  139 Only one more... 
140 Cue lots of cheers and clapping...  141 Saturday morning Tikkas is in the field early..  142 oh my mistake thats Arthur,easy mistake with those ears..  143 I swear Carnage,i saw aTroll with an Ass this size climbing on the water wheel. 
144 What in there Sweep...Yes Carnage with a beer in one hand,red wine in the other  and a croissant in his mouth.  145 Peters get your arse out here or i send in the Swedish guy.  146 We will wait here Sweep,Odin will go fetch his gun..  147 Were back to show more noobs ... 
148 D-days first front...Pegasus bridge.  148.1 We are here...  148.2 Random AA noobs approaching the bridge..  148.3  Flags of the Countries who's soldiers fought in this area. 
149 Oranje finds a weapon he can protect Rikkie's windmills from Peters with.  150 Willy's at Pegasus...a bit of Deja vu for some guys.  151 Ahh those memories of 2009....oooo no i mean 1944..  152 Pegasus bridge June 6th 1944,well no the passenger reenactor fails as he's on the phone.. 
153 Ah thats better,nearly 'D-Day in colour'..  154 O guys good job were all on this side,the bridge is raising..  155 A certain Belgian asks 'Why do they close the bridge when its like that'...  156 Thats cool,when you just get over and you get to see that.. 
157 Nice,lets go to the museum...you would have to be a noob to be caught on the other side now...  158 Nice picture of the sign,but the bridge is up....and your on the wrong side,those Horny Helmeted norsemen.  158.1 Glenn and Felix escort the mental patient into the museum.  159 Inside the Pegasus Bridge Museum. 
159.1 Scarys view.  160 Papers please,or the pistol gets used...  161 The Landing in tikkys crashed Bm..glider..  162 The View of the bridge on 6th June 1944 
163 All American 82nd Div uniform,with a circular para map in the background.  164 A ww2 paras uniform.  165 Boots,Uniform flying helmet of a glider pilot.  165 Boots,Uniform flying helmet of a glider piolet. 
166 Major John Howard,the leader of the assaults equipment.  166.1 The regimental photo.  167 The Brits hardware.  168 A selection of british motor rounds... 
169 A British Colonel's uniform.  170 A British ww2 para in full jump gear.  170.1 Para fighting clothes..  171 Darts anyone.. oooh no thats a roundel taken from one of the gliders. 
172 Scotmac is still here since we left in 2009...Doedelzakking ftw.  173 Major Tarrents display case.  174 The model showing how the Gondree cafe was used during the bridge mission.  175 The medical supplies tht were available...if you were lucky. 
176 A diagram showing what the different parachutes were carrying.  176.1 Readying a supply drop.  177 After taking the Bridge and Merville  battery,then clearing Ranville,this shows the disposition of troops later on D-Day.  178 A para sentry. 
178.1 A model in original Commander kieffer gear...No4 Commando.  178.2 The most decorated british para of all time ,ended up Brigadier' Alaister pearson.  179 The Brits on the bridge needed some anti tank munitions like this German panzershreck but didnt have those.  179.1 What the Brits had to use....A  PIAT 
179.2 The home base sign of t 12th Battalion of t Parachute regiment ..  180 And t flag.  181 The busy career of Bob Stoodley after the war.  181.1 
182 The para cap and cap badge..the latin translates as 'Everywhere'..  183 How your patches should appear on your uniform.  183.1 Your Horsa Glider loading kit.  186 The link back home..the radio operator.. 
187 Back to Doulysfilth.com  188 British infantry helmets.  189 Model of a Dane sized tank...the Tetrach.  190 Bill Millans Bagpipes he played from the beach untill the commandos reached the bridge...then were taken out by a german bullet..see the bag. 
191 Bill as he left the landing craft...Doddelzakking his way down.  192 Bills uniform.  193 Proof that the Dutchies and the Belgies were joining the party.  194 Some cheesey waffleman wants to prove the point. 
195 A jeep ready for a glider landing.  195.1 Goddy knocks up a meccano model of the bridge.  196 The original sign put up after D-Day..  197 Outside in the grounds the origional bridge. 
197 Outside Peters approaches the Centaur mk 4  198 Explanation why the marking are on the outside of the tank...so spotter outside can call shot more acurately.  198 In the grounds outside the museum,the Original Pegasus Bridge..  199 You go away,remeber everything,clothes,passport,shades...and then some people forget a Belt !!!....By the way ..nice Halftrack. 
200 Monkey realizes....no more Bananas.  201 Carnage is asked 'have you seen the Monkey'. 'No' is the reply.  202 Tickle hasn't seen him,not in those shades..  203 Wout just isnt bothered that the Monkey has vanished. 
204 Wout is more interested in touching the Quad 50.  205 And any other gun that Peters isnt near...No Peters,no slappy slappy.  206 Carnage shows Glenn the tell tale signs of a Monkey.  207 Goddy is not really impressed with the hunt the chimp game. 
208 Carnage bores Goddy to sleep..  209 Carnage points out when the Monkey is,while Osbando thinks he can smell....hmmmmmmmmm... is that ........CHEESE !!  210 1944 Bullet scars that Carnage was actually showing the guys.  211... 
212 Marks along the inside of the superstructure,with the museum in the background.  213 To the Heroes  214 The scar free Benoville side of the bridge.  215 A heavy round on the Ranville side. 
216 More scars on the Ranville side of the bridge.  217 A section of a bailley bridge,they were used in large numbers along the river.  217.1 A lone poppy on the section of a bailey bridge.  218 Where Bailey bridges were used along the Orne and Dives rivers. 
219 Bailey bridges...  220 One of the Six stone memorials of the Glider pilots  and cargo of men,this is the lead glider carrying John Howard..  221 Whats that in the bushes.....wrong its not Peters..  222 The replica of a Horsa Glider. 
222.1 Bart the meeting 'noob' next to the horsa.  222.2 As its your first meeting make photo with you doing silly things to the guy on the stairs.  222.3 Bart looking Majorly happy at the Pegasus museum.  223 The remains of a glider brought over from the UK. 
223.1 The new unit housing the remains of the real Horsa.  223.2 ..  224 The Ghost of Goddy  225 The pale Ghost of Goddy.. 
226 This poor old sod was still like this last time we were here..  227 Wout found the Original 'willys over pegasus' picture.  228 Then Wout tops Doulys 'Im in the photo i just took Photo,by getting 4 noobs looking at a reflection in a reflection photo..  229 The old fella wandering around in para unifom. 
230 This guy doesnt mind having his photo taken.  231 The 'other 'british glider..the Hamilcar.  232 Do you know you WW2 gliders...maybe a test later..  233 The actual gliders used with the cafe gondree in the background. 
234 The final positions of the first 3 gliders..  234.1 Brigadier James Hill.  234.2  235 Sweep and Goddy play with GUNS...while Rickie observes. 
235.1 Goddy and Douly on the 5.5 mm gun.  235.2 Goddy looks confused by what Douly is saying.  235.3 Rikkie explains this is where you can load the Cheese rounds.  235.4 Glenn goes off to look for a belt. 
235.5 Glenn looking a Den Brotheridge's memorial.  235.6 Said Memorial.  236 Glenn,Wout Goddy and Osbando next to the Centaur.  237 A British 17 pounder,got lots of interest. 
238 Close up of the 17 pound gun.  238.1 The 17pdr serial plate.  239 The Crib sheet.  240 The reason people were very interested in the 17 pounder...The Firefly main weapon. 
241 The Half track at the museum,the 51st highlanders used them as scout vehicles here,also they has quadmounts used for anti air.  242 The Quad 50..   4X 50 cals mounted on an electrical gunmount.  243 ..  244 The 40 mm bofors cannon,anti-aircraft gun from the Swedes. 
245 ..  246The 5.5 inch art piece.  247 ..  248 25 pound field cannon.. 
248.1  249 Last round up at the bridge, Peters,Tikky and Oranje on the bridge with a random bald guy...No not that one.  250 Carnage Ahoys along the bridge with our bald guy.  251 Glenn is  found wandering the outside of the bridge. 
252 oranje cannot be missed reading his book.  253 Outside tikky is already lost..  253.1 Tikky i know where you are....  254 Carnage tells Tik he is stood next to the Museum 
255 Look over the fence Tik you wont be lost...  255.1 Where right next to the original bridge look.  256 Glenn using a search engine.  256.1 I still havent found what im looking for.. 
257 Another cool road name in normandy.  258 Oranje stares at the Cameraman after being dragged away from his book.  259 The Fjeldabe finds a suitable bush to take care of business in.  260 Glenn happy after finding what he was searching for... 
261 The queue in the car park was soooo 1944.  262 Close up of the plate on the truck.  263 This got someone thinking 'next time we should come in trucks like that..  264 Oh an wear the uniform...like that. 
264.1 The full queue...  265 Close up of the re-enactors as we left pegasus.  266 In the car setting off for the next stop...Glenn position normal.  267 The AA Convoy sets off towards Ranville. 
268 The Battlegrounds beyond Ranville.  269 Our Seach for 'The dutch memorial starts'..  270 Herouvillettes first war memorial..  271 A liitle map in the town showing the dates the allies took parts of the area. 
272 Magic goes to try and get directions.  273 Carnage goes to get Magic.  274 Magic jogs back to the car. As Carnage watches the million dollor man.  275 Carnage decides he wants to run like Magic.. 
276 No directions so off we go again..  277 Now we enter Escoville...  278 We find a church with another memorial.  279 Turns out not to be the Dutch one. 
280 people are getting bored now.  281 Another cool road name.  282 a bored Batman.  283 Guarno staops to ask a local where the memorial is.. 
284 Another village another town hall.  285 We decide to move on as we cant find the dutch Memorial,osbando looks like he's eaten bad cheese.  286 Another cool road name as we leave.  286.1 Next stop is the Merville batterry. Lt Col Oatway leader of the mission to tke the guns on D-Day.. 
287 The Memorial at the gate of Merville batteries,because the area around still has unmarked grave from both sides.  287.1 Oranje and Si go off to check out Merville Battery.  287.1 The Battery is now a French national monument.  288 Another re-enactos camp,this time at the Battery. 
289 Breakfast time.  290 Those Germans are about to meet AA.  291 The 2 Paras behind Sweeper laugh at the Croatian noob.  292 Not sure what Sweep said but the guy behind looks like he's getting ready to kick his arse.. 
293 Some of the dressing up guys kit.  294 He guys its ok,I had one in the navy.....Yeah Dane we know.  295 Sweep ready to shoot Tikkas..  296 Sweep realizes he's a beech..but carries on with the duel..without telling Tikkas. 
297 Sweep now trys to take out Dane..Look he's on tiptoes trying to get gun depresion low enough to hit the dwarf.  298 Sweep holds his leg after the para caught him..  299 More dressing up stuff..  300 These guys real go to town with there camp. 
301 The German doesnt want to be seen with the Mountain Monkey.  301.1 The F stands for Fjeldabe... or Fjellet ape.  302 The Germans about to fall over avoiding chimpy,while the kid stares in wonder and asks what the -^-@ is that Mommy..  303 Goddy checks out some ancestral weaponry. 
304 Douly takes aim at the nearest Tottenham supporter.  305 The flags of the troops that took part.  306 The bunker Tikkas took a crap in.  307 The surviving bunkers have different displays showing diffferent parts of the mission. 
308 Carnage looking at the Then and now prespectives.  309 Peters......No Carnage tries to copy Peters and get in the way of a Photo..no fires here Carnage.  310 A different view from 1944,when there were trenches barbed wire and Germans in these fields.  311 Osbando hides from the bright sunshine. 
312 Magic hides an AA member from everyone.  313 Glenn and Magic take a pause that refreshes...  314 But it looks like theirs was not the same coke we had.  315 Next to the trench the mock up of the size the paras and planes looked from the battery when they dropped. 
316 Next to the trench on the other side the place where the Flak sat.  317 The German re-enactment camp ,seperate from the English on the other side of the battery.  318 The 'Big Bunker' was a barrack block.  319 The German officer arrived to find out who th hell this AA group weree supposed to be. 
320 Only Carnage was around when they asked for ' a leader'.  321 After arriving at the gun emplacment late  the latercomers ask what the smell is..  322 Magic decides its lunchtime and if its cooked its his.  323 In the next bunker there is a display about the battles after D-day. 
324 Someone noticed the Belgians attended this show.  325 Shit the bed...so did the Cheesers.  326 Then acheesey finger points out we were in that village asking directions.  327 The explanation of the battle in Windmill words. 
328 The Belgian flag that was taken into the battles.  329 The Belgians really liked this bunker.  330 The texturing on the side of the bunker.  331 And its effect. 
331.1 The inside of a bunker that was a gun emplacment.  331.2 The map of the site.  331.3 The Aa gun from the site.  331.4 A mock up of the French helping the British troops. 
331.5 The gun outside and the trench system.  331.6 Looking from no 2 bunker at the noobs entering no3.  332 A section of the complex with Scary and Peters hidden in the picture.  333 Wout as a kraut.. 
334 368  335 369  336 the C-47 Near the entrance and the Englishers camp.  337 Then from the top of the same bunker looking right the German camp. 
338 Amap showing the missions to clear the peninsula and the troops that did them.  339 The toll the weather has taken since 1944.  339.1 Goddy wanders the trenches at Merville,warm sunny and no one shooting,nicer this way.  340 The field gun with another coach party behind. 
341 The pre runner of Croation broadband....and at 60 mph it was faster back then too.  342 Not only pidgeons but dogs were parachuted in on this mission,this was about a dog called Glen.  343 A 'war Dog'.  344 Too much walking,Glenn stops for a rest in the sunshine. 
345 The tents of the guys playing the British toops on site.  346 the dutchies must be here..  347 WW 2 do not disturp sign.  348 Now to the C-47 we saw when we arrived. 
349 Merlin engine from a spitfire that crashed near the site.  349.1 The Merlin..  350  Explanation of the engine in question.  351 The C-47 and Merlin together. 
351.1 The cockpit of 'Snafu'  352 The view from the cockpit.  352.1 The cockpit of a C-47....nice.  352.2  mmmm 
353 Goddy thinks he would have made a cool paratrooper.  354 Ahoy Captain !!  355 Magic decides to strangle Wout.  356 The flight attendents look awfully young these days. 
357 Guarnere doesnt quite get the cap right.  358 Captain Magic says he can get it working...its as easy as running a server.  359  Wout is worried by Magics statement and buckles up.  360 Carnage doesnt like the idea of Magic starting the plane. 
361 Carnage and Wout block  the entrance to the cockpit.  362 Carnage trying to organize half the guys for a photo in the C-47.  363 Guarno decides he doesnt want to be  in a photo with the guys.  364 Si and scary in case you missed them on the previos photo. 
365 Wout is hit by the bright light as he leaves the C-47  366 Si also squinting in the light.  367 Guarno exits the plane but hangs on incase it moves.  368 Scary see's a horrible site as he exits.,Tikkas is approaching the other way. 
369 Scary is told to ignore Tik and pretend he is enjoying himself.  370 Carnage's verdict on the C-47....'Blinding'.  371 Carnage winks at the Camerman...ahoy !  372 Rikkie exits the plane and says  there's only 1 dutchie left to get off. 
373 Dane says the dutchie can wait he wants on...now.  373 Tikky decides Oranje can wait for him too.  374 Tikky presents himself to Oranje.  375 Oranje get the hell out of town. 
376 after waiting for Oranje,Sweep the gentleman climbs aboard.  377 El presedente Sweeper says goodbye to his people.  378 Tikkas checks to see if Dane has his parachute on,he will need it is he falls from the plane.  379 Carnage encourages Wout to touch the history. 
380 Carnage and Wout ...'doing history'.  381 Carnage,Scary,Wout and Si chatting beneath a C-47 like its all normal stuff..  382 An outdoor AA history lesson.  382 Todays lesson,the  2 Dakotas that crashed at Merville. 
383The AA guys with one of the 'origional' paras.  384 He too decides 2 minutes is enough of Tikkas.  385 Wout remembers to mention the union jack..  386 And can then get a photo of a real 'Hero'. 
387 The medical post for the re-enactors.  388 Glenn thinks its time for something,a sleep or lunch.  389 Glenn looks for a bed or food.  390 We decide to actually have luch at Merville Battery..not too shabby a location to eat. 
391 Sweeper in the sun.  392 Goddy tucks into a baguette.  393 Tikkas taking the food orders.  394 Magic Gives his order. 
395 Magic gets an allergic reaction to Tikkas..  396 Scary looks concerned at the situation.  397 Magic tells Tikkas ..FFFour baguettes please.  398 Goddy,Sweep and Dane munching at merville. 
399 Suprising that they could eat with the view across the table.  400 Tikkas and Carnage sort out who needs more food.  401 Glenn tucks into a crepe.  402 The ever so lady-like Tikkas with meeting newbie Bart. 
403 Mountain Monkey in the sunshine.  404 Batman after lunch.  405 Felix  406 Sweeper 
407 Danske.  408 Si still struggling with the sun.  409 Sun blinded by the sun.  410 Guano 
411 While having lunch random 'Germans' wandered past.  412 A jeep full of brits arrived.  412.1 The Jeep has arrived.  413 A small memorial near the bunker closest as we had lunch. 
414 The picture in the back of the site van.  415 Odin and Sun  416 Carnage  shows the camera the flag on a british motorcycle.  417 This time he gets it the right way round. 
418 The Monument to the British troops at the gates of the Battery.  419 Osbando goes to the car to have a little snack.  420 Magic looks like he found Osbando's special green cheese.  421 Dane asks Osbando what happened to the cheese. 
422 Oranje thinks 'if i take of this flag thingy i can put a nice stripey Dutch flag there'.  423 The Ape walks back to the car, with no idea where were heading too now.  424 But Scary knows exactly where were heading too.  425 Back to Pegasus Bridge. 
426 Along the Orne river.  427 Past Ouisterham harbour.  428 Past the old car near the harbour.  429 Across from another cool road sign. 
430 Past ouisertham lighthouse.  431 Past the eternal flame memorial for Sword beach.  431 Past the new D-day memorial on the seafront.  432 well passing it now. 
433 Past all the  Verterans.  434 And to here..  435 Now Mr Peters,its time for a little AA magic.  436 Carnage tells the Monkey not to climb the flagpoles. 
437 Monkey now happy he can go look for a bush.  438 Peters is now Very Very Norwegen.  439 We found Peters a Norwegen Memorial.  439.1 Flag spotter alert. 
440 Peters wants a picture next to the monument.  441 Peters takes off the shades and looks quite pleased.  442 Carnage asks Peters to stand like the guy above....Honest it dosent make you look like a monkey.  443 Monkey is confused why he had to do the last photo. 
443.1 The guys taking the last photos of Peters.  443.2 Batman,Douly and Glenn walk of as Carnage tries to get Peters from behind the bush.  444 Glenn feels left out as Goddy and Guarno cuddle at the beah.  445 All happy guys at Sword beach. 
446 Sword beach June 6th 2015 looking east.  447 Sword looking west.  448 Also at the same place as the Norsk monument,one to the guys who were at the beaches from 11pm on the 5th starting to clear a path.  449 One to the heavy guns. 
450 Near the statue Peters is shown a bit more.  451 The Anchor of the Norwegian Ship Svenner.  452 and the reason why.  453 The Danish flag. 
454 Wout and Sweeper on Sword beach.  455 the noobs getting a last look at the seafront.  455.1 Wout farts at the sea.  456 Scary show Douly the love.. 
457 Douly doesn't want the love.  458 aah nice doggy watching the noobs.  459 even the dog wants to show Douly the love.  460 Meanwhile the nearly naked fella spots Dane and Sweep. 
461 Bravely picks up courage to walk across.  462 Then Sweeper blanks him and he walks right past..  463 Bart enjoying the noobiness.  464 Back to the flags. 
465 And a monument to the Theif brigade..  466 One for the Lancastrians..... Notice its outside when the Yorkshire one is in a museum...  467 and one for the Linc's.  468 Peters checks the storyboards at the monument. 
469 Mountain monkey  stuff...  470  471  473 The svenner. 
474  475  476 Neptune is the square.  477 3-3 
478 Carnage and Peters head back to the cars.  479 The Tikkasmobile ready move...  480 The Doorbell next to Scarys car....an instruction he would fail every time.  481 Normady June 6th 2015  Motorcycle outriders. 
482 Special gendames.  483 Dignetries.  484 More police. All sorts to see and do.  485 We've driven all of Sword beach,now Juno and still onwards. 
486 WE came from Ouiserham,passing the center of Juno towards Arromanches  488 Bernie sur mer,Juno section.  489 Another jeep just touring the town.  490 French cross where De Gaul came ashore on the west of Juno. 
492 Into Gold sector,new British memorial .  493 A Super puma buzzing the beaches.  494 A Geordie arty piece in one of Golds seafront villages.  494 First view of the mulberry harbour at Arromanches. 
494 One of many WW2 market stalls,all over people were selling everything from bullets to jeeps.  495 Go on fella buy the panzerfaust.  496 Where is Tikkas for a bank loan so we can get a clan jeep.  497 More ww2 stuff at the roadside. 
498 Nice jeep.  499 Ah the Bailey bridge sections must mean were here.  500 Looking down above Arromanches.  501 More people in period costume,made for a great atmosphere in the town. 
502 More Ww2 toys even in the car parks.  503 Even in WW2 they were making vehicles for Dane and Scary.  504 The AA crew hit the seafront at Arromanches.  505 West side of the harbour,71 years on...Batman getting a picture in. 
506 The cliff tops  are where the longues sur mer battery is ,the place with the fireworks the night before.  507 71 years on and still keeping ships out of the main swell of the tide..thats some clever engineering.  508 All sorts of equipment down by the water,ducks and trucks.  509 Jeeps with peeps in period gear. 
510 To say the town was buzzing is an understatement.  510.1 Gelnn stops for a photo opportunity as the rest of the AA folk wander along.  511 Its 2015 with a hint of 45  511.1 Dane has a green top on an shades o and a Merican accent so he fits right in. 
512 Douly chills in the sun next to the amphibious toys.  513 Douly starts an arguement with the locals over there parking problems.  514 Walking to the main square looks busy....btw you can use the AA members in the photo and play Wheres the wally..  515 The guys enter the suare,its a little busier than the last AA visit. 
516 More toys in the town square.  517 Looking east from the centre of Arromanches.  518 A central piece of the mulberry.  519 The flags of honour of the guys that took part in the battle here. 
520 More of the Veterans who made it back.  521 Rear of the Field gun outside the Mulberry museum in Arromanches.  522One of the first sight when we enter is  a Rupert from the D-Day film...modelled on Dane .  523 Quick video on how the harbour was put together. 
524 There were two origionally. But A in the american sector was washed away by rough seas shortly after completion.  525 First old ships of various sizes were sunk to make a breakwater.  526 Then floating harbour sections were put in place.  527 Connected together by baily bridges. 
528 Then connected to the shore.  529 The fact it covers 3 towns shows the size of the job.  530 You could fit 700 footy pitches in the inner harbour.  531 The hieght of the harbour was regulated by filling the cassons with water to achieve the correct level of the roadways 
532 The harbour had sections with bofors guns already in place. and added barrage ballons to ward off enemy aircraft.  533  the ring of guns around the harbour.  534 Scale model of the harbour.  535 The landing craft behind seems to be coming through the wall. 
535.1 And its model.  536 And a french resistance fellas kit.  537 Back to the models of the harbour.  538 Check the right side of the bailey bridge road,mainly the floating section hoding the bridge. 
539 The same sections without the bridge,washed up on the shore.  540 How it gets done without a harbour.  540.1 And the unloading on the floating ramps.  540.2 Lowering the level for the road sections of the harbour. 
540.3 The outer walls with AA guns.  540.4 The outer wall as is today,some pieces still hanging in there.  541 The free french navy section.  542 our second Merlin engine of the day. 
543 And a Gray Marine Diesel engine from a landing craft.  544 Rumours that the Nors ans Short people took part in D-Day..No really.  545 Top shelf has actual ships that Danes used and the models of the Mountain monkey ships that took part.  546 Belive it if you like,what the Norsks did. 
547 All 3 branches of the Norwegian services were there,'about 6 guys and a chimp'.  548 So now we have to mention that the Plate throwers and cheeses were there aswell..  549 The Greeks were there  driving there Corvettes about.  549.1 Honest they had corvettes....look. 
550 The Cheeses had 3 services representing. A figher Sqn,Navel units and The Princes Irene Div.  551 The Div that landed with the Brits and Canadians at Coursulles and went all the way with them even help Liberate the Wafflers.  552 Just incase we forget the Waffle-lions were there with all 3 services too..  553 An empty headed Belgian....no commet as its too easy...eh Tik. 
554 A Free  French navyist.  555 The 82nd AA guys.  556 Batman gets reflected in with the pilots.  557 British kit,how the Brits Norwegians Dutch Belgians Canadians and Aussies would have looked in 1944. 
558 Some Merican radios for Doulys to drool over.  559 A section of baily bridge from the harbour outside.  560 The street name outside the museum,not bad as a street name. The day the harbour was completed.  561 looking left outside the museum and its busy. 
562 looking Right towards the square and its rammed.  563 the 88 that used to sit to the left of the museum is now on the other side of the square.  564 As we head back to the cars there are bagpipers everywhere.  565 Doodelzakkers  doing doodlezakking. 
566 And no there not the Scottish variety of skirt lovers.  567 These are Canadians making our ears bleed.  568 People were taking photo all over to send in complaints about noise poloution.  569 Jeeps were littering the roadside all the way back to the cars. 
570 With others making lovely jeep noises all days.  571 Sweeper said this was a prezzie for his daughter,we belive you sweep.  572 As we leave a  Piper Cub L4 circles the town.  573 ... 
574 Last part of arromanches.  575 Next stop,is five minutes from home so we better check.  576 Sherman out front.  577 Hetzer in the carpark,yup this looks like a good idea. 
578 And a Twin 88,which suprised the hell out of Guarno.  578.1 Douly grabs a quick photo while we try an organize a smilefest.  579 Grab the closest Frenchist and make them take the --{AA}-- Meeting 2015 photo.  580 Then Tikarse can start annoying Wout. 
581 Tikkas is now bored.  582 Look at the two Gunners ,Douly likes Gunners..  583 Chimpy thinks he has found two big yellow bananas.  584 Waffen traffen  flaffen....guys its a Borsig,hint hint WOT. 
585 Now were all interested,Goddy likes a big gun,so two barrels of mayhem is cool.  586 Goddy would like to be in the last photo of the Twins..  587 Picture of a Het...no thats Guannos head in the way.  588 This was actually 3rd time nearly lucky,The Hetzer with the Hedgehog turret. 
589 Just going into the Museum and the car parks quite interesting too  590 Inside the museum in Bayeux  591 Ah the transport for the £--^- + who take all these photos.  591.1 Dane reads a short note on the Pak 40. 
591.1 The At facing us as we wandered round.  592 'Ah Tikkas is this how were supposed to look'.  'Yes Mac next time in Normandy  we'll all be dummys'.  593 Magic and Guarno are followed by a random Frenchie...must think there Walloons.  594 Douly was in Bayeux in the war dont you know,thats why he's in the picture. 
595 A nurse ,an air hostess, and an Radiographer walk in on a patient ,turn out its not all black and white.  596 A Merican 105mm Howitzer.....big badda boom.  597 Goddy gives a little briefing on the 25 pound Sexton to Brinkie and Dane.  598 Something new,a D1 bulldozor,called  the Booger kid ,like a little kid that picks his nose and er Dane perfect timing. 
599 More interested in the trailer than the AA gun ,Rickie wonders how much Cheese capacity the trailer has..  600 We liked this gun,mad from the machine gun from a bomber the Md 131 was serious carnage.  601 This is a nice little museum,loads more cool stuff and way to many pictures of it.Go there see it.  602 As we leave a qiuck look at the M4 
603 And the Hellcat .  604 And a Churchill Crocodile.  605 ....Fire..  606 The Crocodile  with the pipe connection at the rear for the petrol trailer. 
607 Carnage and Sweep decidie its time to noob about.  608 The 3 noobs try and light the flamethrower.  609 Si's cigerette went out so he's after a light.  610 Amonument in the grounds to the  Royal military police. 
611 Amonument to the Sherwood rangers yeomanry, so you see it everytime you park your bike.  612 The Scary guys went to checkout the cathederal.  613 ..  614 Carnage and the Sweeper find more memorials. 
615 What the noobs we reading.  616 Some of the wall painting.  617 A newly refound painting.  618 Latin Graffiti 
619 1940 and 1945  graffiti.  620 The stained glass,pictures from Norman conquests and the world wars.  621 The guys get in and relax ,watch some footy and get set for the evening.  622 The banner moved from the entrance to the main house. 
623 the next morning getting ready for breakfast,Rikkie is already hunting cheese while the Belgies learn from the Dutchie.  624 The view of the house early morning,for the lazy guys who never saw this.  625 Peaceful sunday morning at the mill.  626 First stop,Felix and Rikkie in what can only be described as a 1940s ww2 camp. 
627 Hi ho hi ho.Noobs that say wow .  628 Just another meeting wandering around  famous towns and vehicles.  629 Near the front gate a dug in greyhound.  630 Side on with the Greyhound. 
631 Nice field gun protection.  632 Really nice Sherman.  633 With AA noobs wandering amonst the good stuff.  634 A nice  selection of trucks. 
635 A Cushman 53 autoglide Dwarfchutist bike.  636 Ah maybe the navy jeeps from yesterday.  637 A Citroen 11,used by the Americans  638 The radio truck... 
639 Whats Guarno upto,all the good stuff is on the ground.  640 Ah The Civil guard come to keep an eye on the AA invasion.  641 Guarno wanders off looking at WW2 stuff.  642 Glenn falls asleep looking at the engine of the Sherman. 
643 No i awake ,i didnt fall asleep in the warnm morning sunshine...mmm zzzz  644 Wout finally gets a photo of the back of a Tshirt.  645 A truck randomly dumped behind the camp.  646 Magic leaves Felix to read the morning paper. 
647 Goddy passes the jeep mounted field gun.  648 Thats why we won the war...we drove Kias.  649 An Amx turret hidden away behind the barriers,not WW2 not interesting.  650 Theres a lot of commotion by a corner of the camp.. 
651 A Sherman is fired up.  652 And driven about the camp...lovely.  653 Three shermans ready to drive into St Mare Elgise for the afternoon celebrations.  654 If only we had a banker in the clan. 
655 Another greyhound in cammo.  656 A quick look back at the camp ,Guarno hands in pockets - miust be quite excited.  656.1 Tikky said he would meet us there.  657 And as we walk into town,a Flak 88 to defend against the Shermans. 
657.1 The hang over crew turn up.  658 The cameraman who like stone is back..  659 June 7th 2016 St Mare Eglise.  659.1 The famous image with a model of John Steele. 
660 The Town square before the rest of the public turn up.  661 At church sunday AA style.  662 Glenn looks at the building that stands where the burning house from the d-day film stood.  662.1 Next stop the Museum at St Mare Eglise 
663 Bart checks out the Easy 8..  664 Usual place for an AA picture when were here.  665 This time we get the bonus of one of the vets,a real hero...no not the grinning noob on the left.  666The --{AA}-- 2015 Meeting photo. 
667 Back row left to right.. Douly,Tik,Goddy,Oranje,Odin,Si,Sweeper,Guanere,Felix,Carnage.Front  Scary,Dane,Osbando,Gooferd,Sun,Mountain Monkey,Bart,Glenn,Magic and Batman,and the Artillary vet in front..  667.1 Right time to go look around the meuseum in St mere eglise  668 Inside the Waco glider exhibit,where Magic banged his head last time he was here....its on the video..  669 Inside the Waco,Where Wout lost his lens cap ...behind the perspex !!! 
670 Loads of things to see,pictures of which are in the 2009 gallery..  671 Inside the C-47 exhibit even more stuff to see..check 2009 again.  672 Sweep enjoying chatting to Dane..  673 Not sure what these two noobs are upto but Douly feels the need to hold his pants up.. 
674 In the new exhibit a nice Kettenkrad  675 A buried premium tank...  675.1  THe new exhibit has a c-47,as you walk through the guys can be heard hooking up and getting ready ,then you 'jump'.  675.1 Looking back at the guys before you 'jump'. 
676 The map at the back of the C-47 mock up,with the 'prop blast' as you exited the jump door.  676.2 looking back at the whole mock up..  677 The view of the church as you 'jumped'.  678 Medal of honor and the citation for Private DeGlopper of the glider corp. 
679 Some of the manequins in the same exhibit....  680 ....  680.1 While were there the US and Germans start flying across whith the people paying to drop nearby.  681 As we start to leave the square is getting bussy. 
681.1 Then the planes start buzzing the town...AA away  days are never boring.  682 The Usaaf dropping the people who paid to drop over Chef du Pont..  683 There are tanks and sodier and civvies evrywhere..  684 Wout and Glenn get a last photo before we go. 
684.1 Carnage,Glenn and Magic get one last snap too.  684.2 Buds  685 Others are just watching the main square.  687 Last one of the planes as there are a few piccys.... 
688 Just chilling in the main square taking in the feel..weather turned out nice agian..  689 Poser.  690 The Dutch Marines on the square.  691 Sweep ,Dane,Goddy and Douly waiting for Tik to find food. 
692 Nice stuff to watch while we wait.  693 Carnage complains of a sore head after Magic Injured him on the Waco. Notice the red stuff ..  694 The Doorway of said Waco ,eh Magic.  695The guys explain to Tikkas there cooking the food right here,but Tik checks on the Iphone just to be sure, 
696 Brinkie read his book to Glenn who will even fall asleep next to the bin.  697 Sun looks for some spending money for Odin.  698 Hardly changed from the end of the war....St Mere Eglise  699 Dane tries to revive Glenn with The hair of the Dog... 
700 THe stained glass in the church.  700.1 Inside the church at St Mere Eglise.  701 Another hero lapping it up.  702 More of the Hardware ariving in the square. 
703 After food its time to head for the cars,Sweep and Dane have a little bromance.  704 Next stop on Magic and Carnages mystery tour.  705 In a clearing at La Fiere,some noobs are already getting a beer in..  706 We come to the landing zone of the guys who paid to jump from the planes weve seen all weekend. 
707 After watching these guys land,Tikkas decide its time to leave.  708 In the distance a C-47 and a DC-3 come to check the wind over the drop zone.  708 Tikkas has us all leaving ,when some reckognizes the sound ofC-47s  709  Bart back in position, 'they wont drop here guys'.. 
710 Sun and Odin wait to see what the two planes will do..  711 Glenn not trying to sleep this time.  712 Dane and Goddy sit down to watch the show.  713 Douly has had enough walking for the moment too. 
714 Bart those guys who won't jump today,look like theyre gonig to jump.  715 He guys guys ,they are erm jumping.  715.1 Weeeee  715.2 Geronimo. 
715.3 I can see my house from hereeeee (1)  716 Thats them definatly jumping with round chutes over La Fiere and Chef du pont.  717 One guy forgets to pack the green chute...  718 Two sticks of paras over the drop zone. One of those AA moments. 
718.1 Our view as the guys appoach.  719 The guys hit the DZ ..  720 Underside of the DC-3 as it passes over after the drop.  721 Underside of the C-17 ,with th con trails of a jet at the bottom of the picture. 
722 With the guys all down its time for the tour to continue,Now we can leave Tikkas.  723 Bart and Tik look at the radio,and try to remember the word that goes with OFF so the cant tell Magic.  724 After driving strough StMarie du mont,at the next stop Magic tells Wout to take more pictures.  725 Magic walks away all innocently ..to join in the fun. 
725.1 Goddy wanders the hedgerow at Brecourt.  726 Batman and Glenn reflect on the monument at Brecort Manor....  727 Looking at the monument with the feild from the 'Day of days' behind.  728 The map Dick winters drew when he returd to Brecourt after the war. 
729 The Left side of the monument and Danes left cheek.  730 Then the other side.  731 Cant do without the middle bit.. and a Scary reflection.  732 AA soaking in the sun and the history. 
733 We promised Osbando a little Band of brothers...we gave him Brecourt..  734 Oranje in checks out the part of the monument with the map...just looking at the pictures.  734.1 A very happy Cheesus.  735 Next a short blast down the road to Utah beach... 
736 Now a little something in Sqorbly worbly..Batmans suprise.  737 Ah Batman ,looks a little curious.  738 Still not sure what this is Batman needs a picture.  739 Batmans picture..now an explanation. 
740 Dane has been here before and tells Batman its not just for Danes its for Danish Seamen..start the laughter.  741 Dane goes a little crazy by the monument.  742 'Once ,ive been here once'...we think thats what Dane meant.  743 The Danske seaman atop the monument. 
743.1 Sqorbly.  744 The view around the causeway ,and the weather guys ,to whom it may concern its bloody nice here.  745 The other side of the road...french lunch..  746 Two happy Danish seamen..paying there respects. 
746.1 The Danskes with the wreaths from the previous days ceremony.  747 Next stop,its back up the road to the monument we passed...Its more Band of Brothers.  748 The new Dick Winters monument at the top of the Utah beach road.  749 The plaque on the south side of the monument. 
750 Lt Winters as was on D-Day.  751 The plaque on the front of the base stone.  752 Leadership with a reflection of the Major.  753 Looking down at the Museums on Utah beach,we may have to visit one day. 
754 MM plays with his Lose the banana app.  755 The monument with the wreaths from the saturday.  756 Glenn tries for a minutes sleep before being woken by AA Cameraman.  757 Dane in though mode as we start to leave for the next point on the trip. 
758 Driving back through St Come Du Mont.  759 WW2 kit was everywhere,but we dont stop here.  760 Next stop,and a happy Gooferd,.  760.1 In the car park at the next stop....hmn maybe if we had a banker in the clan. 
761 And a fairly happy Douly.  762 Aw Douly cant go inside..  763 Definatly no Monkeys.  764 Ah tie the Mountain Monkey to the sign. 
765 The three in the middle are ours,Tik Bart and Si as we bumble along to the next place.  766 A little clue perhaps.  767 The plaques outside tell the stoy of the Rangers that scaled the cliffs..  768 Welcome to Pont Du Hoc ... 
769  2 Randoms ,then Osbando,Douly,Scary so exited he has to hold on to he trousers and Oranje walk the cliff tops.  770 Tik,Bart and si Follow along.  771 Glenn waits up for the guys and chats to Batman...someone is happy to be here.  772 Looking down at the cliffs the rangers scaled on D-Day. 
773 Oranje ,Tik and Bart read up on the bombings and rangers attack.  774 Carnage and Glenn getting a little ultimate father son time.  775 Guarno proves not every hole is a goal.  776 Guarno leaves the shell crater disapointed. 
777 Looking across the site  from up on the first bunker.  778  The Stack at the Point ,this time in sunlight rather than the mist we had the last time we were here.  779 Looking back along the headland to the east.  780 Carnage,Wout and Glenn make it to the first bunker. 
781 What the others are wandering off..  782 Tik,Sweep and Bart wander among the bomb craters .  783 Followed by Odin  784 Dane and Goddy looking like meerkats. 
785 Osbando and Scary look at the wild life.  786 Sun followed by a Douly ,and the wild  life turns out to be Marines ..  787 Batman has spotted AA Cameraman and tells he to 'piss his arse'.  788 Carnage and Gooferd leave AA cameraman on his own. 
789 Carnage ,Glenn and Wout leave the cliff top area for a bit.  790 Caught on Camera AA Cameraman tries to avoid being noticed.  791 Sweep loveing his time at the point..  792 A destroyed gun emplacment. 
793  794  795  796 The Front of the center bunker of the complex 
797 The right side.  798 looking down the cliffs.  799 the entrance to the bunker,this was  fenced of on our last visit.  800 The Point du H oc monument,with  Goddy,Oranje,Dane and Felix just visited. 
801 The bunkers murder hole.  802 And another.  803 As some guys go into the bunker our scout spots the Dutch Marines again.  804 An the reenactors that are wearing the Rangers gear. 
805 This bunker is getting busy.  806 The Ranger wants in.  807 carnage spots the cameraman.  808 Cameraman is suprised as Carnage has friends. 
809 The bunker roof still show the burnt timber from the Rangers clearance of the bunker in 1944  810 The View right from the bunker.  811 Out to sea and barberd wire...not much change apart from the rust.  812 A hit on the outside from a shell,presumably a ships shot. 
813 Someone messed up here and called these guys soldiers...  814 These mofos are Marines .  815 This is a noob  816 And thats a Gerbil. 
817 The description of what happened.  818 The guys that died here.  819 The guys dressing up as the guys here.  820 Our guys here. 
821 Oi now the Rangers get in the way...  822 Thats better now we got rid of the guys that do the dressing up at weekends.  823 Some of the chunks of bunker blown across the site by the giant air raid that his .  824 Si spots a hobbit hole in the bunker,Sweeps no so sure. 
825 Nice Panorama from the centre of the site.  825.1 Where bunkers are from above.  826 Carnage show Wout the hobbit hair he found.  827 Carnage show Wout and Glenn the Hobbit tracks in the grass.. 
828 Now the clan join in looking for the Hobbit.  829 Carnage is turning redneck in the sun,he's off to the bunker for some shade.  830 Carnage spots AA Cameraman and decides to leave.  831 Wout does the same. 
832 Carnage escapes the bunker at speed followed by Wout.  833 Ooops Glenn finds the wrong door.  834 Thats better fella. Btw how can someone run while asleep  835 Chunks of battered concrete thrown all over. 
836 An anti air base...  837 Maybe not the exact position but one of the guns here.  838 Glenn looking at the battered concrete.  839 The youth of today....no games console here. 
840 Wout tells carnage he couldnt find a Hobbit in there either.  841 However Glenn was in there having a quick nap.  842 Douly and Guarno do thier advert for the Mens clthing catalogue.  843 Glenn and Goofed take over from Carnage doing the lets look at everything thing. 
844 Helloooo Hobbitypoo..  845 Tikkas bores the arse of his Hobbit search party.  846 Check the bunker benny hill style.  847 Tik gets moved on by a few Cheese Marines. 
848 This went somewhere once.  849 Sweep is amazed by the way  these 'beaches built sheet'.  850 Sun and Odin make a quick exit after Bart seee's movement in the gun hole.  851 No panic its only a noob. 
852 Time to go ,so Wout and Glenn go and investigate more stuff.  852.1 The end of the site..spot a Bart ,Tik and Rikkie.  853 A last look at the west of the the,wait there a Hobbit,on Camera but cunning disguised as a tourist.  854 Carnage tells Si and Wout 'its not far off working ' 
855 Glenn gets to grips with the big gun..  856 The big gun during the war.  857 The Battle casuties on the Point.  858 Next stop the American Cemetary at Colleville sur mer 
859 The Memorial.  860 And Statue.  861 Osbando likes this building,it looks like its made from cheese.  861.1 The Map inside the memorial. 
862 The Infinity pool reaching out.  862.1 looking back towards the headstones.  863 Looking down at Omaha beach,beautiful now.  863.1  The big colourful map overlooking Omaha beach. 
864 Walking towards the centre point Carnage cahts to Rickie.  865 Graves to the right down towards the sea.  866 And inland  867 And more sections. 
868 And more.  869 ...  870 ..  871  of many with no name. 
872 Osbando having a quiet moment.  873 A Croatian American.  874 Now with our Croatian.  875 Felix 
876 Si  877 Goddy  878 ScaryGerbil  879 Rickie grins as the Inoob checks the map to find his way out of the car park. 
880 Dane tries to hypnotize Felix into staying.  881 Disappointed dane turns away from the Four guys who have to leave early,Tik,Bart,Felix and Sweep.  882 Wout plays pinball using Douly and magic while the gang watches.  883 Next stop for some of the remaining guys. The new museum at Catz.. 
884 The Achilles  885 An old M4  886 The danish armys tank.  887 M4A3 Halftrack 
888 M4 sherman  889 Staurt little tank.  890 A Dingo mate.  891 A Chaffee 
892 The rifling in the chaffee's barrel  893 A Panzer IV  894 A kubelwagen....and a landing craft from the pacific theatre.  895 words 
896 Who took a photo of the vending machines..  897 M3A1 Scout car  898 A Moskova M4  899 A Jeep being unloaded from a landing craft 
900 Rikkie checks out the landing craft and supply lorry (1)  901 The resistance wheels..  902 A band of Brothers print...only 12.50...  903 Likey likey felix 
904 A Preist  905 A quad 50  906 a Greyhound  907 Guarno with a Tee-shirt for us all....except Haseeb. 
908 Last night someone lines up the cheese.  909 Osbando we have a problem..  910 Douly,Goddy and scary enjoy the sun on the ferry home.  911 Carnage,Goddy and Scary 
912 There we have another meeting like the fastest car in the world...  913 Gone.  Clanmeeting 2015  peters countdown : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum 
peters countdown1 : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum  peters countdown2 : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum  peters countdown3 : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum  peters countdown4 : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum 
peters countdowngo : 20120408 JB grote brand molen Burum  peters molen